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Best RC Rally Car: Pick One for The Tracks


Ah, rally racing. It’s caused quite a stir in the RC community. If you’re into competitive racing with your RC vehicles, you know the pain.

Whether you want to start rally racing or you want a replacement car, it’s tough. You can’t make your mind up among all these different choices. Well, that’s where we come in.

We went through twenty-five different top-rated RC cars to pick the best RC rally car for you. So that you know, we had a lot of fun in the process too. So it wasn’t really a hassle.

You will find a decent buying guide towards the end of the page. And if you have further questions, I think the penultimate section will have you covered. 

It wasn’t easy collecting all these cars and testing them for months. But someone’s gotta do it. So dive right in and see if anything excites you. 

Comparison Table

Product Overview

Starting off with this beauty from Tamiya. We all know the Subaru Impreza. Its full-sized version is a beauty and a beast. So can this 1/10 scale model depict the original thing properly? Let’s find out-

Did we mention that we had a lot of fun with this project? Because we did. Racing with all these RC cars gave us a ton of joy. But we were also working, of course. 

If you ask me, this one gave me the most fun experience out of all of them. The way the car took the corners and drifted on demand seemed exciting. I know you don’t need to drift in rally racing, but you have to admit, it’s fun.

The car is powered by a battery. We tested this particular unit for around a month. And the performance of the battery seemed decent. We didn’t notice any funny business with this one. 

In terms of sheer performance, this one takes the cake. You probably can’t beat this unless you pit it against the real Subaru Impreza. I’m just kidding. But there’s a reason why this is on top, though. And it shows. 

Do you know what’s funny? Well, it’s not as funny as annoying. They don’t include all the parts in the package. Most of the parts that you’ll need have to be bought separately. As if the car itself wasn’t expensive enough, right?

This is a huge deal for someone who is short on budget. Imagine saving up for the car only to find out that you need to buy some parts separately. That’s a bummer if ever I saw one.

But if you managed to get the whole package like us, it’s a fun little thing. I’d say that competitive racing needs a lot of skills and experience. But this little guy should give you an edge nevertheless. 


  • Rides smoothly on the track
  • Decent battery life
  • Powerful motor for faster speed
  • Above-average durability
  • The motor doesn’t heat up too much


  • Might seem expensive
  • Doesn’t come with all the parts

Product Overview

Coming in at a second place, we have one from Traxxas. And this rally racer is something more people need to talk about. Now, let me tell you something. This isn’t the best in the world. But you probably can’t get similar performance for the same price. 

Yes, the price is the most attractive thing about this. And you might find it surprising to see that this one managed to cram so much into the body. I’m still in awe of the price, though.

So, there have to be corners that were cut, right? Well, you might have seen the size from the table. Yes, it’s only a 1/18 scale model. So it’s the smallest one on the list.

This is where all the cost-cutting went. Although there may be restrictions to where you can and cannot race with this, the deal probably still looks pretty decent.

The performance of the battery seemed nice too. Since the body is smaller, it’s hard to fit a bigger battery in it. But the efficiency is decent, and you will get a similar runtime if you compare it to the one on top.

They even claim that this is waterproof. I’m not so sure about that. There’s a big difference between being water-resistant and being waterproof. And if this thing has any protection, it’s against splashes. 

We tried to submerge one of the units and keep it underneath for a while. The vehicle seemed to act quite funny after that. So it’s water-resistant at best. Don’t try to dip it underwater in any circumstances. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you.

The motor is powerful. It’s not as powerful as the Tamiya one on top, though. But do you really need the same power from a vehicle that’s almost half the size? Yes, that’s what it’s about.

This little dude fairs decently on good tracks. But I wouldn’t take it off-road if I were you. The ground clearance will stop you from enjoying the ride. But as for rally racing, you could end up on the podium like this one ended on our list. 


  • Decent acceleration
  • Durable build quality with the thermoplastic rubber
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Simple to operate
  • Affordable choice


  • It might be restricted in some tracks
  • The response time could have been better

Product Overview

Up next, we have yet another one from Tamiya. This is another 1/10 scale model from the company. And, this time, it’s a version of the Lancia Delta. The little car looks almost exactly like the real thing, just one-tenth of the size. 

We’ll start with the price. It’s expensive. You might even see that the price exceeds even that of the first one on the list. Well, that was one of the reasons why this is so far down the list. 

The car is built with plastic. It’s solid plastic all around. And most rally racing cars are built similarly. We were able to test this one out for around three months. And boy did we put this one through its paces!

It’s got the same motor as the first one. So, the performance has to be similar, right? Well, I don’t know what went wrong, but the performance was lackluster. 

Okay, that’s probably a bit too harsh. Maybe the performance isn’t that bad. It’s just not as good as the one on top of the list.

We tried this one on the tracks during crazy weather too. The scorching heat of the sun did make this heat up a lot. But the motor or battery performances didn’t take a dip. So that’s a good sign.

If you want to know about more of the good stuff, well, this one has great details, just like the first one. But you might struggle to win a couple of races with this one.

But then again, if you’re extremely skilled and talented, you might be able to drop some jaws even with this little guy. You also need to build it with additional parts just like the first one.

It seems like this is how the company does the business, as much of a bummer that may be. So the expenses keep adding up eventually.

The capabilities of the whole set aren’t endless. But if you really want the Lancia Delta in a 1/10 scale model, you probably can’t go better than this. It’s a rally car that steals a couple of gazes. 


