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4 Best RC Touring Car: Realistic Design, Incredible Speed


So, are you a fan of realistic design or incredible speed? Whatever the case is, an RC car would fill up both criteria in one go. 

These bad boys not only look the greatest but they also go the fastest. With a Radio Controller, you can control them from a distance and achieve your deepest fantasy. 

Be it off-road or on-road racing- these cars don’t come to a stop easily. But, then again, as there’s been quite the demand for these cars, selecting the best RC touring car isn’t easy. 

Hence, we’ve researched for a while about these cars and finally brought out this guide for you. Here, you’ll find the best 5 options out of hundreds. 

So, let’s get on with the article as we open the chamber of secrets in front of you- 

Comparison Table

Maisto RC 1967 Ford Mustang GT

Best 1/24 RC Touring Car


  • Build Material: Polypropylene
  • Steering: Left right and forwards reverse
  • Dashboard: Multiple frequency controller
  • Modification: Special body parts, Custom Wheel and Tires
  • Detail to Action: Very precise
  • Battery: 2 AA batteries that come with the box

Product Overview

Ford Mustang GT has been famous in the racing industry for quite some time. And, people love the sound of those exhausts from this beast. Well, that doesn’t change much when this car is taken as an RC vehicle. 

So, we’re presenting our number one- Ford Mustang GT Radio Controlled Vehicle. This car is made from the brand- Maisto. Now, the best thing about the car is the lightweight design. 

By having a lightweight body, it’ll go faster compared to the other ones in this list. To be precise, it comes at a weight of less than a pound. So, yes, it’ll respond quickly and go even faster. 

Now, it does arrive with vibrant orange color. However, you’ll fall in love with the design when you’ll see it straight away. This is because the car has amazing details on it

In fact, the details are so clear that you won’t find any differences between this car and a real Mustang. That’s not all. The manufacturers have even included custom tires and body parts with the car. 

Besides, the car is wrapped around well in the packaging box. Speaking of the packaging box, the manufacturers have included the RC car itself along with a remote. However, you’d need to purchase the batteries separately. 

And, yes, you’d need to invest in some batteries as this car won’t run without them. Precisely, you’d need 3 AA batteries and 9v batteries. 

Now, let’s look at the functionalities of the car itself. Here, it can go forward and reverse. And, the smooth controlling of the steering ensures precise left and right as well. 

Even though the wheels of this car look great, they don’t come with better traction. Here, the rubber construction of the wheels extends the longevity to quite some extent. 

Lastly, it does have an impressive controller. But, you’d have to point that to your car as it’ll lose the signal at a distance. 


  • Comes with better handling at corners
  • Goes fast due to the lightweight body
  • The design has amazing details
  • Easy to control and use


  • Doesn’t have a better alignment
  • Wheels don’t have a better traction

2. Tamiya Audi A4 Touring Car

Product Overview

Audi cars have been fan-favorites for a long time now. So, we’re here with an Audi A4 Touring RC Car. And, it’s from the brand Tamiya that’s known for building durable yet amazing products. 

So, yes, the A4 itself promises a lot of toughness and durability. But, how? Well, the solid polycarbonate construction of this RC car means that it’ll resist damages on the go. 

Also, it’ll make sure that your car doesn’t get damaged when you accidentally hit a corner. Now, the only drawback of having a polycarbonate body is the weight factor. 

And, yes, the A4 isn’t a lightweight car, by any means. Compared to the previous product, it does carry a lot of weight. Here, the car comes at a weight of 2.204 pounds. So, it’ll be a bit heavier. 

For that reason, it’ll lose some speed. So, if you’re up for a race then you’ll need to keep that in mind. However, the car does come up with an impressive speed of its own even though it has more weight. 

That said, it does have incredible balance. This is due to the construction of this car. Here, the frame of this car is Type-E. That means the battery and motor lie closer to ground level. 

As a result, the car sits lower to the center of gravity and will maintain an optimum balance. On the other hand, the upper deck made of nylon is attached to this frame. So, it’ll contribute to the balance of the car. 

Here, you’ll find nylon in the gear covers of this car as well. All of this nylon increases the rigidity and balance of this car. 

When it comes to functionality, this car has a smooth steering action too. This is because of the 3-piece rod that helps in the steering action. What’s more amazing is the wishbone suspension of this car. 

Besides, the differential gears in the rear and front provide a smooth operating as well. And, the 70mm metal wheels provide amazing toughness. Plus, they make up for fantastic turns too. So, the car goes well around the corners.  

All of this combined produces the best racing experience one could ask for. So, the heavier weight doesn’t have much impact. 

Lastly, it comes with amazing graphics and clarity. The design itself is a work of art as it maintains great clarity and details. Also, the stickers contribute to the painting job as well. 


