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Best Servo for SCX10 – Control your RC to your Liking

In an RC each and every part matters. Because all the parts collaboratively work together to power the RC. 

Like the motor of the RC, the servo powers the steering of the RC. With a good quality servo, you can get precision steering ability. So here we have given all the details on the best servo for scx10. 

The servo has different parts as well. The gears, casing, tuning ability, etc. With a good quality servo, you will get a better torque figure, maneuverability speed, and many more. And we have covered all the information about servo for your RC. 

So, let’s get down with the review of the best servo for SCX10. 

Comparison Table






Redcat Racing Hexfly HX-15CS Servo

9kg*cm @ 4.8v


Hitec 32645S HS-645MG Servo

8kg*cm @ 4.8v


Redcat Racing Hexfly Servo

25kg/cm @ 5V


Savox SC-1256TG Digital Servo

16.34 kg/cm @ 6v


Savox SC-0251 Digital Servo

16 kg/cm @ 6v


Redcat Racing Hexfly HX-15CS Servo

Best compatibility across different RCs


  • Built material: Metal
  • Item weight: 43.37 grams
  • Torque: 9kg*cm @ 4.8v
  • Speed: 0.24 @ 4.8v 


  • Compatible with different RCs
  • Greatly Water Resistant
  • Good durability from metal gear


  • Cannot withstand being submerged in water

Product Overview

Our first choice today is the “Redcat Racing Hexfly HX-15CS Servo”. The best thing about this servo is greatly compatible with many RC. 

There are a few key characteristics that shine really well. Such as the compatibility with different RCs. This servo is usable with different models of Redcat RC. 

The torque figure of this servo is 9kg*cm @ 4.8v. So this servo can move a big RC without any compromises. Which it does with the metal gear it has. Using metal gear instead of plastic provides better durability. 

Also, the speed of this servo is really great. Under 4.8 volt, the servo can adjust within 0.24 seconds. And under 6.0 volts the servo can adjust within 0.21 seconds. 

A plastic gear can be great to save some weight or to cut down some costs. But a plastic gear will strip down over time. And the servo will become useless. But in this servo, they have used metal gears. So no need to worry about durability. 

Another great thing about this servo is the water resistance. So you’ll find small and large puddles and some gentle rains. But the manufacturer highly suggests not to submerge the RC underwater. 

The servo is only water resistant, not waterproof. So it can get damaged if water can get into the components. 

Also, this is an analogy-type servo. So if you want to do some tuning, you have to manually. While other servos can be digital and can be tuned through an app on your phone. 

Overall, this servo can be great for light and heavy RC users. Other than using the RC in water. 

Hitec 32645S HS-645MG Servo

All-rounder with lightweight design


  • Built material: Plastic
  • Item weight: 55 Grams
  • Torque: 8kg*cm @ 4.8v
  • Speed: 0.24 @ 4.8V


  • Frictionless movement with dual ball bearing
  • Plastic housing provides lightweight design
  • Usable with RC planes, monster trucks, and buggies


  • Plastic gear provides less durability

Product Overview

The second servo we have is “Hitec 32645S HS-645MG High Torque 2BB Metal Gear Servo”. This is our runner. Now let’s explore the features of this product.

The best thing about this servo is the dual ball bearing it has. Because of the dual ball bearing, the servo can move better.

The balls are well lubricated and spin when you are steering the RC. the dual balls can make movement more quickly and smoothly which a single ball would fail. 

In comparison to other products in today’s list, the gear of this servo is weak. Since they have used plastic gear instead of metal. Plastic gear can strip down over time. 

The seep of this servo is similar to the previous servo we talked about. This servo can adjust within 0.24 seconds under 4.8 volt. And adjust within 0.20 second under 6.0 volts. 

The second good thing about this servo is the plastic housing of the servo. The plastic housing has a lightweight design. But using plastic housing will reduce the durability of the servo. So, it can break or crack if you are being too rough with your RC. 

This servo is greatly compatible as well. You can attach this servo with many RC planes, monster trucks, and even buggies. So if you have multiple RCs you can try out this servo in all of them. 

