Best Spektrum Receiver

Best Spektrum Receiver: A Beginner’s Guide

Have you ever lost your precious RC due to low battery voltage? Or the wind pressure was too high. But, before you could comprehend the situation, a high-speed wind crashed your RC against a tree?

Well, you can easily avoid these accidents with the help of a good receiver. And, when it comes to receivers there is no other brand like Spektrum.

Spektrum has some of the best receivers, hands down. But as there are a lot of them, finding the right fit can be a problem. 

And that’s why we have brought this best Spektrum receiver guide for you. 

Here, we have organized all the information you need in such a sequence that you won’t have to worry. 

The guide has been designed keeping the beginners in mind. So, all the explanations will be a hundred percent beginner-friendly. 

Before we start the product review, we want to let you know that we have tested the 6 most popular air receivers. And, we even worked with the 6 most popular surface receivers from Spektrum. We have then narrowed it down to the top five. 

However, to make the list more convenient, we did not separate air and surface receivers. Lest it becomes more complex.

So, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into it….

 Comparison Table






Spektrum AR620 RC Sport Receiver



Spektrum SR515 RC Sport Receiver



Spektrum SR215 RC Sport Receiver



Spektrum AR410 RC Sport Receiver



Spektrum AR8020T Receiver




Spektrum AR620 RC Sport Receiver

  • Channel: 6
  • Voltage: 3.5-9V
  • Item Weight: 0.96 ounces

Product Overview

Now, the first product that we have is from Spectrum’s AR series. And it is none other than the Spektrum AR620 RC Sport Receiver.

The first thing about this product that we would like to discuss is the number of channels. You can easily find a receiver with two, sometimes four channels. Each channel is assigned to a specific function. Therefore, a receiver having four channels means it can perform four separate functions.

So, usually, a two-channel receiver can operate the most basic functions like throttle and steering. But the more channels your receiver has, the more complex functions it can perform.

And that’s exactly what AR620 provides. The ability to perform a more complex set of functions. It has a total of 6 channels to perform functions like throttle, aileron, elevon, rudder, etc.

Another thing about the AR620 is that it does not have any external antenna. You will find long antennas in a lot of old models, especially in surface receiver models. Sometimes there is more than one to achieve more adequate reception. 

Even though these antennas improve the reception, they are not that convenient. Besides, the antenna-less design of AR620 increases its convenience, durability, and performance.   

It also has a rare modern technology called telemetry. Now, this is one of the vital reasons why we chose AR620 as the topmost receiver. 

Now, the main reason to improve our RC aircraft is to make it long-lasting. But an RC aircraft is more prone to accidents than any other RC vehicle. It happens because we don’t have much control above surface level. And that’s where telemetry comes into action.

Telemetry becomes the protector of your RC aircraft. It provides all the vital information you need to know about your aircraft. It informs you about your model’s battery voltage, temperature, and more. 

Imagine you are flying your RC aircraft high and suddenly the battery dies. Your aircraft stops working, it slams into the earth and gets shattered. 

Now, telemetry technology helps you to avoid situations just like this. It alerts you in case the battery voltage is low. So that you can take appropriate action.

However, this great product is not above flaws. AR620 receiver has a bind button instead of the old fashion bind-plug. We were not pleased by this feature.

Now, when we were testing the product we faced a certain problem with the bind button. It seems to randomly shut off while you are flying your aircraft. The only way to restart it was to rebind it again by pressing the button. Which is quite a hassle when your plane is in midair.   


  • The antenna-less design makes it more durable and increases its performance.
  • Integrated telemetry technology provides vital flight and voltage logs so that it is easier to protect the model.
  • A low latency rate helps to respond faster to the signal. 


  • The bind button’s performance is not satisfactory.


Spektrum SR515 RC Sport Receiver

  • Channel: 5
  • Voltage: 3.5-9.6V
  • Item Weight: 0.212 ounces

Product Overview

The second product on our list is the Spektrum SR515 Sport Receiver. This is a surface receiver. Meaning it is compatible with most RC car or truck models. However, it won’t work on RC aircraft. 

