best rc tires for loose dirt

Best RC Tires For Loose Dirt: For Better Grip

We all know how frustrating it is to see your beloved RC car to struggle in loose dirt. Seeing the performance degrade due to this dirt and grim is also a heartbreak. So to solve your problem, I am here with the best RC tires for loose dirt.

Our Top Picks

RC Tires for Loose Dirt: The Top 5!



Motor Type

Input Voltage Range


Pro-line Racing 1/10 Badlands 2.8″ Tires

1.05 pounds

13 x 8.5 x 2.95 inches

Pro-line Racing Trencher HP 3.8″ Tires

2.14 pounds

11 x 4 x 13 inches

Axial AX12015 Ripsaw 2.2 RC Tires

0.29 Pounds

10.5 x 5.5 x 2.25 inches

Hobbysoul RC 1.9 Tires

0.95 Pounds

10.24 x 6.34 x 4.61 inches

PROLINE 119714 Interco XL 1.9 G8 Tires

0.5 Pounds

7.25 x 2.5 x 13.75 inches

Pro-line Racing 1/10 Badlands 2.8″ Tires

The tires with the best grip that would help you run on loose dirt.

So the time has come to raise the curtain of our top pick. Are you excited to know about this product? 

Well, the wait is over. Here goes our very first pick which is the Pro-line Racing 1/10 Badlands 2.8″ Tires. 

This is such a durable and worth the price product that we have to rank it first after our thorough research. You might feel we are exaggerating, but after the end of this segment, you’ll agree with us as well. 

So, let’s start with the design structure. It has been made bigger, bolder and stronger so that it can perform incredibly. The firmness of its texture spares it from getting slippy due to the loose dirt. 

Next up, these tires are perfect for use on muddy terrain. You might not want to believe it, but this one is what you would want from tires for loose dirt. 

Moreover, it has enhanced wear resistance, that too in modern style. Hence, it is supposed to give you a promising performance alongside durability. Oh, this one is also easy to mount. I would say the Proline 1/10 is among the best 1/10 scale rc wheels and tires.

Added to that, it has removable hexes that make it easier for you to replace the wheel offsets on the fly. As a whole, we can call this product worth the cost as it has satisfying service and reliability. 


  • Bolder and bigger design structure enhances performance
  • It has incredible traction that can help to lose dirt effectively
  • Absolutely perfect for muddy and loose terrain because it has incredible traction
  • Easier to change the wheel offset due to the removable hexes
  • Wear resistance makes it perfect for riding on uneven terrain


  • A bit costly

Pro-line Racing Trencher HP 3.8″ Tires

The finest RC tires for traction and stability with horizontal h shaped treads.

Let us introduce another product from the very same brand Pro-line Racing. The product name is Pro-line Racing Trencher HP 3.8″ Tires. This product is also very durable just like the previous one. 

They are also incredibly strong and perform just awesome. This product’s sturdy material makes it capable of effectively getting rid of loose dirt. 

Moreover, they are belted. As a result, they don’t balloon. Not sure what does this mean? It means that your car doesn’t get an imbalance of pressure due to an uneven surface. This adds more points to its performance enhancement. This feature is not present in any of our other products on the list.

The higher and greater distance jump is another plus point of these tires. Also, they can provide a satisfying run time. So you will definitely enjoy playing with these tires. 

Another important point that we don’t want to miss out on is the traction. This can provide very good quality traction and firm grip. So, you can certainly go for this if you’re looking for tires for loose dirt. 

Besides, its ability to run on any type of surface makes it our absolute favorite. It can stay flat at high speeds even. But this one might seem a bit heavy and big for some people.


  • Sturdy material helps it to perform well without getting slippery
  • It can provide a good run time on any type of surface
  • This can stay consistent on uneven surfaces even 
  • They are belted which protects them from getting ballooned
  • Its traction and grip is absolutely outstanding


  • This might seem heavy and big for some people, so they will have a tough time setting it. 


