Best Shocks For Traxxas Rustler

Best Shocks For Traxxas Rustler: Better Grip & Traction?

Are you frustrated with losing control of your Traxxas rustler while turning it? Yeah, very much understandable. 

Moreover, when you’re using a Traxxas rustler, it’s natural to expect some amazing power control and grip. Hence, losing better performance due to the lack of a suitable shock absorber can be very bothersome. 

That’s why professional RC car enthusiasts are always opting for some good-quality shocks. But quality is not the only criterion obviously. Therefore, it’s a tough job to pick the best shocks for Traxxas rustler

As the work is very overwhelming and confusing as well. Hence, we tried to help you in this regard. We invested more than a week and went through countless products. 

After a very out-and-out examination, we handpicked some of the gems that we found. So stick with us for the product overview as well as buying factors. Moreover, we added our insights about shocks here and there too. So, don’t miss it, buddy. 

Comparison Table






Traxxas Big Bore Shock Set


5.6 Ounces

Traxxas GTR Anodized Shocks


4 Ounces

Hobbypark Aluminum Shock Absorber


5.9 Ounces

HobbyCrawler Front Rear Rc Shocks


3.98 Ounces

Hobbypark RC Shock Absorber


5.6 Ounces

Traxxas Big Bore Shock Set

Product Overview

You must be very excited to know about our favorite pick that we found after a detailed inspection. So, here goes our top pick from the renowned brand Traxxas. The product name is Traxxas Big Bore Shock Set. 

But the brand name didn’t make it our favorite. This product is just amazing in quality and performance. Hence, we had to rank it first on our extremely filtered list. 

First comes the product’s material quality. This is made of fine quality, Hard-anodized & PTFE-coated T6 aluminum. This makes the body extremely strong. Hence, it can withstand the pressure of jumps and rough road conditions. 

Next comes the coating material which is in the charge of durability and longevity. The shafts are coated with Titanium-nitride. Thus it can offer the users incredible durability. 

Moreover, the overall product design is very good in terms of quality. They are made under strict control and can ensure frictionless operation. This is certainly something you’re looking for, right? 

Besides, the shocks come in the full package. It has additional springs and shock oil which adds more points. On top of that, you’ll get full support from the service center regarding operational issues. 

And lastly, the performance reliability is simply outstanding. This product has the best quality service to offer. So if you don’t wanna miss the utmost stability, just go for this shock. 


  • The performance and reliability are very satisfactory
  • This product is made of superior quality materials which makes it strong
  • It comes with other necessary equipment, thus you’ll get a complete package 
  • The durability is simply top-notch, worth the investment
  • Its service is outstanding considering the price, certainly a good deal for the money


  • Keep it away from children, especially under age 3. Because it contains small parts. 

Traxxas GTR Anodized Shocks

Product Overview

After our super nice favorite pick, it’s time to talk about our second favorite product. We have the Traxxas GTR Anodized Shocks as our second product. 

If we become honest, this is another product that can ensure a top-notch user experience. It’s also made of aluminum just like our very first pick. And the material quality is also just as good as the abovementioned one. 

It’s extremely strong and perfectly made to withstand road bumps and jumps. So, you’ll get good traction and tight grips even when your road conditions aren’t very pleasant. 

Moreover, it can prevent oil leaks which is one of the major issues concerning shocks. So, choosing it will cut this part of my worries. 

Lastly, they come with shock oil. This is definitely a plus point of this product. Because arranging the oil separately can be a hassle, so better if it comes by default. 

As a whole, this product can meet your needs. So, you can consider this product for your purposes. 


  • The amazing ability to ensure a tight grip and better traction 
  • Very good at its performance
  • Comes with the necessary oil and is very good at preventing oil leak
  • Durable and worth the price


  • They need an extension for the rear shock because they’re not perfectly made for that purpose. 

Hobbypark Aluminum Shock Absorber

Battery Type: Lipo

Product Overview

We are halfway through the list of handpicked shocks. It’s time to uncurtain the third product. This product is from the brand Hobbypark. 

