Best Shocks For TRX4

Best Shocks For TRX4: To Maximize Performance


“Damn, when did my TRX4 get possessed by a snake”. Well, unnecessary swerving and drifting are pretty common in RC cars. Especially if there’s a problem with the suspension or shock-absorber.

This might cause a lot of handling problems for your RC car. Tire wear and tear could also be brought on because of this. So it’s a problem you should address ASAP.

So, how do you choose a shock-absorber that gives you reliable performance? That’s where our post comes in. Our post on the best shocks for trx4 was fine-tuned to answer this question.

A lot of expert man-hours were spent in the making of this product review. But we are confident that all that effort didn’t go in vain. We’ve come up with a top 5 list of the best shocks for your RC car.

To keep things interesting, we’ve even introduced a buying guide for RC shocks in the end. This will show you what to watch out for before buying a shock absorber

Now, if you are ready we can get things started-

Comparison Table

1. INJORA RC Damper

Product Overview

The INJORA RC Damper is the first name on our list. This shock has earned the top spot on our list for several reasons. Plus this is a good shock brand if you’re looking for top-quality shocks for Traxxas Slash 4×4. So, let’s go over these features that earned it that coveted title, shall we?

For starters, it is extremely durable and user-friendly. Its metal body can withstand heavy impacts due to the spring’s 15mm diameter. 

The product comes in 4 pieces and all of them are blue. These 110 mm springs are extremely well-crafted using top-notch metal. So, this makes it reasonably resistant to corrosion.

It is also one of the heaviest of the bunch that would make it sluggish but sticks to the surface more due to added weight.

One of the key reasons why this shock absorber is highly ranked in our list is because of its value for the price. Considering this is on the inexpensive side this shock absorber is quite resilient and reliable.


  • Crafted using top-quality metal
  • Easy to install
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Excellent dampening effect  


  • Extra shock absorber oil needs to be bought 

2. INJORA Internal Shock Damper

Product Overview

Next in line is INJORA’s Internal Shock damper. This is our second choice, and rightfully so. Let’s look at the reason why it holds the second spot, shall we?

Just like the INJORA Adjustable oil damper, this one is also equally durable and heavy. Every part of this shock absorber is made of high-grade aluminum. From its rotating red-anodized ball joints to the body case, it is made with durable aluminum.

However, this one comes in red and has a shorter spring (100 mm) compared to the blue adjustable oil shock damper (110 mm). 

One of the key features which differentiate the INJORA Internal Shock Damper is its tunability. It comes with spare parts such as extra springs (hard, soft, and medium), screws, and nuts too!

This makes it one of the most versatile shock absorbers on our list, which is tough to compete with.


  • Easy to mount 
  • Available with lots of accessories like extra springs, nuts, and screws
  • Comes with an overall smooth dampening effect


  • Springs are extremely stiff, not suitable for low-traction conditions

3. RCLions RC Internal Shocks Absorber

Product Overview

Coming in third is the RCLions’ Internal Shocks Absorber. RCLions are also a well-known brand just like the INJORA in the shock-absorber market. This is why it’s no surprise why this is on the list.

The RCLions’ drop suspension system keeps your car lower to the ground compared to a standard spring shock system. On uneven terrain, this lowers the center of gravity and stabilizes the truck, keeping all four tires in touch with the ground.

Unlike the INJORA’s bright red and blue color, this one comes in black. It is also comparatively longer (120 mm). 

It also comes in 4 pieces but doesn’t come with extra screws or nuts. Only extra springs are provided in the package.


  • Stabilizes the car and keeps it level
  • Keeps the car’s center of gravity low, making it nimble
  • Perfect for uneven terrain


  • Top cap tends to come off
  • Ball joints are flimsy, causes a lot of rattling

4. Hooshion Adjustable Oil Shock Absorber Damper

Product Overview

Next, we have Hooshion’s adjustable oil shock absorber. Like the INJORA’s Adjustable Oil Shock Absorber, these have to be filled with oil, as they don’t come prefilled.

Unlike the other selections on the list, this one has a surface coating on the metal body. This makes it particularly resistant to corrosion and makes it long-lasting. Its metal coating also makes it durable and hardy.

The Spring has a standard 15mm diameter with 3mm openings. These make it easy to install onto your RC truck or car. It’s also one of the shortest ones on the list just like the INJORA Internal Damper (100 mm).

This makes the spring more progressive. In other words, it’s built for smooth tracks with high traction.


  • It’s corrosion-resistant
  • Has a standard durability
  • Easy to install


  • Have to be filled with oil, not prefilled
  • Prone to leaking

5. HobbyPark Aluminium Shock Absorber

Product Overview

Last but not least we have HobbyPark’s Aluminium Shock Absorber. It’s worth noting that the HobbyPark Shock Absorber edged out numerous other contenders for the final place. So don’t dismiss it just yet.

It is the longest of the bunch, as the spring of this absorber measures a staggering 130 mm! This means that this spring is linear.

Also, this ensures the product is much easier when it comes to tuning. Another advantage linear springs have over others is that they are better in low-traction tracks. The HobbyPark is built for rally racing for its superior offroad build.