Axial AX12015 Ripsaw 2.2 RC Tires

This set of tires has rubbings between lugs that don’t let the loose dirt stick into tire treads.

It’s time to say hello to our third product on the list which is the Axial AX12015 Ripsaw 2.2 RC Tires. This is such a perfect pick for tires for loose dirt. 

The first thing is its outstanding grip. This product is made for rock crawling and is made exclusively for running on uneven surfaces smoothly. They are also able to climb curbs, and that too without flipping over. This is the the only product in our list with rock crawling ability.

In addition to that, due to having rubbings, The Axial AX12015 is one of the best RC tires for loose mud also.

Besides, their outstanding quality of grip makes them among the best RC tires for loose side dirt as well. So, they can easily avoid the issue of tires getting slippery. As a result, the overall performance gets better. 

It’s made of an R35 sticky compound and designed with an aggressive tread design. Thus it can effectively remove loose first and keep the tire body clean for smooth rides. Otherwise, you would need to know about fine glues made for RC tires

There is one last thing that makes it perfect for the elimination of loose dirt. Can you guess what that is? 

This tire is designed with a molded ribbing between lugs. You are wondering how that might be helpful, right? 

This feature can keep mud and snow away from the tire body. Also, the recessed lugs provides additional traction which is much needed for tires to dislodge loose dirt. 

Hence, we can conclude that this is a good pick for our purpose. So, you can consider this product for your RC cars if your goal is to reduce the loose dirt. 


  • Outstanding grips that make it perfect for running on uneven surfaces
  • The molded ribbing enhances its loose dirt removing ability 
  • It has recessed lungs to provide additional traction which helps to eliminate dirt 
  • This product has an aggressive tread design that ensures a better grip 


  • Packaging and delivery can be improved

Hobbysoul RC 1.9 Tires

The best crawler tires that are made such that you can have an amazing experience on dirt/mud.

Our next product is made of a compound butyl rubber. The product name is Hobbysoul RC 1.9 Tires. This is another tire that is designed for professional rock crawling. 

This is made of a super sturdy material that has an amazing grip. This made it a super-performing tire. This is also extremely smooth on uneven surfaces just like our second product. 

On top of that, due to having foam inserts, I would say according to my experience, Hobbysoul 1.9 is one of the best RC tires for sand. And thus, it did perform well when I had a dry run on loose dirt.

So, as a whole, this product can be an extremely good pick while you’re looking for the finest 1/10 RC tires for loose dirt. Choosing this won’t make you regret your money, that’s for sure.  


  • Smooth on uneven surfaces 
  • Material quality is top-notch
  • An amazing grip that helps to remove loose dirt easily
  • Improved design specially for rock crawling


  • This product is not as durable as the others on the list. The durability can be improved

PROLINE 119714 Interco XL 1.9 G8

Coming in XL size, this set of rock crawling tires can easily remove loose dirt.

Last product introducing time. And this is also from the brand Pro-line which is well renowned for making quality tires. But the brand name isn’t what made it our favorite. 

This product has some excellent features that make it a perfect choice for anyone looking for RC tires for loose dirt. So, what are they? 

Well, first comes the bigger size that ensures the utmost ability to perform well. The XL size gives it enough strength to tackle tough terrains unlike any other product on our list. This stiffness allows it to reduce the slipperiness more efficiently. 

Sounds like a good pick for loose dirt tires, ain’t it? Proline Interco XL is also one of the best RC crawler tires. The G8 compound that the product is made of is simply perfect for this purpose. This material can ensure ultimate strength and durability. 

Moreover, this is made for rock crawling as well. Therefore, it can run on uneven surfaces without the speed and performance getting hampered. It can give you the ultimate rock crawling experience. 

Last but not the least, the grip is also very satisfying. So, there is no chance that you’ll regret investing in this. On top of that, the Proline Interco XL looked like the best short course tires for loose dirt according to me.