  • Comes with amazing details
  • Has great balance 
  • Has a solid construction that’ll resist damages
  • Goes well around the corners due to the smooth steering


  • Is a bit heavier


Product Overview

Ford GT! Whenever someone hears about this car, they start to imagine the ruthless speed and the engine howl. Even though you won’t get a howling engine in an RC car, the speed will make up for it. 

Hence, we’re introducing the 3rd product on our list- the Ford GT RC car from the brand Pro-Line. This brand has been producing great RC products that are durable and fast. And, this product lives up to it. 

Here, the product comes with a weight of just 0.437 pounds. So, it’s not even a whole pound. This lightweight contributes to the speed of the car as it doesn’t act as a metric of resistance. 

So, when you’re up for a race, expect this RC car to run as fast as a real Ford. Now, the car does come with added side on wings. So, the car will be stiff and stable. 

Apart from stability, the car will run faster all the time due to the high downforce and lower aerodynamics. 

Other than that, the car comes with polycarbonate construction. So, it’ll resist damages on the go. And, you won’t have to worry when your cars hit those annoying corners. 

Lastly, the car does hold off the details well enough. Along with that, it comes with a vibrant design that’ll make you fall in love with it. And, you’ll find amazing details on the wheels of this car as well. 


  • Provides clear details in the design
  • Solid polycarbonate construction contribute to the durability
  • Lightweight design 
  • Easy to control


  • Instructions weren’t much clear


Product Overview

Say hello to another Tamiya branded product on our list. This time we have the Mercedes-Benz RC car for you. And who doesn’t love this car? In real life, people race using this car. So, in the RC world, you’d love to race with this car as well. 

When compared to the other products in this list, it’s termed as the heaviest. As a result, it won’t be the fastest car as well. That said, it’ll hold off well enough against many products from this list. 

So, let’s start with the construction of this product. With short-body and wing doors, the car will storm through any race track easily. Also, the spoilers in the front contribute to the downforce of this car. 

Furthermore, additional power comes from the rear diffuser and rear wing. Now, the car comes with a TT-02 car chassis. Here, the car comes with an amazing balance as well. 

So, it’ll hold off pretty well. Plus, the chassis helps at going around the corners due to the added stability. And, the chassis itself works at ensuring faster speed and performance. 

Other than that, the solid construction of this car ensures it won’t break easily when you hit a corner. And, the smooth steering ensures you won’t even get the chance of hitting a corner at times. 


  • Provides amazing details in the design
  • Ensures a solid performance
  • Easy to steer
  • Has great balance and stability


  • Is heavier
  • Is a bit expensive


Product Overview

We’re bringing to you the last RC car from our list-  Turismo Racing RC Car. And, yes, this is from the same brand Pro-line we’ve discussed above. So, we won’t have to explain the brand details in this part. 

But, this product does provide a lot of benefits similar to the previous one. So, let’s check them out- 

Firstly, the RC car carries less than a pound of weight. And, yes, this means you’d get all the speed you’ll need. The best part is that the weight would never cause a resistance to the speed. In fact, this is the lightest product on this list. 

However, this doesn’t mean it’s not durable enough. Here, the solid construction makes up for the lightweight body. And, it’ll resist damages if any. 

Now, let’s look at the design. It does follow a clear body. So, you won’t get that fancy design as many of the products in the market. But, some people do prefer a bit of minimalistic design. 

Other than that, it has a high downforce as well. Also, the lower aerodynamics of the body contributes to the smooth steering of this car. 

Besides, the rear wing increases the overall stiffness of the car. Plus, it provides anti-tuck protection as well. Apart from this, the body flex of the car is reduced due to the decklid stiffening. 

And, we’re still not done with the stiffness of this car. Here, the side door panels of the car are sculpted. So, they’ll increase the side bite and stiffness as well. 

In the end, the RC car does provide maximum stiffness and stability. Plus, the lightweight body provides much room for speed. So, if you’ve loved its features then go for this option. 


  • Easy to assemble and mount
  • Provides maximum speed
  • Doesn’t have a lot of weight
  • It’s stiff and stable
  • Handles steering well enough


  • Could’ve been tougher

Buying Guide

Well, that’s been it for the review section. However, we have more to talk about. If you’ve been following things clearly until this point then you’d know about 5 different products by now. 

And, knowing all of their information can create some confusion easily. So, we’re here to clear everything out with this buying guide. Here, the buying factors will help you prioritize everything. A buying guide will help you pick a suitable micro RC car too.

Plus, you’d easily know what to look for when buying some of these bad boys. So, let’s begin- 

Construction & Materials

Yes, you’ll need a solidly constructed vehicle all the time. Here, if the car isn’t well constructed then it won’t last when it’ll hit a corner. 

Now, not all cars will have added toughness in them. But, if you manage a well-constructed car then it’ll cancel out wobbles. And, you’ll have better overall control over your car. 

