Best RC Hauler Bag

Best RC Hauler Bag: Size Or Budget?


It’s frustrating! 

Carrying RC cars in a separate bag and the other tools in another bag is quite a frustrating job. But wait, you don’t need to carry two separate bags, in the first place. 

This is because the best RC hauler bag will do the work for you easily. Here, the bag will carry your beloved RC car with all its tools and batteries. 

In the end, you’ll just have to carry one bag with all your tools organized inside. So, we’ve taken the efforts and brought out 5 favorites in this guide. 

And, an individual section of a buying guide will help you deal with the pre-buying dilemmas. 

So, drop what you’re doing, and let’s just begin- 

Comparison Table

Product Overview

When it comes to carrying your RC cars to the tracks, the ENGPOW Hauler bags do a great job. But, that’s not the only reason for us crowing this product as the best on the list. There are other reasons as well. 

So, let’s start with the materials of this bag. And, it arrives with a silicone fiberglass coating. As a result, your RC cars will be safe from flames. 

Moreover, the added tools carried in the bags will be protected too. Here, the overall bag is made of that silicone fiberglass coating. And, there are aluminum foils on the inside. As a result, heat will be blocked from entering. 

For this reason, the bag is completely fire-proof and explosion-proof. Thus, your accessories are always safe and sound on the inside. And, even you’ll be saved from any uncalled explosions from the bag. 

Now, when you’re done looking at the materials, it’s time we dive into the uses of this bag. As the bag comes with fireproof zippers, it can carry batteries inside of it. 

Plus, it’ll work at providing power to the mobiles and iPads. Furthermore, there are options for charging lighters as well. So, overall, the bag is excellent with charging, transporting, and traveling. 

When transporting RC cars to the tracks, it’s important to have a lot of space in the bags. This is because you’ll be carrying tons of accessories with you. And, the bags will need extra space to accommodate those. 

However, you shouldn’t go for bulkier options as well. But, why? Well, you don’t want to be eating up space in your cars when you’re traveling, right? So, it’s important to settle for a fairly compact design with tons of space. 

And, this bag comes at providing added space for different batteries and RC cars in it. With a 260x130x150 mm size, you can store a fair bit of accessories in the bag. 

Lastly, the bag works well with batteries as well. So, if you want, store them inside this product as it’ll safely preserve it. In the end, the bag is an excellent option and comes at an affordable price. 


  • Sturdy and stable
  • Affordable option
  • Aluminum foils protect the bag from flames
  • Zippers are sturdy and fireproof
  • Provides charging options


  • Needs to have a bit more compartments

Product Overview

Second, on the list is the AsFrost Fireproof Bag. Well, this bag is known for its added and multiple protection. Hence, we’ve decided to rank it in second place on our list. So, let’s begin with the features- 

The first thing you’ll notice about the bag is the well-built zippers. Here, the bag comes with dual zippers. And, the zippers are made of metal. As a result, they’re sturdy and well-built. 

This also means they’ll resist most damages and won’t wear easily. Another great feature about the zipper is that they’re tight enough to stop oxygen. As a result, the bags will be air-tight and safe from chemicals.

All in all, you can leave the bag as you like because it’ll seal completely. But, there’s more about the construction of the bag. It comes with a two-layered silicone fabric fiberglass. 

Here, the added silicone fabrics ensure that they’ll resist heat and fire upto almost 1800℉. Furthermore, the thermal insulation increases the fire-resistance to some extent too. 

On the other hand, the firm grip is ensured due to the nylon belt and stronger stitching. Also, the grip is comfortable enough because of the nylon belts installed in it. So, when it comes to durability and comfort, this bag comes with a great deal. 

Moving on, the Asfrost bag comes with the ability to store batteries and RC cars as well. As it can store RC batteries, it can even charge them at the same time. 

Similar to the previous product, you can even charge, store, transport the RC batteries to a safer place. And, it’s not the only RC batteries, it can charge phones, and even drone batteries too. 

And, you won’t even have to think about storage because there’s plenty of space in this bag. To be accurate, it comes with a 10.24 x 7.09 x 5.12-inch size and it’ll contain RC cars and batteries. 