  • Decent build quality
  • Powerful motor
  • Drives smoothly on the track
  • Great battery life
  • Performs decently in harsh conditions too


  • On the expensive side
  • Not the fastest performer

Product Overview

Coming in at a fourth place, we have this one from Rraycom. This one takes inspiration from the flying fish. So I think a lot of people might pick this up for the looks.

Another good thing about this is the price. It’s a 1/10 scale car with a decent price tag. I think this affordable tag is going to raise a couple of eyebrows too. 

And that’s not all, surprisingly. You can get this in an aluminum version, too, if you’re willing to pay more. There’s even another color option for you to choose from.

So all these make this one look pretty attractive, right? Hold your horses. I know this one’s a looker. But the performance could have been better.

Let’s talk in detail. We were allowed to keep the vehicle with us for two months. So, we decided to perform all the tests that we could.

The on-track performance was satisfactory. That’s all I’m going to say. You can’t expect this to go around corners at high speeds. But if you have a ton of experience, you might actually be able to pull it off. Kudos to you in that case.

As for the battery life, well, this one seems to come last. It’s subpar, and I think they could have included a bigger battery into the car. I see this as a missed opportunity more than anything. 

All in all, this car isn’t the best on the planet. But if you’re attracted to the Flying Fish design, then this could be a good choice for you. It’s also comparatively affordable, so you may not have to feel a dent in your pocket. 


  • Affordable choice
  • Available in a couple of different colors
  • Comes in different materials
  • Decent build quality
  • Easy to control


  • Not the fastest on the track
  • Battery life could have been better

Product Overview

Lastly, here’s another one from Tamiya car. And I think you’re going to love it if you’re a fan of the original Beetle. The Volkswagen Beetle has an amazing history. Even if this model couldn’t hold up the glory, it tried. Let’s talk about it-

Now, let’s get rid of the bad parts first. This isn’t a solidly built model. And it comes second to the other products from the same company.

Well, how’s the battery life? It’s decent. You’re not going to get hours and hours of continuous runtime on this one. But I think the battery life is satisfactory considering the fact that it is moderately priced. 

It’s not the most expensive thing on the list. So it certainly cut some corners to cut the overall cost. 

In terms of the controls, well, you can probably control it even if you’re five. The controls are simple, and it shouldn’t take longer than a couple of minutes to figure it out. 

The motor isn’t as powerful as the others from the same company, but it’s good enough, I guess. It’s capable of providing enough boost to the body of the vehicle. 

This, along with the decent acceleration, might make this a top performer. I mean, it’s not going to win any prizes if you’re solely dependent on the car. But I think you can still pull off a couple of victory laps with this one.

Finally, you have to assemble it. This might feel like a bummer if you’re more of a plug-and-play sort of guy. But this is a totally fun experience if you like building stuff from scratch.

In summary, this is a decent choice. But it’s nowhere near the best. And it barely made it into the top five because the others were bad. But it’s still a fun-to-drive 1/10 scale vehicle, though. 


  • Decent battery life
  • Moderately priced
  • Simple to control
  • Decently powerful motor gives enough boost
  • Good acceleration 


  • Not the best build quality
  • You have to assemble it

Buying Guide

Don’t just add a vehicle to your cart right away. Before that, you have to go through a couple of things you might want to consider before. Don’t worry, we won’t take too much of your time. 

What’re They Made of?

The first thing you need to think about is the material. Now, RC rally cars use multiple different materials in the outer body. The two most common materials are polycarbonate and rubber.

While both the material types have their separate advantages, you might want to see if your local race tracks have any restrictions. 

If you pick up a car that’s made of rubber and see that you’re not even allowed to race it there, that’s going to be a bummer.

So it’s crucial to check the material of the rally car before anything else. 

Big or Small?

The next thing you should keep in mind is the size. Or, more precisely, as we call it in the RC community, the “scale.” There are several different scales available in the case of RC vehicles.

But some rally racing tracks have different customized requirements. So, even in this case, you need to worry about getting a car that’s allowed in your local track. 

We featured only two different scales on this list. And you can rest assured that these are the most common things you’ll see. This makes it easier for you to compete in most of the rally tracks.

Can You Get Spares?

The availability of spare parts is another crucial factor. Most rally RC cars are based on real-life versions of different manufacturers’ cars. And finding spare parts for these is difficult.

Whether you’re looking for a replacement servo or a new brushless motor, it needs to be available in the market. And spare parts for all the rally cars just aren’t widely available.

So it’s important to pick an RC vehicle that has a ton of spares available. If that’s not a viable option, at least pick a car compatible with most third-party parts. This would be helpful too. 


Question: Are higher temperatures bad for my RC vehicle?

Answer: Well, sometimes extreme temperatures can mess with the internals. If you’re not careful, the lower temperatures can even damage the battery. But it doesn’t happen too often. So you shouldn’t worry about it. 

Question: Can my rally car perform well in winter? 

Answer: I don’t think these vehicles will fare too well in snow. But if you’re talking about colder temperatures, these should perform decently. All the vehicles here are built to compete. And I think they can achieve that without much fuss.

Question: Can I race with these vehicles?

Answer: Yes, they are totally capable of performing on the tracks. You can try these out with different Rally races too. If you have the necessary skills and experience, you might end up in a podium finish. 


Time to part ways, guys. We’ve had a great time trying to get to the bottom of finding a good rally car. But we’re not going to lie, it was a ton of fun playing around with these cars in the name of testing.

While some of the models are better than others, you shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket trying to afford one of them. If you have the money to spare, go ahead. But if you have a specific budget, stick to it.

I think you will be able to pick the best RC rally car from this list. And don’t forget to see the different buying factors too. With that said, we hope you can race with a ton of fun as we did!

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