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Best Revo 3.3 Upgrades – A Detailed Guide

The Revo 3.3 is a monster truck in the truest sense. The build quality is solid and the experience with it is smooth. However, you have to make some upgrades to get to that smooth experience. 

So, what are the best revo 3.3 upgrades?

The best revo 3.3 parts to upgrade are the pushrod, the servo and the Battery/fuel. Some additional upgrades are Forward Only Conversion, and Easy Start System Removal. All of these upgrades have different roles to play for your RC Truck. The article covers all of them in greater detail. 

Let’s not delay any further. First let’s talk about if the upgrades are actually worth it or not. 

Is Upgrading The Revo 3.3 Worth It?

Many people ask the same question, is upgrading the revo 3.3 worth it?

The answer is yes, upgrading the revo 3.3 is worth it. The revo 3.3 has many drawbacks that ruin the experience. They are- stock pushrods, stock battery/fuel. These drawbacks take away from your experience. Upgrading these two components will give you the smooth experience you expected. 

The Traxxas Revo 3.3 is a beast. Not many people can complain about it. It is upgradable too just like the Traxxas Slash.  However, you should probably upgrade some parts for a smooth, uninterrupted experience with the 3.3.

revo 3.3
Source: Traxxas

Why? Because there are definite drawbacks of a few stock parts. They are-

Drawbacks of the Stock Pushrods

First in the list would be the Pushrod, also known as the shock rod. The stock shock rod does have drawbacks. I’ll list a few.

  • The stock shock rod is not made of aluminum. As a result it ends up being heavier. That could limit some of the potential speed your truck could reach. 
  • That aside, the shock rod is fragile compared to one made of aluminum. That leaves it prone to breaking on the run. Many users have reported the pushrods of their revo 3.3 breaking on multiple occasions. 

The drawbacks are severe for the stock shock road. So, I would even call it the most important of the Traxxas revo 3.3 aluminum upgrades

Drawbacks of the Stock Servo

The exceptional Revo 3.3 unfortunately shares this trait with the other trucks. A bad stock servo.

Furthermore, some drawbacks of the servo are hard to ignore. The drawbacks are-

  • The servo wears out quickly because of the material it is made with. 
  • The servo cannot handle the truck at its full speed. That usually results in the steering or the throttle not working at full speed. 

So, the servo is also an essential upgrade for the Revo 3.3. Because it ensures full functionality of the truck at even higher speeds. 

Drawbacks of the Stock Battery/Fuel

Normally, A Revo 3.3 will run 1-2 hours before running out of gas. While that is in no way mediocre, it could be better. In fact, A lot of users opt to upgrade this part of their trucks first. 

The obvious drawbacks of the stock set are-

  • You will have to refuel your tank often. 
  • While the stock set is just fine for short runs, it is not suitable for longer runs. 

While these drawbacks are nothing to cry over, you should still consider opting to upgrade.

That’s it for the drawbacks. Now I’ll move on to choosing what to upgrade to for you. 

Compatibility Factors for Upgrading Revo 3.3

There is only one compatibility factor you have to look out for in Revo 3.3. I’ll do a little touch up on that now. 

The Servo Should be Within 6V

This compatibility factor depends on the battery you are using. If you’re using the stock battery, the servo will have to be of 6V or less. 

That’s because the battery will not be able to take any more than that with its voltage. If you do use a higher voltage servo, here is what will happen – 

  • The battery will fail fast. Since the servo will try to draw out more power than the battery capability, it won’t last. 
  • Your servos will not function properly. That is because they will simply not get the power they require. 
  • Your steering will fail often because of the malfunctioning servo. 

That’s about it for the compatibility factors. Let’s now move on to the upgrades themselves. 

3 Types of Recommended Revo 3.3 Upgrades

Here are the types of upgrades I would recommend you to go through for your Traxxas Revo 3.3. 

AspectFor ClimbingFor BashingFor RacingFor Environment Protection
Shock Rod

Now I’ll get to the specifics. By specifics, I mean the revo 3.3 mods that you would want to upgrade to. Let’s begin-

Upgrading The Traxxas Revo 3.3 For Better Climbing & Bashing

The Traxxas Revo 3.3 is very robust and powerful. That is why the upgrades it needs are not many. But there are primarily two upgrades you will need in this case. They are-

Upgrade 1: The Pushrod. I’ll now state the obvious. The new push rod you’ll upgrade to has to be of aluminum to be effective. 