Plus, there are separate compartments as well where you can store and charge different accessories. So, for an affordable price, this bag can be your top-favorite. 


  • Comes with separate compartments to store
  • Well-built zippers seal the bag completely
  • Won’t wear off easily and will resist damages
  • Nylon belt provides a comfortable grip
  • Stronger stitching ensures enough durability


  • Lacks slot for charging cables

Product Overview

Guess we’re not done with ENGPOW products. So, we’re bringing back another one from the same brand. Well, the main difference of this bag is that it’s a bit smaller than the previous one on the list. 

Hence, it’s been shifted down in the list. However, it still carries some key benefits and features of its own. This is because the brand- ENGPOW has produced great products in the past. And, this one follows the good-steps. 

As we’ve mentioned about the size, let’s talk about that first. The bag comes at an 8.5×3.8×4.3in size. And, some people do prefer smaller bags. Perhaps you have a smaller RC car to carry around. 

Having a smaller bag means you’ll get to save a bit of space too. But, it doesn’t mean you’ll have less storage at all. In fact, you can store RC cars and batteries quite easily inside of it. 

Now, let’s talk about the materials of this bag. It’s made of fiberglass. So, the fire-resistance will always be there by your side. Here, the outer-cover ensures fire-resistance all the time due to the added coatings. 

Whereas, the inner cover is made of aluminum foil. So, it’ll protect the inner sides from heat and explosion as well. And, the bag can resist heat to almost 1000℉. Compared to the previous one, it’s a bit low. But, it still works for heat-resistance. 

Apart from this, the bag is completely flexible and can be collapsed easily. Thus, you can collapse it and save up some space inside your car. 

On the other hand, the zippers are strong enough to resist damage on a daily. Plus, the dual zippers will keep everything stacked inside too. 

Now, the best part about this bag is that it’s completely skin-friendly. So, you won’t have any fiberglass annoyance due to the material. And, it’ll remain sturdy enough too.


  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Flexible and can be collapsed to save up space
  • Affordable option
  • Dual zippers keep everything stacked uptight
  • Completely skin-friendly 


  • Comes in a smaller size

Product Overview

If you’re always traveling then this carrying bag is for you. How? Well, the bag itself is quite lightweight. Hence, you won’t have trouble carrying or moving it around. Also, portability is a plus point with this bag too. 

So, when it comes to traveling, this bag will have your bag. But, that’s not everything about this bag. Let’s dive into the more specifics below- 

The first thing you’ll notice about the bag is the sleek black and white design. Next, you’ll notice the 2 net pouches in the front of the bag. These pouches make it easier for keeping additional tools. 

Moreover, it’ll make sure everything is organized and ready when you’ll need it. Furthermore, there is an additional net pouch on the inside of the bag for the cables. Hence, cable management is excellent too. 

Another great thing about this bag is the durability. And, the bag is designed in a way that it’ll protect the gears pretty well. 

In the end, the bag follows durability and toughness strictly. However, the construction lacks a bit of stiffness that’ll make the bag saggy at times. That said, it does provide some key benefits for you. And, the bag is definitely worth the hype. 


  • Comes in a sleek bag design
  • Comfortable paddings take the stress away while carrying the bag
  • Additional pouches manage the cables
  • Front pouches organize the tools
  • Comes with tons of toughness


  • Construction isn’t stiff enough

Product Overview

Coming with a shoulder harness, this bag provides a lot of versatility. And, even though it’s the last product, it still beats a lot of competition. So, what’s more in it? Well, let’s find out- 

Firstly, the bag will fit in most 1/8 – 1/10 RC cars and trucks. What’s more impressive is that it’ll even fit buggies as well. So, you can save up some space on your cars and buggies with this bag. 

Apart from that, the bag does provide a lot of space for putting in RC cars and batteries. This is because of the 22 x 13 x 9 in size of the bag. So, you won’t have problems storing accessories inside of it. 

On the other hand, the bag does an excellent job at storing tools and chargers as well. This means you can store everything related to your RC cars and not even have to carry another extra bag. 

Now, it does come with an included shoulder harness. So, you’ll have versatility with this bag. 

Besides, the bag holds everything into place due to the pockets. Thus, you can keep your tools and the RC car organized at all times. And, you can keep track of your tools as well. 

