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6 Best Servo for Xmaxx 8s: Pick Your one!

X-Maxx 8s is one of the monster RC trucks you might dream of. X-Maxx defies physics with 30 + volts of high 8S power. It is releasing jaw-dropping speeds and has the capability to tackle the most difficult terrain.

Now, Do you know what motor is used in Xmaxx 8s? The answer is servo motors. The servo motors are powerful electric motors that precisely rotate and push machine components. 

But there are a lot of variations in servo motors. Finding the perfect one for your favorite Xmaxx 8s is not that easy. You might not want to reduce the proficiency of your monster truck by using a  poor servo? Not.

So, to make your task easier, we are here. we will give a proper review of 6 Best Servo for Xmaxx 8s. And, other information you might need to know while buying it.

We tested a lot of servo motors available on the market and found the best six for you. Here, in this article, 

What Types of Servos are Recommended for X-Maxx?

Servo motors are available in a variety of sizes and three main kinds. Continuous rotation,  positional rotation,  and linear rotation are the three kinds. Servos with positional Rotation rotate 180 degrees. The gear system also has brakes to prevent the driveshaft from over-rotating.

For Xmaxx 8s any of these types are applicable. But the size should be accurate according to your X-Maxx 8s. Also, Xmaxx 8s need 30+ volts of the servo. So, be careful about that.

Comparison Table



Operating Voltage

Torque (For Lowest Operating Voltage)


Powerhobby 729MBL Servo

4.8-8.4 V


Traxxas 2085X Servo

6V (Ideal)


Traxxas 2085 Servo



BETU 35KG Coreless Servo


29 kg/cm

Power HD 1/5 Scale Servo


55.0 kg/cm

BETU Waterproof Servo


35 kg/cm

Powerhobby 729MBL Servo

Well, the first and the best overall Servo on our list is the Powerhobby 729MBL. This is one of the fastest servos you might find for your Xmaxx 8s. It has a brushless waterproof steel gear with high torque.

This digital servo has standard high performance. It has torque variation and both are well enough. These are Torque 500 OZ / Speed in 0.100sec at 7.4V and Torque 565 OZ / Speed in  0.085sec at 8.4V. This torque generates a great speed on your Xmaxx 8s.

This servo is also an excellent option for boats as well as other applications requiring high power, high voltage, and waterproofing. Waterproof to a depth of 1 meter, allowing you to drive in the puddles, rain, snow, and muck.

Patented gear design that is very dependable and long-lasting. CNC case is made entirely of aluminum for quick heat dissipation. Digital control circuitry with high accuracy.

Other hardware, such as an aluminum servo horn, is supplied. Scale crawlers, 1/8 and 1/10 monster trucks, 1/8 1/10 2WD and 4WD buggies, and 1/8 scale buggies and trucks are all ideal candidates.

The installation of PowerHobby 729MBL is easy. But, Taking it apart to reveal the gears will be a hassle. The best option is to hire someone to remove the top and then replace it.

Room for Improvement 

Though this is the best servo on our list. But there are some issues while removing it. Taking it apart to reveal the gears will be a hassle. To avoid it go for the Traxxas 2085X Servo.

Traxxas 2085X Servo

Moving down the table, we have Traxxas 2085X. Traxxas is committed to creative ideas and entertaining designs which make it simple for anybody to get into radio control. Traxxas makes trucks, automobiles, speedboats, and quadcopters, as well as a variety of accessories for a fully customized experience.

Since 1986, Traxxas has been designing and manufacturing unique Ready-To-Race radio-controlled performance machines. Traxxas models are completely constructed and ready to drive in minutes, with sophisticated, feature-rich radio systems.

This Traxxas 2085X is a digital high torque servo. It is covered with a waterproof case. This is the most durable one. This servo includes a steering Link and servo Saver spring.

You can use Traxxas stock & hop-up replacement components to get the most from your Traxxas RTR cars. This Traxxas 2085X  servo with metal gears (ball bearing), suits X-Maxx.  

