Best RC Drift Tires

5 Best RC Drift Tires: Ensure Better Performance


What a sport! 

Nowadays, people have taken drifting to a whole new level. Once, drifting was a cooler way to show off your newest driving skill. Whereas, now, drifting is considered a newer sport. 

So, why not introduce drifting to your RC cars/trucks? Yes, it’s possible to show off this amazing skill with your RC cars too. However, for doing that, you’ll need to have the best rc drift tires with you. 

Otherwise, you’d lose control easily and crash at a side-walk. And, that isn’t a pleasant thing, is it? 

Now, it’s not easy to find the best drift tires in the market. Mainly because of the available options out there. But that doesn’t mean we’ll help you out. 

So, in order to make things possible, we’ve researched for a while and brought out the 5 best rc drift tires for you. 

And, there’s a buying guide to help you pick the best one out of the 5. Sounds fun? Let’s begin then- 

Comparison Table

Product Overview

When it comes to the best RC drift tires, ARRMA Belted tires lead our list. Well, the best part about this tire is that it’s designed particularly for drifting. 

So, when you’ll take it on the road, they’ll drift quite well and have excellent responsiveness. That said, let’s check the features out in an elaborate manner- 

As we’ve mentioned about the design, let’s talk about it. First off, it comes with an inserted design. Now, what this design does is provide maximum support to the cars. As a result, the car will always be well-balanced. 

And, this does provide a lot of help while drifting. That’s not it about the design, there’s more. Here, the design works at providing an aggressive grip to the tires. So, it’ll stick tightly to the road and won’t have accidental slips. 

Other than that, the tires are designed for running well on multi-surfaces as well. So, you can take them off-roading when needed. Speaking of the design, the tires fit directly on the 1/7 RC mod street truck and 1/7 RC speed rollers. 

Hence, you can fit them easily and will have options in hand at the same time. 

By now, we’ve given an idea about off-roading with these tires. Well, the nylon wheels help with off-roading or on-roading. Plus, the 17mm hex and the multi-spoke wheels provide maximum strength to the tires. 

As a result, they’ll perform well with most off-roads and on-road driving. Now, the tires work well with almost all-type surfaces due to the presence of nylon. 

Here, the durable nylon adds toughness to different surfaces. So, the tires will last for a bit and won’t get damaged easily. Also, the high-quality rubber in the tires helps at sustaining for a long period of time. 

Lastly, the tires come with molded-in belts inside of them. And, the belts help with stability and balance all the time. So, you can accelerate the RC car without any worries. 

In the end, the drift tires are excellent with different surfaces. Plus, the aggressive grips provide maximum grip to the surface as well. So, the tires won’t slip out and will stick tightly to the roads. 

Hence, if you love the review of these tires then give it a go. 


  • Has an aggressive grip
  • Sticks tightly to the roads
  • Maintains stability and balance
  • Allows off-roading
  • Durable on most surfaces


  • Can wear out quickly

Product Overview

Introducing the first plastic tire of the list- Hobbypark RC Tires. If you’re looking for smaller tires that’ll drift well, these are the ones for you. Here, the smaller bright design works well in the aesthetics department too. 

So, let’s move further and take a look at the features of these tires- 

Speaking of the smaller size, these tires are the smallest on the list. And, for that reason, they’ll fit well on smaller RC cars easily. Now, the narrower tires offer a strong grip for the cars and will stick to the roads effectively. 

And, when it comes to compatibility, the tires will work with 1/10th Scale on-road RC cars. However, it’s not for off-roading. Compared to the previous product, it doesn’t do well with off-roading. 

But, it’ll hold off well in pavements and on-roads. In fact, the tires work well inside the homes as well. So, you can drift your RC cars over carpets and still have maximum control over them. 

Other than that, the tires are made of softer rubbers. Here, the rubber tires work well at providing maximum tractions and control. Plus, they offer a superior grip to the tires as well. 

So, you’ll have a bit of control over your tires at all times. That said, the smaller tires do provide a bit of a problem. But, the problem occurs when you’re going at higher speeds. Here, the tires won’t maintain the balance well at those speeds. 

