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Best Servo Tester: For the Best And Reliable Testing


If you’re into racing or vehicles, then you know the functions of servo very well. They are literally your lifesaver when it precisely comes to control velocity and acceleration.

So, servo motors are designed to do the crucial job of giving position feedback. Therefore, the sensor and other parts that it consists of need close monitoring. 

For doing this extremely significant work, the best servo tester is important. This part is very important in controlling the servo without a transmitter. Even testing the servo before installing it is wise as well. 

Hence, opting for the servo tester is quite common. But finding a suitable one is just as crucial as the job this component does. 

To make this easier for you, we closely researched the market and handpicked some products after detailed observation. 

Our weeklong monitoring and the opinion that we built over this time will definitely help you pick the best product. So, stick with us till the end to get a picture of the whole scenario. 

Comparison Table

1. Hitech RCD Digital Servo Programmer

Product Overview 

So let us introduce our first product Hitech RCD Digital Servo Tester. You must be wondering what’s so fascinating about this product that it became our favorite. 

Well, this product is made with such perfection and quality that it’s just perfect for servo control. The first thing that attracted us was the size and outlook. 

This product is large in size and very handy to hold and use. It has a LED screen which makes it easier for the user to read the screen. As you can see, this product can be crowned as the most user-friendly product. 

Next up, the efficiency is also outstanding. This product can work perfectly with almost every digital servo type. The compatibility makes it an absolutely good pick. 

Moreover, it performs so nicely and effectively that you as a user will definitely like it. It can program the servo and gives it full functionality. The signal is also very solid and clean.

So, considering the programming capabilities and overall performance, this product is a top-notch one. You can definitely go for it if it suits your needs. 


  • Effective and efficient performance
  • Compatible with almost all types of servo motors
  • It can program, the servo with full functionality
  • This product can provide very solid and clean servo signals
  • The size and product quality is praiseworthy 


  • This product doesn’t get adjusted with more than 2.8 volts

2. G.T. Power Servo Tester

Product Overview 

Time to raise the curtain to our second product which is from the brand G.T. Power. This is an extremely lightweight tester. The product name is G.T. Power Servo Tester.

This power servo tester is made of aluminum, hence it’s lightweight. Moreover, this material and its quality make the tester an extremely durable one. More to add, the buttons are also very good in quality. 

Therefore, operating them becomes extremely easy and handy. After the product quality, let’s focus on the performance- 

This product is just as outstanding as its material quality. It has a total of three modes to check the servos. They are – manual, neutral, and automatic mode. 

Therefore, the user can switch between these three modes and check the servo as per their specific need. It’s also possible to connect 1-3 ESC to test and compare their reaction time respectively.

These features make it an absolute good pick that can satiate the user’s needs excellently. Moreover, it is particularly renowned for consistency. This certainly adds some extra points to its scoreboard. 

Lastly, it has one additional use that makes the choice a better one. You can use this device as a signal operator for an electric speed controller. Definitely a plus point as you can see. 

So, you can give this product a thought if you think this will be suitable for your needs. 


  • Extremely easy to use so no extra hassle for the operator
  • The services are worth the cost, hence we can call it a product with a good price range
  • Outstanding performance at finding servo problems
  • The design and mechanism is top-notch 
  • The durability of this product makes it an extra good pick 


  • Some people might face problems with inserting the servo plug 

3. LewanSoul 6 Channel Digital Servo Tester

Product Overview 

Our next product is from the brand LewanSoul. The product name is LewanSoul 6-Channel Servo Tester. As you can see from the name, it can simultaneously control the corresponding 6 servos. 

So, investing in this will be a wise decision, huh? Obviously yes, but there’s more to add with it. 

The first three interfaces have over current protection. This helps the devices from not getting burnt out due to excessive current flow. It is definitely a plus point and makes the servo tester a top-notch one. 

But there’s this one condition of using this tester. Wondering what’s that? 

Well, your servo and this servo tester must have the corresponding required voltage. Otherwise, it won’t be able to work in full effectiveness. 

But if you can ensure this one thing, you’re going to experience some outstanding servo tester performance. Another thing which adds some extra points is it is easy to control. 

So, if you’re looking for a product with ease of use then this must be on your list. Moreover, this product is a good one within the price range. Hence, you can definitely consider this for testing your servo.  


  • It’s a good performing product within the price range
  • It has total 6 channels and they can work simultaneously, so perfect for multiple uses
  • This product can resist the excessive current flow and burnout due to this
  • The controlling system is very easy, this ease of use makes it even better


  • At times the 6 channels fail to work simultaneously, some improvement here will be much appreciated

4. HiLetgo RC Servo Tester

Product Overview 

We are close to the end. It’s time to say hello to our second last product HiLetgo RC Servo Tester. Another product with multiple mode options and better quality. 

This multiple mode availability makes it a good pick. You can easily change between various modes according to your needs. But this product is designed very thoughtfully, so changing between multiple options isn’t much of a hassle. 

