Best RC Winch

Best RC Winch: Worth The Investment?


The winches are designed to reel in or let go of the ropes. And, these ropes can be used in the recovery missions of other RC cars or boats. But you’ll need a strong grasp of the RC models to get a better hold.

So, you might go on a hunt to find the best RC winch.

But you’ll find so many options in the market that you might get overwhelmed. Hence, to narrow down your choice, we have selected the top 5 winches for RC models.

Now, remember we picked them out of almost a thousand different products. So, yeah they are the top contestants. Besides this, we even added a buying guide. That info segment will help you access what feature to search for in a winch for RC.

Alright, enough blabbering. Let’s get down to business, what say?

Comparison Table

Product Overview

To start the list, we present to you our number one product, the Dilwe RC Winch Electric Metal Winch. What a grand intro, right? Well, it certainly deserved it. Check it out with us-

To begin with we have to tell you what models it works on. Now, if you’re not familiar with the model then buying this winch will not work. But to your luck, it works on a lot of RC cars.

To be exact it fits well on r Traxxas / HSP / Redcat / Tamiya / Axial / SCX10 / D90 / HPI 1/10 RC crawlers. Now, if you have one of these models then you can count on the winch to be a perfect match for you.

Anyway, it is designed to wind up and out. This gives your winch the ability to get another RC car out of the mud with no problem whatsoever.

Plus, it comes with a high simulation accessory. This works to make your RC car look attractive. Because of this your neighbors might like them and throw a few compliments your way.

Most importantly, it’s easy to use. There are only two buttons on the remote control. They work to make things easy for users who are not so tech-savvy.


  • It fits on a lot of RC models
  • It gets your RC cars out of the mud
  • It makes your RC cars look attractive
  • It’s easy to use
  • It has long cables to reach maximum capacity


  • The mounting holes are too tight

Product Overview

Secondly, we have the Dilwe Simulation Climbing Car Winch. Yep, it’s another one of Dilwe’s winch. However, this model has a few twists of its own. Let’s check them out-

The first difference is that this winch uses the 3S Lipo battery to charge up its power. Hence, you get an extra boost to dig up the RC cars from the mud or any unfortunate place.

Plus, it’s comparatively easier to install. Not only that, this winch is known to last quite a long time.

Additionally, it has synthetic winch ropes. And, they are quite light and very easy to handle. Besides, this winch is a great option if you’re looking for a recovery and trail winches.

Apart from the difference, this winch is also pretty stylish looking. Hence, you can count on it to increase the truck’s attractiveness for you.

Moreover, it has a spring-loaded hook. Thus, it can handle a high level of vibration. Hence, it won’t break due to excessive vibration while doing its work.


  • Gives you the power to take out RC cars from mud
  • Easy to install
  • The ropes are light and easy to use
  • It amplifies the RC car’s looks


  • It doesn’t come with accessories

Product Overview

Next up on our list, we have the AKDSteel Model Car Parts, Automatic Winch. This remote-controlled winch has a few tricks up its sleeves. But we won’t know about it until we go through its features. So, let’s do that-

Firstly, it’s made by the CNC to have high accuracy. Thus you’ll get to work precisely without any hindrance. Meaning you won’t miss out on the vehicle that you’re aiming to rescue.

By the way, it’s designed for 1:10 scale RC crawlers. However, you can install them at both the front and rear parts of the vehicle. It’s up to your wish where you want to place the winch.

Additionally, it has wire cables. The wires are strong enough to pull heavy RC vehicles from the mud. In fact, it’ll help get your RC models out from that sticky situation.

What’s more that it can make you feel like you’re actually using a real car. Yep, you get the real feelings because of their real-life stimulation.

Lastly, it can be controlled from a range of 20m. This is a pretty far range if you ask us. Hence, you get to sit around and watch your RC cars in action.


  • It works precisely
  • Fits in both front and rear part of RC cars
  • Gives you realistic feelings
  • It can be controlled from a long-range


  • You have to buy the screws separately

4. Yosoo Store RC Metal Winch

Product Overview

In fourth place, we have the Yosoo Store RC Metal Winch. Well, the Yosoo brand is famous for its products but you never know about it till you go through its features, right?

So, that’s what we’ll do-

For starters, we really liked the simple design of this remote-controlled winch. The Yosoo brand really thought about all the users and made only two buttons for the winch.

One makes the rope elongate and the other makes the rope contract. So, you won’t get baffled by a lot of buttons on the remote due to simplicity.

