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Best RC Tires for Asphalt: 5 Outstanding Tires to get!

Whether it be traditional cars or remote-controlled ones, they can be carried by any ordinary tire. But not every tire will help your RC model run as efficiently as possible.

Additionally, the size and roughness of the surface can have a significant impact on performance. 

You need tires that will allow your car to operate at its peak performance. We understand your search for the best rc tires for asphalt

You should not worry at all, though. Because we have all the stuff you require here. We have evaluated the top five tires we picked for you in this discussion.

We have also checked into each tire’s material and wheel hex sizes.

So, let’s give it a read, shall we?

Product Comparison Table for The Best RC Tires for Asphalt




Wheel Hex Size


Proline Trencher 2.2" Terrain Tires


12 mm

ARRMA Dboots Hoons Belted RC Tires

Nylon and rubber

17 mm 

ProLine 1010110 Sling Shot 2.2 Sand Tires 


12 mm

Traxxas 3776A Anaconda 2.8 "Tires

Foam Inserts

12 mm

Duratrax Lockup Buggy Spoke Tires

Thermoplastic Rubber 

17 mm

Proline Trencher 2.2″ Terrain Tires

The Perfect Basher Tire


  • Size: Medium 
  • Weight: 0.33 pounds 
  • Wheel type: Desperado 
  • Tire tread: Trencher 
  • Tire dimension: 8 x 6 x 1.7 inches
  • Compatibility: 1/16 scale RC vehicle 


  • Great for bashing and racing.
  • Provides traction on any surface. 
  • The H-shaped tread pattern offers stability and longevity. 
  • It is lightweight.
  • The tires are extremely durable. 


  • The inside hex is a bit shallow. 

The very first item on our list is the Proline Trencher 2.2” Terrain Tires. It is the ultimate and the perfect basher tire for you. It is a lightweight tire that makes your RC car a smooth ride by weighing 0.33 pounds. 

It has an H-shaped horizontal tread that provides extreme stability and side-to-side grip. For most bashers, stability and grip are very crucial. Or else it might break or damage by the harsh bashing. 

Your truck’s stylish horizontal H-shaped treads provide incredible levels of forwarding bite. With a high tread height, you’ll discover that durability and longevity are unmatched.

The tires make a monster truck invincible by increasing stability and traction on any terrain. The traction is sufficient to prevent you from spinning out while still allowing you to slide. 

It does not end here. You can also drift, or do circles when used on gravel or any other sloppy surface. These features make it a great choice for racing especially when these are on a track. 

The Proline tire is made of high-quality nylon. We all know that it offers a higher bearing capacity and greater stability. It has a wide offset wheel that enhances performance.

The tires have a wheel hex of 12 mm. This is a fair size for an RC tire. However, it is lower than our next tire. This means it provides less traction than our next tire. 

Furthermore, the tires work great for any surface. And it will work wonders for your Asphalt. It sticks to the corners and manages clay very well. So that you can pull off a wheelie straightforwardly. 

ARRMA Dboots Hoons Belted RC Tires

Trouble-free maintenance with extreme traction 


  • Weight: 0.23 pounds 
  • Inner Wheel bead diameter: 3.27″ (83mm)
  • Outer Wheel bead diameter: 2.95″ (75mm)
  • Width: 1.65″ (42mm)
  • Wheel hex size: 17mm
  • Overall diameter: 3.94″ (100mm)
  • Compatibility: 1/7 infraction RC resto-mod street truck and 1/7 limitless RC speed roller, asphalt 


  • Trouble-free installation and maintenance.
  • Provides extreme durability and toughness.
  • It is long-lasting. 
  • Offers excellent traction and grip. 
  • Provides stability at high speed. 


  • You might face issues with the sidewalls coming out at high speed. 
  • The center foam may not last long.

We have the ARRMA Dboots Hoons Belted RC Tires for our second pick of the day. It is incredibly lightweight, weighing 0.23 pounds. This makes your RC asphalt go faster than ever. 

It is a multipurpose RC tire for all roads and surfaces. Here, the nylon wheels eliminate rust and give your tires a shiny look. 

