Best Steering Servo For Rock Crawlers

5 Best Steering Servo For Rock Crawlers: Ranked

Riding your rock crawler throughout aggressive terrain is always challenging. If you’ve already gotten yourself into RC rock crawler cars, the next thing you must be looking for is the best steering servo.

As an RC crawler beginner or an enthusiast, you really need to know which one is the best steering servo for rock crawlers for your crawler car. Because your car’s built-in motor might feel powerless due to year-long heavy use. 

Now there are tons of steering servos out there available in the market. Conversely, you might wonder which one should be the best pick: the brushed or the brushless. 

Hence, we have researched over 50 products to find out the best 5 Steering servos for Rock Crawlers. Also, we’ve added a buying guide and a pros/cons list.

So, without further delay, let’s check these combos out!

Comparison Table



Motor Type

Input Voltage Range


ZOSKAY Coreless Motor Servo

Brushed, Coreless


ANNIMOS Digital Servo

Brushed, Cored

4.8 – 6.8V

Powerhobby Motor servo


4.8 – 6.8V

Yahboom Digital Servo

Brushed, Cored


INJORA RC Motor Servo

Brushed, Cored


ZOSKAY Coreless Motor Servo

Product Overview 

The very first product on our list is the ZOSKAY Coreless Motor servo.  We keep it in the first place due to its amazing overall performance. Let’s see what this steering servo has up its sleeve-

This steering servo has dimensions of 1.58 x 0.79 x 1.50 inches. The motor comes with a brushed, coreless design. Because of being a coreless design, it has its upper hand. 

The motor is powered by a variable voltage range of 5-7.4V. In contrast, the motor is pretty powerful.

The servo motor only weighs about 2.12 ounces. So, the motor itself is pretty lightweight but also powerful. That said, this is the lightest servo in our tier list

In a servo motor, the speed rating is really important. Let’s talk about how the speed rating is measured. Basically, it’s measured per 60-degree rotation. 

So, at its highest voltage of 7.4, the speed rating is 0.11 sec. Which is absolutely incredible.

Now, another thing is really important for a steering servo. 

That is the torque rating. Although most of companies fake it by not mentioning the correct torque rating, this one claims a torque rating of 35 kg. This is the strongest in this category. 

Besides, we have tested this motor and the torque rating is quite accurate. So, in our opinion, this is undoubtedly the best steering servo you can buy for your rock crawler.


  • The servo motor has a solid build
  • Has a brushed coreless design
  • The torque rating is incredible.
  • The speed rating is superb in its category
  • The item weight is low 


  • Not good for high temperatures.


ANNIMOS Digital Servo

Product Overview 

The second product in our tier list is the ANNIMOS Digital Servo. Unlike the previous product, this is a brushed, cored motor. Both the core and coreless motors have their pros & cons. So without further ado let’s see what this motor has to offer-

This steering servo has dimensions of 1.57 x 1.59 x 0.79 inches. The product weighs about 2.82 ounces. Comparatively, it is a little bit higher in weight than the first servo we reviewed. 

These RC Steering servos are also designed for remote-controlled vehicles like rock crawlers, cars, airplanes, and robots. 

Coming to the specification of this motor- we already talked about it having a brushed core design. And the gears are made out of metal. 

So it makes the steering servo much more durable. The packaging also includes a 25t adjustable metal servo arm. That’s a plus.

Coming to the motors voltage, this servo has a variable operating voltage of 4.8-6.8V. The maximum voltage 6.8V has a speed rating of 0.13 Sec. 

The speed rating on this motor is decent too. Regarding the torque figure, this steering servo doesn’t stand behind either. The torque rating is 25 kilograms. 

Also, the output shaft has two ball bearings to reduce friction. The gear ratio is 275. And the connector wire is 17.7 inches long. Besides, this motor is said to be IP66 certified water-resistant. 

That is overkill in this segment. So overall this steering servo is a solid choice for your rock crawler.


  • Overall decent performance
  • Has a high-speed big torque figure
  • Dual ball bearing reduces friction
  • Standard sized servo is compatible with any RC car.


  • The case is made out of plastic.

Powerhobby Motor Servo

Product Overview 

Presenting the third product on our list is the Powerhobby Motor Servo.

The first two products manage to perform really well on RC Crawler cars.

Other than those two, what more this steering servo has when it comes to boosting up the hill-climbing power of your RC crawler. Will it meet your requirements to be the Best Steering Servo for your rock crawler?

Let’s jump right in to figure it out-

The Powerhobby Motor Servo is packed with tons of features. This is the only steering servo on our list that has a brushless design. Also, the maximum input voltage is 4.8-8.4V. 

Unlike the previous product, it has a higher minimum voltage. In contrast, it will give extra punchy power on a low power supply.

The dimension of this steering servo is 1.57 x 0.78 x 1.46 inches. Because of having a brushless design this steering servo has a better lifespan compared to other products. The overall weight of this product is 2.72 ounces. 

Coming to its speed rating, this steering servo is an absolute beast for having the lowest number of 0.85 sec. All thanks to its massive 8.4V which is the highest voltage rating in this segment.