Now, the wheels are made of plastic. Hence, they won’t have the most toughness in them. That said, they’ll hold off well enough in indoor situations. 

Lastly, the tires aren’t glued to the wheels. So, they can split easily. Instead of gluing, the tires are just mounted on the rims. And, yes, the rims have foam inserted on them. 

So, if the tire does impress you with its benefits then consider this as a worthy option. 


  • Comes in a smaller size
  • Works well with on-roading
  • Softer rubber provides a lot of traction
  • Comes with softer foams inserted on it


  • Durability needs a bit of improvement
  • Isn’t stable enough at higher speeds

Product Overview

Rubber tires have been great for drifting. This is because they offer superior grip and traction with the surface. So, this tire from ShareGoo will provide all the necessary benefits of the rubber tire. 

Other than this, there are more features to talk about, so let’s break those features down- 

Firstly, the tire material is rubber. Hence, the tires will brake efficiently and have a better grip. This means the overall control over your tires will increase as well. Besides, the rubber tires have better traction too. 

So, all in all, you’d always get better control when you’re drifting. At the time of drifting, it’s essential that the tires stick well to the surface. Otherwise, they’ll slip off the tracks. But, that won’t be the case here. 

Also, the tires allow the RC cars to accelerate more. This is because of the softer tire material. Here, they’ll grip and stick tightly to the surface. As a result, they’ll fly in the course. 

So, the tires are a must when you’re planning to drift. However, these tires aren’t suitable for off-roading. As the rubber tires don’t have the best toughness, they won’t last long. 

Thus, it’s better if you don’t take them to the off-roads. That said, the tires will do a great job on-roads. And, the tires will fit 1/10th RC cars too. 

On top of that, the tires come with an arrowed pattern. Furthermore, there are sponges inside the tires. So, they’ll have better stability and balance. 

Similar to the previous product, the tire and rims aren’t glued to one another. Hence, you’ll need to take matters into your own hands and glue them together. By doing this, you’ll ensure that they don’t split easily. 

Lastly, the tires won’t be the most durable ones out there. This is due to the plastic construction of the wheels. So, you’ll need to show a bit of care when taking them to drift. 


  • Softer rubber ensures better grip and traction
  • Brakes effectively
  • Allows RC car to accelerate more
  • Maintain balance


  • Not for the high-performance vehicles
  • Plastic rims aren’t durable enough

Product Overview

So, you thought we were finished reviewing ShareGoo tires. Seems like we’re back with another product from the same manufacturer. And, why wouldn’t we? The manufacturer has been making some great on-road racing tires. 

So, you can race and drift at the same time with these tires with you. So, we’re presenting the ShareGoo 12mm Tires. Well, from a distance, you’d fail to differentiate this product from the previous one. 

But, let me tell you, there is a bit of difference between them. So, let’s check the differences out- 

The first notable difference is the design of these tires. The first one came with an arrowed pattern. Whereas, this particular tire comes with a “Fish Pattern”. 

So, there will be a difference in traction and grip factor. And, compared to the previous one, this does lack behind in the traction. However, that doesn’t mean it’s bad at maintaining the grip. 

In fact, the rubber materials in the tire mean that you’ll get better control over the tires. And, that’s not even it. The softer rubber means that it’ll brake efficiently and allow a faster speed. So, you’ll get benefits here. 

Also, similar to the previous tire, it’ll have a plastic wheel as well. So, yes, you won’t have that much toughness in here as well. But, it does come in a wider size. 

So, the wider size means it’ll accelerate faster and handle well on corners. This makes the tires excellent for drifting too. But, this isn’t the largest tire on the list. But, it comes in second place. 

Coming back to the plastic wheels, they don’t offer much toughness. So, when it comes to longevity, it’s not the best option. Another caveat you’ll need to follow is that the tires aren’t suitable for off-roading. 

But, they do a pretty great job with on-roading all the time. So, when it comes to racing and drifting, the tire will always have your back. 

Lastly, the tires do have sponges inside of them. So, they’ll have a bit of stability and balance. And, they come with an outer diameter of 65mm and an inner diameter of 45mm. 