But this servo has a great flaw. The gear of this servo is made out of plastic. And using plastic gear in the servo can cause stripping in the gear over time. For greater durability, use a servo that has metal gears. 

Although, this servo has great performance under its sleeves. Even though the housing is made out of plastic, this servo has a lot of torque. And the speed of the servo is great as well. 

Redcat Racing Hexfly Servo

Best performer with dual motor design


  • Built material: Metal
  • Item weight: 67 Grams
  • Torque: 25kg/cm @ 5V
  • Speed: 0.13 @ 6.8 v


  • Extreme performance from dual motor
  • Safe around water splashes
  • Great heat dissipation


  • Requires more space in chassis

Product Overview

The third product of today is “Redcat Racing Hexfly Servo”. The best thing about this servo is that it’s extremely powerful with the dual motor it has. No other servo we have here on this list has two motors to play around with. 

With two motors, this servo can output 25kg/cm of torque out of each motor. So both together can push up to 50 kg/cm of torque. 

Not only the torque figures, but this servo is also extremely responsive. Under 5 volts, the servo can adjust within 0.14 seconds. And under 6.8 volts, the servo can adjust within 0.13 seconds. Both adjustments are done within 60 degrees. 

The speed rate is really impressive in comparison to other servos we have today. No other servos can also move 270 degrees. Also, the dead band of this servo is 3 μs. And the working frequency is 50-333 Hz. 

The second best thing about this servo is that it’s all metal built. Starting from the housing to the gear, the parts are made out of metal. So, the servo is really durable as well. And since they have used aluminum, it’s lightweight as well. 

And since aluminum is noncorrosive, you are safe around water splashes. This servo is great at water resistance. So, you can expect this servo to have a long life span. 

The third great thing about this servo is, that it’s great at heat dissipation too. Since the servo can output great performance, this servo gets hot. With the CNC aluminum middle shield, all the heat get out of the motor to the casing. And the casing dissipates the heat. 

But there’s one thing you have to keep in head, that this servo requires more space. So you might need to use a smaller battery or a smaller motor. To increase the space required for this servo.

Savox SC-1256TG High Torque Titanium Gear Standard Digital Servo

Premium servo using best materials such as 25 tooth spline


  • Built material: Aluminum
  • Item weight: 52 Grams
  • Torque: 222.2 @4.8
  • Speed: 0.18 @4.8


  • Titanium and aluminum gears for great durability
  • Aluminum case for better protection
  • Dual bearing for better frictionless movement


  • Not great around water splashes

Product Overview

The fourth product of today is the “Savox SC-1256TG High Torque Titanium Gear Standard Digital Servo”. The best thing about this servo is the titanium gears. 

Titanium is a rear metal. The best thing about titanium is that it’s really lightweight while being really strong. So, titanium can be lighter than plastic while being stronger than stainless steel. 

The gear has 25 tooth splines. Teeth are regarded as the spikes on the gears which are notched up with the wheels. And if there are more teeth, it’s easier for the servo to spread the pressure out.

The casing of this servo is made out of aluminum as well. So you can go nuts with your RC and expect no damage to the servo. 

The gears on this servo are made out of titanium and aluminum. Also, the servo is highly capable as well. The torque on this servo is rated as 16 kg/cm. 

The amount of torque can seem low in comparison to other servos. But since this servo has used durable materials, you can expect a consistent performance. 

Also, this servo is equipped with dual bearings. So the movement is noiseless and frictionless. There are 2BB bearings that are well lubricated and can move smoothly while steering. 

One not-so-great thing about this servo is that it’s not water resistant. So, it’s a good call if you don’t jump around puddles. 


  • Built material: Metal
  • Item weight: 61 Grams
  • Torque: 16 kg/cm @ 6v
  • Speed: 0.18 @ 6V


  • Digital configuration giving best tuning
  • Metal gear provides the best precision
  • Dual bearing for better frictionless maneuverability 


  • Plastic body providing less protection

Product Overview

The last servo we have today is “Savox SC-0251 High Torque Metal Gear Larger than Standard Digital Servo”. The best thing about this servo is, that you can digitally configure this servo. So you’ll get the best performance out of it. 