As you can see from the name the product is made of aluminum. But if we become honest, we should say the product is made of very good quality aluminum. So, there’s no chance of complaining about the product quality. 

It’s made of top-notch materials, hence it can assure excellent durability. So, investing in it will make your purchase worthwhile. You won’t have to worry about the replacement or repairing cost. 

Moreover, it’s tremendously good at its performance. You will have an extremely good user experience. It’s made with perfection and very well fitted for tough conditions. 

You’ll get a good grip and traction from this shock absorber. Therefore, your experience will be very smooth that we can assure you. Moreover, it’s compatible with multiple vehicles. 

So, if you own several RC cars, you’ll definitely give it some extra points. Its versatility makes it a very good choice for every user, from newbies to professionals.

Lastly, this is very easy to install which brings some extra points to its board. So, you should definitely give this product thought as your RC car’s shock absorber. 

But don’t forget to remember that the durability might not be excellent as the other features are. 


  • Compatibility with multiple vehicles makes it versatile
  • Can ensure a very promising performance
  • Good for heavy-duty loads and rough working conditions
  • Immensely easy to install 
  • Good service for the money, extremely good investment 


  • It has plastic ends that are very easily breakable, hence the durability is not up to the mark 


HobbyCrawler Front Rear Rc Shocks

Product Overview

Time to say hello to our second last product which is the HobbyCrawler Front Rear Shocks. As the name suggests, it can be used as both front and rear shock absorbers. 

They are a very good pick for people with a tight budget. It has almost all the necessary features that one might need. 

It perfectly fits with the Traxxas Rustler and is also compatible with various models of this car series. Also, the style of oil filling is absolutely amazing. 

Moreover, it has this feature that makes you able to adjust the tension. This is an absolute plus point for this product. On top of this, it’s made perfectly with the great symmetry of all the components. 

Therefore, it can ensure a very smooth user experience. Besides, this great engineering also assures that you’ll get a top-notch grip and traction. It’ll make your car performance outstanding in one word. 

Furthermore, the durability and the strength are also some of the bright sides of choosing this product. It can handle rough road conditions very effectively. So choosing this will be a very good decision nonetheless. 


  • It perfectly fits with Traxxas rustler 
  • This product is extremely strong and can withstand rough situations 
  • Can ensure a good performance and user experience
  • Extremely durable 
  • Comparing the price and service, it’s definitely a good buy 


  • The price doesn’t seem good for its service
  • This product needs some improvement in its overall quality

Hobbypark RC Shock Absorber

Product Overview

Time to raise the curtain of our 5th product on the list. But before doing that we would love to mention that this product is just as good as the others. So, don’t think this won’t be an up-to-the-mark shock for your Traxxas rustler. 

As our last pick, we have the Hobbypark RC Shock Absorber. This is not only compatible with the Traxxas rustler only. It’s perfectly suitable for some other models as well. 

So, if you’re looking for a versatile product, this might be the one for you. Professionals who own several RC cars love this product because of its compatibility with multiple models. 

Next up is the product quality and Performance. This product is also made of superior quality materials. Thus it’s incredibly durable and reliable in performance as well. 

It’s extremely strong and designed for withstanding the rough road conditions. It can tolerate heavy-duty use and big jumps very effectively. 

So, considering the outlook and performance of the product, it’s a good one. The durability and stability make it even better. So, any wise RC car user will consider this for their Traxxas. 


  • Can ensure a solid performance
  • Very reliable and designed thoughtfully
  • Extremely durable as it’s made of better quality materials
  • Incredibly strong and perfect for tough conditions and bumps
  • Satisfying outlook


  • This product doesn’t come pre-oiled. So, you have to ensure this before installing 
  • The price might seem a bit higher for its service

Buying Guide

So, we have enough discussion about our selected products. But knowing about specific products isn’t enough, at least that’s what we believe. 

According to us, if you want to choose the best product for yourself, you should know in detail.