The wheel has a wide hex of 17 mm, which makes it unstoppable at providing traction. It offers a greater grip than our previous tire. 

In addition, the Arrma tires have extreme durability when driving aggressively on or off-road. So, you can drive anywhere without worrying about a puncture. 

The ideal blend of forceful grip and easy features is provided by specially developed inserts. That too with outstanding support. It is firm with no wobbles or ballooning issues. 

However, it can be used by kids but with adult supervision. 

On the other hand, the top-notch quality rubber tires offer extreme and lifelong durability. It includes a molded-in belt for high-speed stability. Also, it is easy to install and maintain as it is pre-glued. 

The wheels have a multi-spoke design. Not only will it give your asphalt a trendy look but also greater strength. It provides toughness throughout extreme driving action and has easy servicing. 

So if you’re wondering about the best 1/7 scale rc tires, then ARRMA Dboots Hoons Belted is for you.

ProLine 1010110 Sling Shot 2.2 Sand Tires

Great for sand and muddy surfaces and entertainment 


  • Wheel Size: 2.2 inches
  • Wheel Type: Solid Desperado 
  • Weight: 0.5 pounds 
  • Tire type: Paddle 
  • Tire tread: Slingshot
  • Product Height: 3.85” (98 mm)
  • Quantity: 2 tires
  • Tire Compound: Medium 
  • Compatibility: 1/16 E-REVO front/rear, 1/16 SUMMIT front/rear and asphalt 


  • Tread pattern for stunning appearance and performance.
  • The tires are lightweight. 
  • Wide offset wheel enhances performance and stability. 
  • Tires and wheels are also available unmounted.
  • Great for sand and muddy surfaces. 


  • It might put a bit of stress on the RC car. 

Presenting you the third item on our list- The best off road tires for pavement, ProLine 1010110 Sling Shot 2.2 Sand Tires.. It is premounted, weighing 0.5 pounds. This means that it is a bit slower than our earlier tire.

In the sand, snow, or maybe in a mud hole, it offers hours of entertainment. It has a true scoop design and 12 paddle design. These guarantee maximum performance. Also, the low roll outer sidewalls contribute to it. 

The Sling Shot includes massive Pro-Line fun and foam inserts. 

Furthermore, Sling Shot tires are pre mounted to the Desperado wheels. This makes it simpler than ever to use the high-performance and long-lasting fun tires! 

Here the hex size of the wheel is 12 mm. So, we can say that it provides less traction than our earlier product. 

The wheel has a wider offset,  which will increase your asphalt’s stability. Also, it will enhance the ability to handle bumps and jumps flawlessly. 

Your asphalt will give a fierce and tough look. All thanks to the 6-spoke Desperado wheel from Pro-Line. 

The wheel is a one-piece design with a moulded-in bead-lock ring.  That too is made of highly durable nylon. It works great for kids. 

Traxxas 3776A Anaconda 2.8 “Tires

The fastest tires for you


  • Weight: 0.47 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 12.75 x 6.75 x 2.5 inches
  • Quantity:  2 tires 
  • Wheel size: 2.8 inches 
  • Compatibility:  nitro rear/ electric front, asphalt 
  • Fits rear: Jato/3.3, N. Stampede, N. Rustler, N. Sport 
  • Fits front: Rustler/VXL and Stampede/VXL


  • It is made for high-speed operation.
  • Provides traction and low wear.
  • Treat pattern offers balance during high-speed rides. 
  • Immune to corrosion.
  • It is long-lasting.


  • Might not be great at grass. 
  • Using lipo batteries might balloon it up. 

Now for our fourth pick, we have the Traxxas 3776A Anaconda 2.8 “Tires. It is a high-quality tire weighing 0.47 pounds. So, this is faster than our earlier tires. 

Coming to the sizes, the one is also bigger than the previous one. It has a size of 2.8 inches.

Foam inserts for the wheels and tires were built and glued for easy installation and maintenance. 