This product is constructed of high-quality materials and is intended to endure a long time. It’s replacement equipment for Traxxas cars; for precise component lists, see your user’s handbook.

The steering seems crisper because of the heavier servo saver spring, and the servo is substantially stronger than the basic servo. This isn’t going to work with the E-Revo. It’s much too big to fit in there.

Room for Improvement 

Almost all the servos on our list will work with the E-Revo. But this one isn’t going to work with the E-Revo. You can choose Powerhobby 729MBL Servo if you need it to work with E-revo.

Traxxas 2085 Servo

Well, we have another Traxxas servo on our list. This Traxxas 2085 is also a perfect fit for your Xmass 8s. It’s also waterproof and heavy-duty. The X Maxx’s standard servo is a little weak. But still, it lasts a long time if you don’t misuse it.

High-torque digital servo (ball bearings), waterproof (XMaxx mount).  To get the best out of your Traxxas RTR cars, Use Traxxas stock & hop-up replacement components.

This product is constructed of high-quality materials and is intended to endure a long time. It’s replacement hardware for Traxxas cars; for precise component lists, see your user’s handbook.

The 2085 & 2085x will suit the 8s X-Maxx, with the x variant having more torque. There is no need to upgrade when you can just raise its voltage to the servo.

Traxxas offers this factory servo with the xmax. They aren’t designed to support the xmax’s weight And replacing them with cognitive gears isn’t adequate.

Room for Improvement 

By size this servo is bigger than the others. For a Stampede, this is just too big. If the size is the issue then go to the smallest one on the list – BETU 35kg Waterproof Servo.

BETU 35KG Coreless Servo

The third product on our list is BETU 35KG Coreless. It is a great quality steering servo. Because it is equipped with robust copper and aluminum gears. Also, the center shell engineer is CNC aluminum. It might be a little noisy, but lightweight, stable, and water-resistant.

This servo has great compatibility. It also fits with Xmaxx 8s. This Digital Servo is in Wide Use. It is compatible with 1/6,1/8, 1/10, 1/12 Trucks, RC Cars, Robots, Boats, and other remotely controlled models (Control Angle 180°).

It’s a waterproof Servo with High Torque: IP66 rating for water resistance. The angle range is adjustable from 0 ° to 180 ° degrees, with excellent linearity and precise control.

It rotates at a reasonable speed. Also, it has a lot of torque as they claimed. The only issue we have is that after releasing the wheel, the return is slow. Another great thing is the precision control and excellent linearity. 

It has a movable steering gear arm with 1 Pcs 25 T Metal Servo Arm. It is more comfortable to use.  It has a stronger and more robust metal steering system arm.

Room for Improvement 

After releasing the wheel, the return is slow. The Manufacturer should pay heed to it. In this field, the Traxxas 2085X Servo is the winner.

Power HD 1/5 Scale Servo

This Power HD Digital Torque Metal Gear Servo is what you’re looking for. Power HD RC Servos were created to provide hobbyists with the highest quality servos available. It is exceeding expectations on every level. 

Power HD servos bring performance and incomparable value, as well as industry-leading customer service. With features that meet or exceed what the competition can offer.

Note that this servo is larger than a standard servo and is for a 1/5 & 1/6 scale. The servo comes with an operating voltage of 6.0 – 8.4 dc volts (operating voltage). The torque will be higher when the voltage raise.

At 6v the torque produced by the servo is 55.0 kg-cm / (763.8 oz/in). Again for 7.4V torque goes higher,  60.0 kg-cm / (833.2 oz/in). When it is 8.4V torque is even higher, 65.0 kg-cm / (902.7 oz/in) 

Another great thing is there are 2 ball bearings. And the Temperature range is -20°C to 60°C

It has a DC motor. And there are two types of materials in gear. One is copper and another one is aluminum.

Room for Improvement 

This servo is waterproof. But some customers complained that this servo can not resist the water damage. For this, you can buy BETU 35kg waterproof servo.,

BETU Waterproof Servo

The size of this Servo is 1.57 x 0.78 x 1.57 inch (40 x 20 x 40 mm). The Weight is 2.7 oz (80 g). It Includes one 25 T elasticated servo arm, and 1 25 T round type servo horn. It also has one set of accessories.