It is also durable due to its aluminum-alloy casing. Its build quality is precise to the millimeter due to being cut by the CNC machine. This reduces imperfections in the metal’s surface.

But, it is important to note that these also need to be filled with oil after purchase as it’s not prefilled.


  • Comes with high-quality parts
  • Good for Off-Road tracks
  • Can be easily tuned


  • Cumbersome to fit
  • Not suitable for smooth surfaces

Buying Guide

Even though we’ve shown you the top 5 shock absorbers in the market, you might not be sold. This is where our buying guide comes in. 

There are certain things you need to consider before buying a shock absorber. These are just the things you should factor in before the purchase. The same can be said for buying a good quality shock for your rc crawler

The factors mentioned below determine how effective your shocks are on the road. They work in tandem to stabilize the car. So let’s go over them-

Spring Type: Linear Vs Progressive

Spring types play a major role in how your RC car behaves on the track. Now to simplify, when we mention spring-type we mean two things. How linear or progressive is it?

Straight springs, also known as linear springs, have a constant spring rate along their length as they are compressed. Progressive springs, on the other hand, have a spring rate that changes or rises as the spring compresses.

The spring rate of a spring defines its stiffness. The higher the spring rate, the stiffer it is.

Also, the determinant of how linear or progressive a spring is based on its overall length. A shorter spring means it’s more progressive. And, a longer length means it’s more linear. 

Now how does it relate to your car’s performance on the track?

Progressive springs are designed for smooth and high traction tracks. This means if you’re running your car on your tiles, progressive springs are the way to go.

However, for rough and low-traction tracks, progressive springs aren’t preferred. Linear springs specialize in this area. 

Its constant stiffness keeps it constantly pressed against the road, which is needed in low traction conditions. This is perfect for dirt or off-road conditions.

Oil Viscosity: How Does It Affect dampening?

The next factor which affects your car’s performance is the viscosity of the oil in the suspension. Viscosity talks about the “resistance” of your oil to the flow.

In layman’s terms, a higher viscosity means the slower its flow rate. This is generally dependent on the density of the oil.

In RC cars the silicone-based oil used is measured in weights. For example, most Traxxas cars have 30-weight oils. The higher the weight rating (measured in wt), the more viscous or heavy it is.

Now how does it equate to the car’s performance?

Well, a heavier and more viscous oil has a higher damping effect. A lower and less has a lower dampening effect.

Viscous oil will make your RC car a bit sluggish and heavy to handle. A lighter oil will make the car seem more responsive and swifter to handle.

Each of these is required for different tracks. Low viscous oil is hand-made for rough and low traction tracks, such as off-road conditions like dirt and grass.

For smooth, high traction tracks it’s recommended you pick a heavy and viscous oil. This is applicable for tarmacked roads or smooth tiles in your home.

It is important to note that your oil’s viscosity sometimes changes with an increase in temperature. Viscosity is inversely proportional to the temperature. This means an increase in temperature will lead to your oil viscosity decreasing and vice-versa.

Piston Holes: Size Does Matter

The Piston is normally a circular disc attached to the Shock Shaft. These discs have holes of various sizes on them. These Pistons might have one, two, three, or even more holes. 

During compression and rebound, the oil passes through these openings. The number of holes or the size of the holes dictates how fast the oil goes through it. 

Larger (or more) holes allow oil to pass through more quickly, resulting in more responsive shock damping. Oil passes through smaller holes (or fewer holes) more slowly, resulting in sluggish shock action. 

The smaller (or fewer) Piston holes are applicable for smoother track conditions. The larger (or more) holed Pistons are applicable for rougher or bumpier surfaces.

Shock Body Type: Light Vs Heavy Armour

Last but not least, we have the type of shock body you have for your absorber. Now there are mainly two types; Plastic bodies and Aluminium Bodies.

Plastic bodies are lighter but also more prone to wear and tear. If you’re looking for nimble and responsive movements for short bursts, plastic bodies are here for you.

Aluminum or metal bodies are heavier but more durable. These are less prone to wear and tear. Having a heavier body means it’ll last longer but sacrifice a bit of speed for its added durability.


Question: How do I measure my RC shock absorber?

Answer: The overall length can be measured using a vernier caliper placed on the holes on the shock and ball cap. However, it’s important to note that it’s not 100% accurate as the presence of a flash on the ball cup may add to the length.

Question: Is it wise for me to change the RC oil with motor oil?

Answer: No, it is most unwise because the silicone-based counterpart is much more user-friendly for your RC. This is because using motor oil leads to the corrosion and wearing of your RC car.

Question: Will my RC shock oil go bad?

Answer: It will take a very long time for your shock oil to go bad, given how it’s silicone-based. These sorts of oil are made to last a long time, but if shelf life is a must, you could consider it to be around 5 years minimum.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, by now we’ve put your mind at ease regarding choosing the perfect shock absorber. This was all we could find on the best shocks for trx4. We sincerely hope you pick one of our recommended absorbers.

In any case, you now know to tell what’s good from what’s terrible. And as always, be safe, and good luck selecting your absorber.

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