Besides this, the winch is made of high-quality metal. They are shiny and designed to make them appealing. So, if you put them on your RC cars not only will they look good they’ll also be long-lasting.

Speaking of RC cars, this winch is capable of working on a range of RC models. To be exact, they can be used on Traxxas / HSP / Redcat / Tamiya / Axial / SCX10 / D90 / HPI 1/10 RC crawlers.

Thus, you get a range of models and if you’re using one of these models then you can opt for the Yosoo Store RC metal winch. Hence, your chances of getting a matching increase a lot.


  • You can tow vehicles out of the mud
  • The winch looks fashionable
  • It’s simple to use
  • It’s long-lasting


  • It’s a bit heavy

5. LoveinDIY RC 4WD Winch System

Product Overview

Last but not the least, we have the LoveinDIY RC4WD Winch System. We know that it’s far down on the list but you never know. Its features just might surprise you. So, let’s give this winch a try-

Firstly, the winch is of a very small size. That doesn’t only make it adorable but it also makes the winch easy to plug. You see, a larger winch will be difficult to place on the bumper of your RC car.

However, it’s specially designed for the  1/10 TRX4 Axial SCX10 90046 D90 RC4WD. Now, if this is your model then you can count on the winch to be a perfect fit for you.

On top of these, the LoveinDIY winch has a prominent anti-interference ability. This features a greater receiving sensitivity.

Additionally, this has a low power consumption rate. Thus you don’t have to worry about wasting too much electricity behind it. Besides all these, the performance is still stable.


  • It’s easy to plug
  • It has a high receiving sensitivity
  • It doesn’t waste electricity
  • It provides stable performance


  • It doesn’t come with screws

Buying Guide

Well, that was a truckload of info. But simply going through the features won’t help if you don’t know what to look for.

Hence, in this buying guide, we’ll talk about the generic things winches should have to be a perfect match for the RC models. A buying guide can help you while picking a good-quality hauler bag too.

So, if you’re ready let’s dive into the next phase of the operation-

Rope of The Winch

Typically there are 2 types of ropes. One is the steel cable rope and the other one is synthetic rope.

The steel cables tend to last long because they are more durable. Typically, they are used in highly abrasive terrains. Hence, you can go for these ropes if you plan on visiting off-roads with mud, sand, and rocks.

However, they will corrode and break if they are used too much. Plus, you have to wear gloves when working with them.

On the other hand, the synthetic ropes are much lighter and easier to handle. They are mainly used for recovery and trail winches. However, they are more expensive and are affected by the UV rays.

Cable Length

The cable length for winches vary. However, they usually stay within the range of 80 to 100 ft. So, when buying a winch, try not to exceed 100 ft. Anything higher than that will result in less force for the RC cars.

At the same time don’t go below 80 ft for rope lengths. A smaller rope won’t let you reach a high distance.

The Capacity of The Winch

Different winches have different capabilities. However, to pull a certain RC car they need to possess a high line pulling rate.

The necessary line pulling rate is calculated by the formula:

Winch rating = GVW X 1.5

GVW stands for Gross Vehicle Weight. Now, if your vehicle weighs 4000 lbs you’ll have to multiply 4000 with 1.5. The answer will give you your necessary pulling rate.

Now, the matter is that different vehicles have different weights. So, we recommend you buy a winch with a high line pulling rate. Remember, the higher the better.

Remote Controlled

Lastly, ensure that the winch is remote-controlled. This feature will allow you to have control over the winch from a distance.

That’s always helpful if you’re feeling lazy or don’t want to go too near to the mud.


Question: How do winch work?

Answer: The electric winches have to have their remote plugged in at first. Then you can start their motor by simply pressing a button. It’ll reel in the cables and lift up the vehicle that you wish to rescue.

Question: How strong should a winch be?

Answer: The power of your winch has to be 1.5 times the gross vehicle weight. In simpler terms, multiply your vehicle’s weight by 1.5, the answer will be your minimum required winch strength.

Question: Is synthetic winch rope better than cable?

Answer: Usually synthetic ropes are considered to be better than steel cables. This is because the rope is comparatively lighter and much easier to use. However, people’s opinions differ. Some prefer steel cables for their strength.

Question: How do you increase the capacity of a winch?

Answer: In order for you to increase the capacity of a winch you should try to use a snatch block. This works to double the line. Thus you utilize more cable to reach the maximum rating of a winch.

In Short

Well, that’s all about winches. Now, from all this info you might be able to find the best RC winch yourself. Make sure it’s a great addition to your RC collection.

Anyway, that’s all we had stored for you today. We’ll say our farewell now. Take care. Adios!

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