It is an excellent digital Servo for those who want to make software on robot parts like mechanical arms, and can also be used in other remotely controlled equipment.

This servo is extremely powerful and quiet. The construction quality appears to be quite good. Gears with great accuracy for high torque production. Torque at high speeds. There is less noise.

Room for Improvement 

Though this was is one of the best servo available in the market. But still, the price is a little bit high. For a cheaper one go for Traxxas 2085 Servo.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Servo for Xmaxx 8s

Well, we already know how important a servo is for any RC truck or car. And when it’s about Xmaxx 8s, the importance of a servo is more.

Because we might not want to compromise with the speed of your monster RC truck. But, finding the best servo, of course, is not easy work. So, to make your task easier, here we are talking about some characteristics. You should check those characteristics before buying one.


The brand is always an important factor when you are buying anything for your RC. There are few prominent brands that dominate the market of RC products. So, choosing the perfect brand is always a plus point.

There are some well-renowned brands for servo motors. While you are choosing a servo for your Xmaxx 8s, you can pick any of those. Some good brands for Xmaxx 8s are Power hobbies, Traxxas, BETU power HD, etc. 


The main purpose of your servo is to generate high speed with good control. To get a great servo that can produce a great speed, you must look forward to torque.

You have to check the torque to assume what speed that servo can generate. So, before buying one, you must check the speed and timing. More precisely the torque speed.


As Xmaxx 8s is a monster RC truck, we can run it over any surface. The path won’t always be the same. It can be wet and muddy. As the servo remains in an open part of your RC, it’s necessary to save construction. 

The best safe construction starts with a waterproof feature. As you are planning to run your Xmaxx 8s in different locations, so must go for the waterproof one. With a waterproof servo, you can also run it over wet grasses or muddy surfaces.

Strong Construction

Another important factor for a Servo is its durability. The servo’s construction must have to be strong and robust enough. For strong construction, you might look for that servo that has a strong casing. 

This casing can be made of aluminum or stainless steel. Whatever the material is, you must have to ensure that your servo is strong enough. 

Size and Compatibility

You must consider the size of your Servo. If the servo is too large or smaller than your need, then it won’t help you. You must check the compatibility of the servo according to your RC. For X-Maxx 8s, all our listed servos are compatible.


Budget is always an important factor for any product. If you want to buy a powerful servo, you must pay more. To fix your budget according to your need and affordability.

Don’t buy shitty products with more money. All our listed servos are budget-friendly. You can choose any of them. You won’t regret it.

How Do Servos Work In RC Trucks?

Servo is a powerful electric motor. It is used in Rc trucks. It generates voltage and power to run an RC truck.

Servo helps to rotate the RC. Some servo has powerful casing where some don’t have. Whatever servo helps to rotate the wheel and give directions to the Rc truck.


With my standard trx4 ESC, how many volts/amps can such a servo handle?

The servo’s maximum voltage is 8.4 volts.  you can only reach it by wiring straight to the battery. If my memory serves me correctly, the stock ESC only outputs roughly 5 volts. So you’re nowhere near the maximum.

Will the power hobby 729 Mbl be compatible with an e Revo 2.0?

Yes, the E-Revo 2.0 will support it. Since the Revo operates on Two steering servo motors you could need 2. Because Traxxas servo will not have the same torque. you want to maintain the servo motors the same.

Does Power HD ⅕ scale work on Xmaxx 8s?

Yes, Power HD ⅕ scale will work on the xmaxx. But fabrication and a lot of prototyping are required. This was recently put on top of our receiver box this past weekend. 

Final Verdict

Well, after a long ride, we come to an end. You might already have picked the best Servo for your Xmaxx 8s.

All our listed products are best for your X-Maxx 8s. So, if you haven’t bought one yet, pick the best one that suits your requirements. Have a nice day!

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