Therefore, we added this part which contains the buying factors and considerable attributes. For building a better insight shock for Traxxas rustler, just go through this section carefully, it’ll definitely come to help.  


This is quite literally the most important thing to consider before choosing shocks. Because, if your chosen shock doesn’t match with your car, this will create a huge hassle later on. 

Therefore, you should check the product details beforehand and make sure it’s compatible with your vehicle. 

Also, some products are compatible with multiple vehicles. This will work as a plus point for you if one shock matches with two of your vehicles. So, checking for compatibility will always make you better off. 


Another important factor is the terrain. It’s necessary because it determines how many rough conditions your shock might have to face. 

For instance, if you’re going to run your car through very bumpy terrain you need a more durable and strong surface. But the same won’t be applicable for muddy terrain. 

So, try to choose a shock that is able to undergo your terrain condition without getting severely affected. 

Ability to Take Load

So, shock absorbers are made to absorb the pressure created due to road bumps and sudden turns. Therefore this is a very important feature to consider. 

If you’re going to run your vehicle through very rough terrain or put huge pressure on it. Then we would suggest that you choose a shock that has more capability of taking loads. 

Otherwise, the chances of it getting worn will increase. So, try to care as much as you can.  

Stability & Control

The purpose of using a shock absorber is to stabilize your vehicle and to avoid bumps and jumps. Therefore, looking for stability is very logical and necessary as well. 

You must go for a product that can ensure more stability. It’s just natural that you won’t opt for the one which is less promising in terms of providing a better grip. 

The same thing is applicable for ease of control as well. So, before finalizing the shock, check for its stability and control systems. The one that is easier and better for your needs, pick that up. 


This is something that must be considered before buying anything. Because when you’re purchasing a good, you’re investing in it. So it’s really important to check how long you expect it to last. 

Longevity is very important in such cases. As a consumer, you will definitely prefer a more durable product. Because it will cut the cost for replacement and repairing. 

Moreover, it’s not only about the money. The durability kind of gives you an assumption that when you need to be more careful about the shock getting a tear and wear. 

Now, last but not the least, after buying the shock, you have to focus on its maintenance of it. Otherwise, you have to fill your shock to resolve any malfunction.


Question: Is Traxxas Rustler a good RC car?

Answer: Traxxas rustler is arguably the best RC car. It can ensure a satisfactory user experience. This excellent car is a good choice for racing as well. Its enhanced power, smoother control, better grip, and safer performance make it a top-notch choice for competition. 

Question: What are shocks used for on a car?

Answer: Shocks work like a stabilizer that keeps the car in control during turns. It resists excessive bumping also. It steadies the car when you use the brake or encounter uneven road conditions. 

Question: What happens when shocks are bad on the car?

Answer: If the shocks of your car turn bad most of the time you’ll encounter sound over bumps. At times the car body will lean more than usual during the turn. Moreover, steering control will also get affected due to this. Even tire wear can be a sign of bad shock at times. 

Question: Can you drive with bad shocks? 

Answer: It’s not suggested to drive with bad shocks as this can lead to severe consequences. Even if you need to drive in extreme cases, make sure to not drive for too long. Otherwise, you’ll experience poor handling, excessive body roll, a wobbly steering wheel, and poor traction.

Question: What noise do bad shocks make?

Answer: You’ll encounter the sound of clunking or knocking if your shock goes bad. This sound is caused by metal-to-metal contact when the shock or strut bottoms out when hitting a bump. Apart from usual noises, you’ll also face vibration on smooth roads. This is very unusual and a sign of bad shocks. 

To Sum Up

That’s all on our part. It’s time to say goodbye. But before parting ways, hope this read leads you to the most suitable shock for your RC vehicle

As finding the best shocks for Traxxas rustler is a hard job, hence we will be happy to ease your worry a bit. 

Have a very pleasant experience with your chosen shock for your favorite rustler. Wishing that you get a better grip and more control over the car. Until next time, stay safe.

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