On cutting-edge wheels, anaconda tires are fitted and pre-glued for hassle-free bolt-on traction. 

The precisely developed tire compound used in Anaconda performance street tires offers remarkable wear. So that it remains immune to corrosion. Also, it provides firm traction. 

On the other hand, the absolute highest on-road experience is made possible by molded-foam inserts. The directional tread pattern also provides balance during the fastest drive. 

You can also get the wheels and tires separately. This item is constructed with premium components and is intended to perform well over time. It will be a great choice for your asphalt. 

It also gives off a tough and rusty look. And it is suitable for kids of 6-15 years.

Duratrax Lockup Buggy Spoke Tires

The budget pick for you


  • Weight: 0.6-pound
  • Outer diameter: 4.25 inches (108mm)
  • Width: 1.6 inches (41.5mm) 
  • Compound: Soft 
  • Wheel position: Front/rear 
  • Compatibility: ⅛ scale RC models and asphalt


  • Extremely durable.
  • Provides great traction.
  • Withstands rough weather anytime.
  • Outstanding stability with resistance to temperature.
  • Affordable.


  • The rims may fall out.
  • You may face issues with battery life.

Finally, for our last item, we have the Duratrax Lockup Buggy Spoke Tires. It is the heaviest tire on our list weighing 0.6 pounds. Meaning it is also a bit slower than our other 4 items. 

Here, it is made of thermoplastic rubber. We know that it has low noise and more elasticity. Also, it can bear wear very easily.

Another specialty is that it can withstand brutal weather anytime. It also has outstanding stability and can withstand a wide range of temperatures.

On the other hand, the tires are extremely durable. Also, it has a good grip on runny or slippery surfaces. The tires are slip-resistant. 

Now, the deep knobby tread offers great traction. It includes foam inserts and it has 8 spokes. Also, the product has the lowest cost of them all. 

The 17 mm hex size offers a great grip too. It is suitable for your asphalt. And the user age range is 15 years and up. 

Apart from all of these, you might wonder about the best atv tires for pavement. We suggest the SunF A021 TT Sport.

A General Guide to RC Tires as a Beginner

We have listed the top tires and reviewed them in the article above. You may still find it puzzling as a beginner, though. We have developed a section that can help you to clear up any confusion. 

Here, we’ve covered the factors to consider when purchasing your RC tires. So that you can choose the one that is best appropriate for your RC car.

What are the suitable track surfaces? 

Small pins work well on carpets and larger piles.

On flatter, smoother surfaces like pavement, smooth tires frequently perform better. On most surfaces, smaller spiked tires offer more traction. 

Additionally, they move faster than entire spikes. Tires with full spikes provide improved traction and work better in muddy, grassy conditions.

In general, flat terrain performance is improved by tires with smoother, more patterned treads. They can also make you move faster. 

Conversely, spiked tires offer more traction. Additionally, work better on unpaved surfaces.

What are the RC tire sizes? 

The standard sizes are ⅛ RC buggy/Truggy, 1/10 RC short course. Also 1/10 RC truck. Look into your preferred size for the RC vehicle. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a Tire Plug as Good as a Patch?

Tire plugs work great, but patches are superior. Plugs can extend a tire’s lifespan by up to 25,000 more miles when installed properly. While plugs can be useful, patches are typically regarded as a more secure solution. The most dependable and secure approach is a patch and plug combination.

Why Do Tires Balloon?

Ballooning tires function similarly to a variable speed transmission and are compatible with RC cars. You want them to balloon somewhat on the straightaway to give you a bit more speed. 

Can You Plug a Tire Without Removing It?

No. Pfatvlugging a tire hole doesn’t require removing the tire and wheel from the car. If the object that produced the hole is still around, finding the puncture will be simpler. Once the object has been removed, insert one or more plugs into the hole. Then trim the plugs, and re-inflate the tire.

Wrapping It Up 

Finally, the conversation has come to a close. You can get all the information you require right here. To purchase the best rc tires for asphalt, you must give it a read. 

We have tried our best to give a thorough review. Hope it will be helpful to you. 

Best of Luck!

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