Now, this bag is durably-built. So, it won’t wear off easily. Moreover, the heavy zippers ensure that everything is packed tightly. And, the well-made zippers will last for a long time. 

In the end, the bag is built-well. And, will accompany you for quite a while. So, you can easily give this a thought. However, it does cost more than all of the rest bags. But, it does bring a lot of benefits. 


  • Won’t wear off easily
  • Carries pockets for organizing the tools
  • Comes with added space
  • It’ll fit most cars


  • It costs more
  • Bag sacks a bit because of not having a rigid-bottom

Buying Guide

That’s it, we’ve explained our favorite products in detail. So, you’ll know a bit about the best hauler bags for your RC. However, things can go side-ways if you don’t know what factors to target. Just how not knowing the basic factors of buying an FPV camera can lead to the camera not powering on.

So, we’ve compiled the buying factors in this section. Thus, let’s begin with them- 


The bags come in different sizes of their own. Hence, you’ll need to buy according to your needs. This is because a larger bag will take more space in the car. Whereas, the smaller option saves up space. 

That said, the smaller bag won’t have much space inside of it when compared to the larger option. Hence, it’s important to know how many tools you’re going to carry. 

So, it comes down to your preference what sized bags you’ll need for yourself. Either way, the bags will accommodate most tools and even the batteries with your RC car. 


The RC hauler bag needs to have a strong enough construction. Otherwise, the bag will look saggy. Also, the bottom of the bag needs to be stable at the same time. So, you can leave your bags in the race tracks easily. 

On the other hand, if the bags don’t have strong construction, they’ll damage easily. Plus, it won’t resist damage on a daily as well. 

So, it’s better if you settle for a well-constructed bag. And, this is why you’ll need to check the stitchings and materials of the bag before buying. 


Who doesn’t love a well-designed bag? After all, many people do give priority to aesthetics, don’t they? So, go for the options that look good as well. 

But then again, don’t just settle for the design only. Here, the design can be a bonus point only. 

On the other hand, it’s better to not settle for the bulkier designed bags. This is because they’ll take up more space in the car. 

So, settle for the compact and lightweight designed bags as you can carry them easily. 

Lightweight & Portability

Yes, lightweight bags make life way easier when you’re traveling. This is because they’ll be easier to carry and move with them. 

Here, there will be no added weight on these bags. As a result, you won’t have to put much effort into carrying or moving these bags. 

At times, heavily loaded bags put a strain on the shoulder muscles. And, this causes shoulder injuries as well. But, that won’t be the case with lightweight bags. 

Zippers & Grip

Lastly, zippers and grip factors hold an important position for buying RC hauler bags. 

And, having a well-made zipper is more than needed. But, why? Well, a well-built zipper means the stuff inside the bags will be stacked tightly. Also, the zippers will hold everything in place. 

Whereas, the zippers wear off faster than anything. For this, the zippers need to have a lot of toughness. Thus, settle for the metal zippers as they’ll last for long. 

On the other hand, the grip factor needs to be top-notch as well. So, settle for the nylon belts as they’ll provide a comfortable yet firm grip. 


Question: What’s the most affordable RC hauler bag? 

Answer: Well, the “ENGPOW RC Hauler Bag” is one of the most affordable options in the market. Within the price, the bag provides a lot to focus on. 

Question: What’s more important in the grip of an RC hauler bag? 

Answer: Firstly, the secure grip is the most important factor in an RC hauler bag. After that, you’ll need to ensure the comfort factor in the grip. Otherwise, your hands will hurt after some time. 

Question: Should you settle for a bulkier size or a smaller size for a bag? 

Answer: It’s better to decide what tools you’re going to carry beforehand. If you don’t have many tools to carry then settle for the smaller size. But, if you have a lot of tools to carry and a large RC car then go for the bigger one. 

Parting Words

Well, that’s a wrap on this guide. By now, we’ve provided an idea about 5 different bags and their pros/cons. And, to make things even clear, we’ve provided the buying guide as well. 

So, we’re hopeful that you’ve chosen the best RC hauler bag. But, if things are still confusing then let us know in the comment section. We’ll try to answer them right away. 

Good luck! 

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