Let’s first talk about the channels on this receiver. Spektrum SR 515 has 5 channels which are more than usual. However, AR620 has 6 channels. And that is one of the reasons that SR515 stands behind the AR620 on the list. 

Still, it is one of the top three receivers. And, the reason is its fluent performance. Its amazing performance can be credited to its DSMR technology. 

Now, you must be thinking, what is this DSMR technology? Well, DSMR is an exclusive Spektrum 2.4 GHz radio control technology. This is mainly compatible with any land-based RC vehicle or boat.

Due to the wideband foundation, the DSMR system is less likely to suffer from any data loss. 

If you are having trouble grasping the concept, think of a wideband 2.4 GHz as a river and a narrowband 2.4 GHz as a stream. It means a wideband 2.4GHz can easily catch any signal within its range. 

Even if the radio frequency environment is noisy the SR515 can easily capture the given signal.

And because of this, it also provides a lightning-fast 5.5ms frame rate. A faster frame rate means a quicker response and less latent connection.  

Unlike the AR620, this receiver has an external antenna. It also has an integrated antenna tube slot for vehicles with no antenna installation route. 

Moreover, it has one such feature that consolidated its position as the runner-up. And that feature is the failsafe mode. 

This receiver does not have one but two failsafe modes. One is the gas mode failsafe which allows you to preset the failsafe position. And, the other one is an air smart safe failsafe. In this failsafe mode, the throttle drops to the lowest point and holds the last command.



  • The DSMR technology helps to capture superb reception even in a noisy rf environment.
  • 5.5ms frame rate ensures lightning-fast response.
  • Two failsafe modes provide maximum protection.


  • The external antenna can be less durable. 


Spektrum SR215 RC Sport Receiver

  • Channel: 2
  • Voltage: 3.5-9.6V
  • Item Weight: 0.16 ounces

Product Overview

Finishing our top three is another Spektrum receiver from the SR series. And it is the Spektrum SR215 RC Sport Receiver. 

It is a surface-level receiver that is compatible with most RC cars, trucks, or even boats. 

Just like the previous product, SR215 also has 5.5 ms capable DSMR technology. As we have already discussed, DSMR technologies are great for noisy surface-level environments.

When you are operating your model you want it to respond as quickly to your signal as possible. DSMR ensures just that. 

It lowers the latency by providing a 5.5 ms frame rate. So that there is an as little delay as possible between your command and the response. 

Because the SR515 and SR215 are both from the SR series a lot of their features are similar. For example, SR215 also has two selectable failsafe modes. The gas mode failsafe and the smart safe failsafe.

It also has a long antenna with an integrated antenna tube slot- 

You may be thinking if both of the receivers are so similar then why is SR215 in the third position?

Well, the reason behind it is that SR215 has only two channels. Whereas the SR515 has five. Two channels mean it can only operate two functions, steering and throttle. 

Even though it has only two channels, a lot of people prefer this receiver due to its lightweight. 

SR215 is very small and it only weighs 0.21oz (6g). Which makes placement infinitely easier during model building. 


  • The lightweight and small size makes it very convenient 
  • Two failsafe modes ensure maximum protection
  • DMSR technology provides the fastest frame rate available 


  • Only has two channels which makes the functions very basic.

Spektrum AR410 RC Sport Receiver

  • Channel: 4
  • Voltage: 3.5-9V
  • Item Weight: 4.6 ounce

Product Overview

Even though our top three are over, we are not done yet. Because these products have the potential to have honorable mentions. 

Now, the fourth product we have is the Spektrum AR410 RC Sport Receiver. 

This is also another product from the AR series. 

It is an older model than AR620 and that is why it is a little lower on the list. Because it does not contain all the modern upgrades that AR620 does.

Still, it does not mean the difference between them is huge. There are far more similarities. 

For example, both are full-range DSMX/DSM2 receivers. Meaning far superior reception in the noisiest of environments. 

It also has an internal antenna that maximizes its durability and convenience just like the AR620.

Moreover, it also has a fly-by telemetry system that provides vital data about the model. 