  • Handles better around the corners
  • Provides better grip and traction
  • Offers stability and balance
  • Does great with on-road racing and drifting


  • Doesn’t have much toughness
  • Not made for off-roading

Product Overview

Till now, we’ve introduced you to mostly softer tires with soft materials on them. But, introducing the hardest tire on the list. Also, when it comes to the outer diameter, this tire is the smallest as well. 

So, behold, the Shaluoman RC Tires. The smallest yet the hardest tire on the list. Now, being the hardest tire, you won’t have to worry about longevity anytime soon. In fact, the USP of this tire is its durability and toughness. 

But it does allow less control over the RC car when compared to the softer tires. That said, this tire is still made for drifting. And, it’ll allow excellent drifting as well. And, how will that happen? 

Well, the smaller design of the tire means that it’ll grip and hold better on the surface. Here, the improved traction means that it’ll drift and hold the surface tightly. 

Besides, the tire comes with 12-spokes in plastic rims. And, the spoke-wheels have added durability in them. So, you can take your RC cars off-roading due to these wheels. Which the previous products lacked. 

And, the tires are compatible with 1/10th RC cars. It’s quite similar to the other tires on the list. 

In the end, the tires will still work better when you’re going for drifting. Even though this is the last option on the list, you can still give it a try. 


  • Has extreme toughness
  • Grips better in the surface
  • Hard tires last a bit longer


  • Plating needs improvement
  • Spoke coating doesn’t look complete 

Buying Guide

End of a hectic section, right? Well, looking at 5 different products in one go is no joke. Hence, processing problems can take place at any time. And, you know what’s worse? 

This causes confusion right at the time of buying the product. This happens while looking for good-quality tires for 1/8 buggy. So, as a pre-buying help, we’ve included this buying guide. 

Here, all the factors are the key to attaining the best product possible. So, note them down and see what you’ll need. That said, let’s get on with it- 

Smaller Tire Vs Larger Tire

First things first, the size of the tires will make some things clear straight away. The smaller tires mean that you’ll have better control over the RC cars. 

Here, the smaller tires work at providing the best handling over the corners as well. 

Whereas, the wider tires brake effectively and handle corners even better. So, when it comes to drifting, the wider tires take the win at all times. 

This is because the tires are easier to handle around the corners and will have a better overall grip. 


Normally, you’ll need to judge the materials of the tires before buying them. And, honestly, softer rubber tires provide a lot of benefits while drifting. Overall, these tires are easier to handle and provide a max grip always. 

But, then again, the tires aren’t durable enough. So, they’ll wear out quicker and won’t last. 

Compared to that, hard plastic tires last for a long time. They have better toughness and can be taken off-road. But, that said, these tires don’t have the best grip factor and traction. 

Durability & Toughness

Yes, that’s right. Even though we’ve discussed a bit in the previous point, durability is quite the issue. When drifting, the performance and longevity of the tires are compromised. You might see the tires falling off without even trying ungluing process of the tires

So, it’s better that you have durable tires in the first place. Otherwise, they won’t last for a longer period of time and you’ll have to change them again.


Question: Will drifting damage the tires? 

Answer: Yes, drifting can damage the tires. However, the damage only takes place when the rubber will exceed its operating temperature. Only then, the longevity and performance of the tires will decrease. 

Question: What tires are better for drifting? 

Answer: Normally, it’s better to settle for the wider tires when drifting. Also, low-profile tires do drifting way better as well. This is because the tires grip better and allow you to have better control over drifts. 

Question: Can you flip your car while drifting?  

Answer: No, drifting doesn’t cause cars to flip over. But, your car will flip if you’re hitting a curb or the sides of the roads. 

Question: What would you call drifting? 

Answer: Normally, drifting is considered a faster movement of the tires. Here, the speed gets diminished by holding the tire’s grip. So, the tires will drift from the other side to this side. And, hind wheels will lose the resistance and will slide in one way. 

Bottom Line

Well, car enthusiast, it was nice talking to you. Hopefully, you have the solution to your questions. Now, go ahead and purchase the best rc drift tires for yourself. 

In the end, we’ve discussed the best products on the list. So, you can have a go at any of them. And, we’ve analyzed their features too in order to make things clear. 

So, give it a shot. Good luck!

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