  • Made for rock crawling that gives it strength
  • It can run on even surfaces very well
  • The bigger size enables it to perform more effectively
  • The g8 compound makes the tires stronger, therefore, it can remove loose dirt more effectively


  • The foams that come with these tires can be too soft for heavyweight vehicles 


Key Decision-Making Factors

So far we have discussed the products in detail. We are considering that you have got a clear idea about RC tires already. But buying a product is still a difficult decision to make, we can understand that very well. 

Therefore, we added some must-knows here. These will help you regardless of your expertise level if you’re planning to buy RC tires for loose dirt. So, let’s get into the main discussion then-

Material & Material Quality 

Obviously, you can find tires made of various materials. Some can be extremely hard or some might be very soft. Your preferences and the requirements of your car will help you to choose the perfect one for you. 

Another thing that you need to consider is the type of usage and terrain that you want. Therefore, you will want different types of material depending on these factors. 

Hard materials are more durable than soft ones. But they’re incapable of providing better grips like the soft material-made tires. Normally, manufacturers use color codes to define the firmness of various compounds.

Source: rctech

Your material will impact your car’s speed and protect the tire from getting slippery. In the case of choosing tires for loose dirt, the material has to be considered carefully. 

Tire Size 

Well, let’s talk about the importance of tire size. This is one major factor that must be checked before purchasing. The size of the tire has to be proportional to the vehicle. 

For instance, Buggy RC cars need different size tires for the front and rear wheels. So you have to know your car’s requirements before finalizing. 

This compatibility is a must. So, be very thoughtful about it and choose after being confirmed that this will suit your car. Otherwise, your investment will go in vain. 

Tire Inserts 

Another important point is the tire insert. Inserts are a foam layer located between the tire and the wheel. This foam can be stiff or soft.

The softer the foam it will ensure a flexible ride. If you want a firm ride then the stiff one would be a nice option. 

Basically, this part manages the pressure that you give to the tire. But as a matter of fact, this part might not matter for the novice players. Mostly, experts are concerned about these tiny details. 

Perfect Rim

This is something that will have an impact on your car mounting. Therefore, you must know about the type of rim that your car requires. 

Better if you read the manufacturer’s guide and then choose the rim accordingly. It’ll save you from the further hassles that an incompatible rim can create. 

Tire & Track Surface

Even though your car comes with tires. But you need to change them according to the terrain that you’ve planned to use. This is something that is impossible for your manufacturer to know. 

Therefore, it’s better that you choose a tire that suits the track surface. For flat surfaces, smoother tires are a very good pick. Whereas spiked tires that can give tight grips are the best for the rough grounds. 

So, choose what suits your terrain. And if needed then replace the one that comes with your car kit. 


When Should RC tires be replaced?

This answer is obviously situational. Your usage and the tire’s durability will definitely impact the replacement time. But in general, tires should be replaced every 3 months. 

Should I vent my RC tires?

It’s not like you should but it’s a good decision to vent your tires when they run through dirt or snow. As poorly balanced tires are hugely risky, therefore, venting it will enhance the overall performance. Venting your tires keeps sand and water from building up inside and throwing them off balance.

How do I make my RC tires more grippy?

Using foreign substances is a very good way of making tires more grippy. Bleach, silicone spray, or WD-40 can make your tires sticky. This will eventually help it to enhance the gripping power. 

How do you clean a muddy RC car?

An easy way can be spraying an all-purpose cleaner all over it and then gently scrubbing away the debris. You can also use a soft brush. Then rinse it with water and give it some time to dry. After it gets dried, you can use glass cleaner to make it shiner. 

To Sum Up

Time to pack up buddy. But before we part our ways, hope that you have found your desired product already. 

We can understand that RC tires are an extremely crucial thing for you as an enthusiast. Therefore, being a part of your finding the best rc tires for loose dirt is our utmost pleasure. 

Wishing you a thrilling RC racing experience. Till the next time, have fun.

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