Moreover, this product is very consistent in performance which adds more points to it. Also, like our second product you can 1-3 ESC to test and compare their reaction time respectively.

Besides, the performance of this servo tester is absolutely outstanding. You will get a very satisfying product service within the price range. Moreover, the ease of use just adds more to it. 

So, as a whole, you can actually consider this product if you think it suits you. 


  • Provides clean signal
  • Performs very well
  • Good product within the range
  • The ease of use makes it extremely user friendly


  • The product quality must be improved 

5. SIKAF MALL RC Servo Tester

Product Overview 

Time to raise the curtain of the last product, the showstopper from the brand SIKAF MALL. The product name is SIKAF MALL RC Servo Tester. 

Another product with excellent consistency and performance. Moreover, it’s a versatile product that has the ability to generate signals for the electric speed controller. 

Just to add more to it, this product is pretty lightweight. It makes the product extremely easy to use and carry. Easy use is something every user especially novice users, look for. 

Therefore, it’s a pretty great product for both expert and amateur users. Besides, it has multiple modes and a very easy controlling system. So you can swipe between the options without much hassle. 

But one thing that makes this product stand out from all the others is its price range. This product is so cheap and good in service within the price range. 

But there is one thing that must be considered before finalizing. This product doesn’t come with a battery. This has been an issue for some users. 

So carefully give this product a thorough thought. And then, if it matches, just pick it up.  


  • Has an excellent performance
  • Comes with an easy controlling system, hence using it is very handy
  • Perfect for both amateur and professional users
  • Extremely cheap and provides the best service within the budget
  • Lightweight so very easy to carry around 


  • As it doesn’t come with a power supplier battery, hence some users might face some hassles 

Buying Guide

We have already talked a lot about the handpicked products on our list. We have discussed in detail their features and all. But only knowing about the products won’t help you much. 

We believe as a user, you need to know some general facts about this servo tester as well. There are some attributes and features that you must know beforehand. 

Knowing them will help you to create an insight into this product type. Then you can choose your own product using your knowledge. 

So, without any further ado, let’s jump into the buying factors to consider before final picking-

Ease of Control & Use

When you’re looking for a good quality servo tester, it’s most important to know about the controls. Not all products are used in the same way, nor are they equally easy to use. 

Some products are designed with a complex control system. So, novice users will definitely face a huge hassle regarding it. So, it’s better for newbies to pick a product with easy control systems. 

Moreover, you should also make sure whether the product comes with a proper guideline. So that you can figure out how to use and how to control. 


For any product, durability is extremely important. As a user, you’ll definitely want to invest in a product that will serve you for a long time. 

No rational person would want to buy a product that will cost them for repairing and replacing. Therefore, you must look for the durability of the product before finalizing it. It’s better to go for products with long-lastingness.

So, when a product ticks your checkboxes of needs, you must also check its durability as well. Try not to go for a product with a short life span. It’ll be wise to purchase the one that lasts long. 

Available Options of Mode 

Last but not least, this is also very important for servo testers to have multiple mode options. Most of them have three available options as- manual, neutral and automatic. 

Manual mode enables the user to switch to different speeds and reaction times. Besides, the neutral mode sets it back to the neutral point. And the automatic one makes the servo swing like a wind wiper. 

So, you might need any of these three modes or all of them. So, sort your priorities beforehand. Then choose the product accordingly. 

It’s always better to have options available, so it’s wise to pick testers with multiple available options. 


Question: What does a servo do?

Answer: Servo motors work as a part of a closed loop system. It’s designed to provide the commanded velocity and torque. This direction comes from the controller. 

Question: What is the advantage of servo motors?

Answer: Servo motors can provide high efficiency which makes them popular among users. Besides, it can provide high output power relative to its size. This is an extremely important advantage. Lastly, it has the capability to provide constant torque at high speeds. 

Question: What are the symptoms of a bad servo?

Answer: There are quite some possible symptoms of a bad servo. For instance, noisy servo equipment is one of the major problems. Moreover, dirty heatsinks or old saturated cables can indicate a bad servo as well. Even physical damage and contamination are also some points to be noted here. 

Question: Why do servo motors fail?

Answer: Servo motors might fail for a lot of reasons. For instance, continuous usage can be a prime reason for this. Moreover, misalignment among the motor parts or loose parts can also be some probable reasons. Foreign particles and dirt can also cause vibration and problematic motors as well. 

Question: How do I choose a servo for my RC plane?

Answer: Choosing a suitable servo for your RC plane is a difficult thing to do. Generally, higher and heavier models can provide higher torque. But servo arm length and surface area are also some of the factors to consider. Moreover, speed is another factor to consider. Fast is good but too fast isn’t ideal in most cases.  

To Sum Up

That was all from our side. Hope our research-based insights and information will help you to pick the best servo tester easily. 

As this device is extremely important, we wish you all the luck in your finding mission. Hopefully, you’ll have a smooth RC vehicle run with the help of the best servo tester. 

Stay safe and have thrills. Don’t forget to let us know about your experience.

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