To do the digital configuration, you can attach this servo to your PC or phone. Afterward, you can do tuning to the servo to your liking. 

The network is a super high 12-bit system. And the resolution of the network is rated at 4096. Which is impressive in comparison to other servos we have here today. 

Other than the digital capabilities, the operative volta of this servo is 4.8-6.0 volts. And within this voltage, the servo can adjust within 0.20 and 0.18 seconds. 

Also, similar to the previous servo we showcased, this servo also has 25 teeth. The more the tooth on the gear, the better the servo will perform. Because with more teeth the servo can get a better grasp on the gear. 

And with better gear, speed, and torque figures, this servo sets it apart from the rest. 

Other than that, this servo has some other great things about it. Which are the metal gears of this servo. The metal gears provide the precision steering of your RC. 

Another great thing about this servo is, that there are dual metal bearings. And the metal bearings provide smooth and frictionless movement. So you can smoothly move your RC without 

Although, this servo is not greatly compatible. It is recommended to use this RC in only, crawler and ⅛ scale RCs. You can also use this servo in 50-class airplanes. 

Also, this servo uses a plastic body. Yes, it’s great for reducing some weight of the RC. but a plastic body can be less durable in the long run. So it’s better not to put too much stress on the servo. 

The servo isn’t waterproof as well. That is a considerable drawback. Minimal water protection is a great thing for RC parts. 

However, the performance of this servo is great. This servo can withstand up to 16 kg/cm of torque. So you can expect this servo you steer your RC without any hesitation. 

Things to Consider

By now you should have a clear idea about all the characteristics of a servo. But if you are still confused, don’t worry. We got your back. 

Below you can find a few of the major characteristics of servos. And on the basis of these, you can pick the best servo for your RC. So, jump down below to clear all your confusion. 


The most important part of the servo is the gear. Because the gear latches on to the wheel and moves them. Without good gear, the servo will become useless. So the better the gear is, the better the servo will be.

The gear can be made out of plastic or metal. But it’s better to have metal gear that cannot be stripped. Because over time a plastic gear can strip off and the servo becomes useless. 


Depending on the torque of the servo, your RCs performance can depend. The torque figures represent the amount of pressure it can create on the wheels. 

RCs can be really heavy. And with the friction from the wheels, it can be difficult to steer the RC. That is why the higher the torque figure the better the servo will be for the RC. But on average, having more than 10 kg/cm of torque will be good enough. 


Alongside the torque, speed matters as well. Because depending on the speed the RC can steer fast or slower. 

The speed of the servo can be more important than the torque figure. Because what are you going to do with all that torque if the speed of the servo is low. So you need the servo to be responsive with all the torque it has. 

Usually being around 0.15 seconds is a great figure. 

Bearing Type

On the basis of what type and how many bearings there are, the smoothness can depend. There are balls under the gears of the servo. Which moves when you move the steering of your RC. 

Having more than one bearing is better. Because if there’s only one bearing, the performance of the servo can fall. Also, the type of bearing matters. CNC machine precision ball bearings can get you better frictionless maneuverability. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Attach a Servo to the RC?

Attach the servo plug to channel one. Then turn the RC on and attach the servo horn to the servo. Make sure you tighten the screw on the servo horn. Turn the RC over and attach the screws to the servo. Make sure to attach the servo horn to the RC wheels. 

What can be used as Servo Grease?

To lubricate your servo you cannot use motor oil. You need to use, white lithium as servo grease. It can be hard to get your hand on white lithium. But you can find some in the fishing tackle store as “Reel Lube”.

Can you Change the Gears on a Servo?

In order to change the gears, take the screws back on the servo. Now push down on the output spine and pull up on the casing of the servo. Afterward, change all the necessary gears on the servo. Make sure to lubricate the gears back. 


So, that was everything on the best servo for scx10. We hope you got all the necessary information you need to pick the best servo. 

There are a lot of different servo manufacturers in the market. And not all the makers and models are great. That is why picking the best kind to your liking is really necessary. We are confident about the products we have written on. So don’t hesitate to pick one from here. 

Good luck with your RC servo!

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