In addition to that, it has failsafe protection and a full CNC aluminum hull and structure for thermal protection. This even leads to remarkable heat control. As a result, it has fewer chances of heat damage. Even this is the only metal build constructed Steering servo on our list. 

The gears in the servo are full metal. Also, it has high-strength dual ball bearings. The Servo itself has IP67 water and dust-proof rating. Thumbs up power hobby for this amazing product. 


  • It has built-in magnetic sensors 
  • IP67 certified waterproofing
  • The full aluminum structure offers better heat control and sturdy build quality
  • Has a brushless design and steel gears
  • High input voltage for better speed rating


  • Brushless design so less efficient for crawlers

Yahboom Digital Servo

Product Overview 

Yahboom Digital servo stands in fourth place on our list. Just like the first two products this one is also a brushed motor. Let’s see what it has to offer more-

The product has a dimension of 1.58 x 0.79 x 1.60 inches. Dimensions matter because you need to buy the perfect sized steering servo for your crawler. And a perfect fit is a must. 

The steering servo has a brushed, core design and the product weight is about 2.46 ounces. Which is pretty standard. So, it won’t make your crawler heavy.  

Coming to its voltage specification, the motor has a variable input voltage of  6 – 7.4V with a speed rating of 0.12 sec. Besides, it has a super large torque figure of  25kg. The motor has full metal gears. 

In addition, the metal servo uses dual ball bearings and has an advanced potentiometer to make sure high linearity and accuracy. 

Besides, this servo motor not only has gears undergoing hard oxidation treatment but also has an aluminum alloy case. It even comes with a good heat dissipation performance. 

Added to that, the entire motor has a waterproof function. Also, a 25t metal arm also comes with the product.

This steering servo is suitable for most RC cars, robot joints, 1/8 trucks, cars, even planes. So overall, this steering servo is a solid choice in our opinion for rock crawlers.


  • Has an aluminum case for better heat dissipation.
  • Has a higher torque figure 
  • A decent speed rating 


  •  The quality is not that premium 

INJORA RC Motor Servo

Product Overview 

The last but not the least product on our list is the INJORA RC Motor Servo. Considering various reasons you put this in the fifth position. 

But, it doesn’t mean this product is bad in any way. Also, note that it has beat out the rest of the competitors out there in the market. So without further delay, let’s find out if it suits your style or not-

The INJORA RC Motor Servo comes with the same Brushed, core design. And, the servo dimensions are 1.59 x 0.79 x 1.59 inches. This servo is the heaviest of the five products we reviewed regarding weight. It has a weight of 7.2 ounces.

The steering servo has a voltage of 4.8-6V. This is the lowest of the bunch. But it doesn’t fall behind in any term. For having a low voltage input number the speed rating of this servo is a bit lower than the average. Which is it can go upto 0.17sec in 6V.

The maximum torque of this steering servo can go upto 26kg in 6v. Though the on paper number is 25kg. In contrast, this is an upgraded digital servo that has metal gears. 

The servo has stable performance and low noise. Like the rest of the products, this steering servo is a solid option for your rock crawlers.


  • Made out of high-quality material
  • Has all-metal gears 
  • 25t metal arm included with the product


  • Build quality is not premium

Buying Guide

Alright, we have seen five superior steering servo products for the rock crawlers on the market. But, how will you know which one is the most suitable product for your crawler car?

Okay, the way is pretty simple. Let’s go through the basics of steering servos-

You’ll see, this segment will help you make the perfect decision.

Brushed or Brushless?

When it comes to buying a Dc motor for RC cars, the most commonly asked question is whether someone should choose a brushed or brushless motor.

The brushed or brushless motors are both the opposite. Each of them has its own pros and cons. 

A brushed motor has a low overall construction cost. It can often be rebuilt. Also, it is ideal to operate in extreme environments. 

On the other hand, the brushless motors have less overall maintenance due to a lack of brushes. Due to its reduced size, it offers far superior heat management characteristics.

Brushless motors are way more common these days because they have that great ability to alter the torque to speed ratio. 

They do it exclusively better than the brushed motors. Although the brushed motors offer better reliability and longevity.


Before choosing a Steering servo motor, always check if the motor is waterproof or not. Waterproof housings in the sensor and wires will let you drive your RC in any environment. 

It won’t matter much whether it’s raining or the track is flooded.


Question: Can I use any servo for my crawler car?

Answer: No. Not all servos are compatible with crawlers. Before buying you need to check the dimensions of the product so it fits perfectly.

Question: How much torque do I need?

Answer: 25kg is enough for a rock crawler servo. Basically steering servos come with a torque figure of 25-35kgs. We can use any of this within the range. But below 25 is not recommended.

Final Words

Well, that’s everything summed up for the best steering servo for rock crawlers. Before buying your servo motor goes through the facts discussed in the buying guide.

We think we have discussed every topic that you’ll need to know before buying the product. Hope it was informative enough to make you choose the best product for your needs.

Good Luck!

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