Furthermore, any aluminum push rod would do. But I would recommend the pushrod from Traxxas themselves. They released revo 3.3 aluminum parts themselves.

Once you’ve replaced it, your truck should now be able to handle most terrains. As a bonus, the weight will go down. So, there might be an increase in speed too. I’ll move on to the servo now. 

Upgrade 2: The Servo for better climbing. Servo helps you control your truck. The Revo 3.3 stock servo is disastrous just like the T Maxx Steering Servo. So, I’ll write down some of the best upgrade recommendations in its place. 

You basically need two servos for your truck. You would use one for throttling and the other one for steering. 

I would recommend you buy the Bluebird 630MG for steering and the 620MG for Throttling. These are hands down the best servos you can get at that price point. 

The two servos for different purposes help you push your truck in different terrains. That makes it ideal for the climb and bash. 

Upgrade 3: Battery & Fuel Conversion. Another underrated upgrade for climbing would be the battery & Fuel.

Climbing is fuel heavy for your Traxxas Revo 3.3. Dragging its already heavy body on a steep surface cuts down your run time by half. That’s the least estimate too. 

So, the battery & fuel upgrade will take you a long distance in this regard. My recommendation is to get the Tekno RC RX/Battery Box & Fuel Tank Conversion for Revo 3.3. It’s priced at around $20. 

That’s $20 for almost double the run time. That means you will be able to make a higher climb easily.  

Now it’s time to talk about making the big change. Let’s get your Revo 3.3 ready for racing. 

Upgrading The Traxxas Revo 3.3 For Racing

The Traxxas Revo 3.3 top speed is 45mph. That’s not really suitable for racing. However, I can somewhat get you to that point. 

You have to upgrade a few parts to shed a little weight. They will help you gain a little speed as well. 

Upgrade 1: Getting Rid of the Easy Start System. The easy start system in The Traxxas Revo 3.3 has some real weight to it. After taking it off, replace it with a 40mm flywheel. That will net you some tangible improvements in speed. 

Because of how heavy the system is, it easily takes the top of the list in upgrades. A free upgrade at that. 

Upgrade 2: Forward Only Conversion. This is one of the more drastic measures to get you some more mph. The steps are- 

  • Firstly, remove the reverse system from the Traxxas Revo 3.3.
  • Secondly, replace the reverse system with a forward only system. This whole procedure is called a forward only conversion. 

Now you are one step closer to racing although you might never win with the revo 3.3.

Upgrade 3: Upgrading to Servos for Racing. You have to upgrade to two steering servos if you want to race. That is primarily because it takes a lot to control a beast like the Revo 3.3. 

Furthermore, control is especially important in racing. Now, the servos I would suggest you are the Futaba 9351 and the Ace 1051. Both of these are excellent steering servos and will do you just fine for racing. 

That can get you as ready as you can be for racing. Upgrading anything more is not cost efficient for the performance it gives. I.e., the revo 3.3 engine.

However, aside from the above 3 upgrade you can also upgrade the body of the revo 3.3. It won’t affect the performance but the look. 

An example, a guy has upgrade the body make it look 2 times cooler.

So that’s it for the upgrades. I will now answer some frequently asked questions before concluding the article. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Fast Does The Revo 3.3 Go?

The Revo 3.3 can go beyond 45mph. It can accomplish that easily with its 2hp engine and 150cc fuel tank. 

How Much Does a Revo 3.3 Weigh?

The Revo 3.3 weighs 10 pounds according to Traxxas. 10 pounds is on the heavier side for RC Monstertrucks. That makes it unsuitable for racing too. 

Can The Revo 3.3 Reverse?

Yes, The Revo 3.3 can reverse. The Traxxas Revo 3.3 comes with a reverse system right out of the box. 


These are basically the best Revo 3.3 Upgrades. I hope I could clear your confusion regarding the vast array of  upgrades you could go for. 

So, what upgrades did you decide to go for? Let me know in the comments below. 

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