When going for materials in a car, go for the polycarbonate ones. Not only will this material provide durability, but it also won’t put much weight on the car. 

But, there are durable materials like metal. Going for this option, you can easily ensure durability and toughness all the time. However, metal will contribute to unnecessary weight. 


Normally, all RC cars come with rubber wheels. But, that doesn’t mean you’d get all the benefits of having rubber. Here, the rubber wheels don’t provide much traction, in the first place. 

So, the wheels have a tough time when braking. This is because they won’t stop right when you want to. 

Other than that, the wider wheels make it easier for you to go off-roading. So, you’ll need to select them accordingly. 

Steering Functionality & Operation

RC cars need to have better steering functionality. Here, many cars come with tie-rods in them. These rods contribute to the smoother steering of the car. As a result, you can go around the corners at a faster pace. 

All in all, the smooth steering makes it easier for better handling. 

Remote Control Network

Generally, the remote control network comes in a linear way. So, you might have to run after your cars and point straight at them. Otherwise, you’ll lose signal straight away when the cars go out of sight. 


Now, the design of the cars depends on the brands. Some brands like to take things to the next level and add crazy aesthetics to the cars. 

And, who doesn’t love a realistic color, right? Well, even though it’s too in some cases, many would prefer a minimal design. 

On the other hand, it’s better to settle for a lightweight design when looking at RC cars. This is because the lightweight design won’t create resistance and your car will go at a faster pace. 

What is a RC Touring Car 

RC touring cars are specifically made to race on hard and flat surfaces like carpets, asphalt and others. This is similar to the experience of racing in real life. Hard grip, specific threads on tires are also some of the features of RC touring cars.

RC Touring Car Classes

Some of the most common touring car classes or scales are the 1/10, 1/8, and 1/5. Apart from these 3 scales, there aren’t many scales for RC touring cars.

However, a 1/10 scale of a touring RC car is not the same as a 1/10 RC truck. That’s because RC touring cars are generally smaller in size than other regular RC cars.

RC Touring Car- Basic Guide for Driving from Scratch

Driving an RC touring car is a bit different from regular RC cars. It doesn’t drive that fast on the corners. So, you need to install a spool in the front desk. That way, the RC touring car can pick itself up in terms of speed after cornering.

Also, put heavier oil in the front to get better performance from RC touring cars. Other than these, driving is pretty basic for touring rc cars. Just pick up your pace with it and run more laps to reach that level of expertise.

RC Touring Car Setup Guide

RC touring car setup guides come in the manual book with the car. So everything is pretty basic here. However, you can do some tweaks in the setup guide for better performance.

How To Properly Tweak a RC Touring Car

The first tweak of RC touring cars is the setting the front height at 5 mm and the back at 5.5 mm. Next, you need to set the droop. Set the rear droop at a position where the spring comes off its collar when lifted up.

Lastly, you can tweak the camber angle. Set up the rear at 2 degrees negative and the front at 1.5 degrees negative. This would give you a more balanced control of the car. As we said earlier, the spool in the front desk would give better acceleration after cornering.

RC Drift Car vs Touring Car

In RC drift vs touring car, the major difference is in the suspension and the setup. Drift cars have a more stiff and soft suspension than touring RC cars. They also have a different steering mechanism than touring cars. They steer in a steeper angle. Touring cars also have more slippage on their tires than drift cars.

RC Pan Car vs Touring Car

In RC pan car vs touring car, RC pan car is basically faster than touring car. Also, touring cars have a 4 wheel drive mechanism which is not common in pan cars. In addition to this, the pan cars do not have independent double whish bone suspension which is present in touring cars.


Which one is the best brand when it comes to RC cars? 

When it comes to RC cars, the best brand is “ARRMA” and “HB Racing”. 

Which is the best RC car for off-roading? 

Traxxas XO-1” is the best RC off-roading car. 

What brand of RC car is better? Arrma Or Traxxas? 

Generally, Arrma cars will run on 6s systems taken out of the box. Also, Traxxas cars will run on a 3s system. However, when it comes to speed, Traxxas cars are way faster because of their lightweight design. Moreover, they’re a bit aerodynamic. As a result, Traxxas cars are faster than the Arrma cars. Another point is that Traxxas cars have better steering control and have a long-lasting battery. So, Traxxas cars go ahead when compared to the Arrma. 

Which RC car costs the most? 

The “Vision Mercedes Maybach 6” is termed as the most expensive radio-controlled car. 

Bottom Line

Well, RC-lovers that’s pretty much it from our side. Hopefully, things have been clear till this point. And, this means you can go ahead and select the best RC touring car

From our list, you can pick anyone that’s favorable since all of them are the best in the business. However, check out the buying guide again in order to be more clear about your purchase. 

Good Luck!

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