So, it is clear that you can not simply dismiss the potential of the AR410 receiver.

However, as we mentioned earlier, the AR410 is an older model. Therefore, it does not support modern technologies like TM1000 and TM1100 external telemetry modules. 

Another flaw of it is, it has only 4 channels. So no complex function can be performed by it. 


  • The internal antenna provides a higher level of durability
  • Full range DSMX technology makes it compatible with most RC aircraft.
  • A large bind-button works better than AR610’ bind button.


  • Older model, not compatible with advanced technologies such as TM1000 and TM1100.

Spektrum AR8020T Receiver

  • Voltage: 3.5-9V
  • Brand: Spektrum
  • Package Height: 1.86 Inches
  • Item Package Weight: 0.08 Pounds
  • Voltage: 3.5-9V

Product Overview

The last product on our list is the Spektrum AR8020T. Now, this product has a unique feature that none of the other products has.

And that is the maximum number of channels. Among all the five, AR8020T has the most channels. It has a total of eight channels!!

We have already said more channels mean more complex functions. That means you can imagine how many different functions you can enjoy with this receiver.

However, in its case, the number of channels is so much that sometimes it becomes inconvenient. And the reason behind it is the fact that no label or marking is suggesting the function of each channel. 

So, it becomes confusing while model building. And some may get frustrated as there is no instruction provided. 

Another major drawback is that it is not antenna-less like the rest of AR receivers. It has two receivers which are a little inconvenient. However, the two antennas may reduce durability but it is still a useful feature. Because the antennas provide secure rf coverage from all angles. 

Unfortunately, the AR8029T is not lightweight compared to the others. It weighs almost 1.28 ounces which are kind of heavy to put into an aircraft. So, this also reduces its convenience. 

However, the rest of the features are the same as the AR610 and AR410. So, we would still recommend this product. Because this is decent enough than the rest we tested. 

For example, one of the unique features it has is the integrated barometer. It sends altitude data to judge the air pressure while flying.   


  • 8 channels provide a complex set of functions
  • An integrated barometer provides altitude data for a better flying experience and protection.
  • Two antennas provide secure rf coverage from all angles.


  • Only compatible with DSM2/DSMX transmitters, but don’t work with others.

Buying Guide

We have completed our product overview. However, we want you to choose the best product. And that is why we have created this buying guide. To give you a basic idea about the must-have features of a receiver. 

More Channel, More Actions

We have already mentioned quite a few times that each channel has a specific function. And one channel can only perform one function. 

Now if you have a model that has some complex functions, you should opt for a receiver that has more than four channels.

However, if you think, as a beginner too many channels will be confusing then choose a simpler receiver. But make sure the functions are compatible with your transmitter.

Telemetry Technology

Telemetry is an advanced technology that provides extra security for your device. It provides you with vital information about your model. This information can save your model from any accident. 

Therefore, we feel that to ensure that extra layer of protection you should look if your receiver supports telemetry technology or not. 

Lightweight Option  

You have to install the receiver inside the engine of your RC model. And then you can control it through your remote control.

However, if the receiver is bigger in dimension as well as heavy, it reduces the convenience.

Because you don’t want your aircraft to be heavy and slope down due to the weight of the receiver. 

So, make sure your receiver is lightweight. And the smaller it is the easier it will be to install.

Wideband Modulation

Now, the most important task of a receiver is to receive the signal and respond accordingly. If your receiver can not do it quickly then it may damage your model or even hurt someone.

So, to ensure lower latency, you need to check the modulation in your receiver. DSMX, DSMR, and DSM2 all three provide wideband 2.4 GHz. It means lower latency even in the noisiest rf environment.

Therefore, you need to check if your receiver supports any one of these technologies.


Question: Will the Spektrum AR410 work with smart batteries?

Answer: Yes, smart batteries will work with Spektrum AR410.

Question: Will the Spektrum SR215 bind with slt3?

Answer: No, the Spektrum SR215 will not bind with the slt3


That’s all. I hope you have found this guide on the best Spektrum receiver useful.

We tried to make it as beginner-friendly as possible.

If you have any further queries then comment below and let us know.

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