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Best Tires For E Revo Brushless: Complete Buying Package Info

Damn those tires for E Revo Brushless wore out again. Now, you might want a replacement but since you’re here that means you’re not satisfied with the current brand. Or you could be trying to go for another change! 

That said, you’ll need the right kind otherwise the tire won’t fit or wear out too soon. So, you must have set afoot in search of the best tires for E Revo Brushless. And if that’s your aim then we can help you.

You see, we have gone ahead and picked the top 5 tires for this particular RC. Now, you can kick back and relax. All you have to do is go over each of them and select the one that you like.

Plus, to help you make that decision as accurately as possible we even attached a buying guide. It will be the guiding angel in your decision of the purchase.

So, are you all ready to begin the journey?

Comparison Table






Pro-line Racing MX38 HP 3.8″ Belted Tires

3.8 Inches

1.91 pounds

Pro-line Racing Trencher HP 3.8″ MT Tires

3.8 Inches

2.14 pounds

RC Station 17mm Hex RC Wheels

3.93 Inches

2.40 pounds

Traxxas 8672 Wheels

3.8 Inches

0.88 Pounds

Duratrax Bandito Mounted 1/2″ Offset Tires

3.8 Inches

0.97 Pounds

Pro-line Racing MX38 HP 3.8″ Belted Tires

Product Overview

At the top of our list, we have the Pro-line Racing MX38 HP 3.8″ Belted Tires. This tire might be a pro to us but will it serve your purposes?

Well, there’s only one way to find out and that is by checking out its features-

First things first. This tire is a perfect match for the E Revo RC tires. That is because this RC car has a diameter of 3.8 inches and a hex size of 17mm. Thus, you won’t have to worry about the tire not fitting your model car.

Besides, this one has a belted tire with a weave pattern. This ensures that the tire has a good grip on the road. And because of the pattern, the tire is able to go over any sort of path.

Moreover, you can even remove the hexes. So, if your hex does get damaged, you won’t have to buy a new tire. You can simply take the hex off and replace it with a new one. It will save you a few bucks.

Furthermore, there is no ballooning effect with this tire. That means the tire will not expand when you make your RC car race at a high speed. Hence, there will be no traction or lowering of speed.


  • No ballooning effect
  • No traction or loss of speed
  • Hexes can be replaced
  • Offer firm grip on the road
  • Can be run on various surfaces


  • It can explode if you make it run too fast

Pro-line Racing Trencher HP 3.8″ MT Tires

Product Overview

Secondly, we have the Pro-line Racing Trencher HP 3.8″ MT Tires. This tire is the runner-up on our list. And it’s another one of Pro-line’s tires. We simply love the brand because of its amazing tire quality. But is this one great too?

Well, it’s great because the tire is belted. But it’s not merely belted like the rest of the tires on the list. You see, it has a special weave pattern belt.

Because of that, the tire will not show any balloon effect. Hence, the tire won’t be responsible for any sort of traction or lowering the speed.

Plus, the tire will not expand rapidly. Hence, that won’t also lower the speed of the tire. Besides this, the tire itself is quite durable in nature.

Moreover, this is a perfect fit for the E Revo brushless RC car because its diameter is 3.8 inches. That is exactly what the E Revo cars want in a tire. And the hem size is exactly 17mm.

This tire does allow for high speed but it’s limited as well. The maximum speed that this tire can achieve is 75 mph or about 5,000 RPM. But that too, under ideal conditions.

However, when compared to the last product this tire weighs a bit more. It weighs 2.14 pounds. Although the weight difference is less it can slow down your RC cars a bit.


  • They are durable
  • Does not show any ballooning effects
  • It won’t cause traction or lower the speed
  • Hexes can be easily removed
  • Offers stability


  • The surface is still so no flexibility

RC Station 17mm Hex RC Wheels and Tires


Product Overview

In third place, we have the RC Station 17mm Hex RC Wheels and Tires This tire fits the E Revo Brushless RC perfectly. So, it’s a great option to look into-

For instance, this one has an inner diameter of 3.93 inches. While the outside diameter is 5.9 inches. Now, we know that the optimum diameter of E Revo brushless RC is 3.8 inches.

But this one is close to that range. And because of its bigger diameter, the circumference will be bigger. Hence, the tire will help you to cover more surfaces with one rotation when compared to others.

Don’t worry, it will still fit the E Revo RC car. That is because its hex size is absolutely perfect. Meaning it is 17mm which is exactly what an E Revo car wants.

Besides E Revo RC cars it works on other RC cars that come in ⅛ scale ratio. Thus, it has versatile usage. Moreover, the tire is quite durable. Hence, they will last you a long time and serve you well.

Moreover, they come at a set of 4. That means you won’t have to buy them in the whole set and get the entire tire set replaced. This is a great way to save a few bucks as the cost comes down when you’re buying products at once.

On top of this, the tire has an anti-skid effect. This pattern ensures that the tire doesn’t skid on the road. It can even hold on to the road while the RC runs at a top speed. This ensures the stability and flexibility of the tire itself.

However, the weight of this tire is the highest among the others. That means that the tire will not let the RC accelerate that much.


  • It is quite durable
  • You can buy it at a set of 4
  • Offers stability and flexibility
  • Can hold on to the road quite effectively
  • Will cover more surface with one rotation


  • It won’t let the RC accelerate much compared to others

Traxxas 8672 Wheels

Product Overview

Moving on, we have the Traxxas 8672 Wheels. This is another great tire that can work on your E Revo RC car. But what does it offer to the table?

It certainly does offer a lot-

For instance, you can buy these tires as a pair. So, if you need two sets of tires at once then this one is suitable. It will also let you save a few bucks since you’ll be getting two items together.

Moreover, this tire is made of high-quality materials. That makes the tire quite durable in nature. Hence, it will serve you a long time and you will be able to use it quite often before it finally gives in.

Furthermore, this tire has foam inserted on its inner side. Because of that, whenever the RC car goes up and down the road it doesn’t absorb a lot of tension. That is why the RC car remains in its optimum condition.

Besides, the tire has a diameter of 3.8 inches and a hex size of 17 mm. That makes it suitable to be placed with the E Revo RC car.


  • It lasts long
  • Can be bought in pair
  • Fits the E Revo RC
  • Absorbs excess tension


  • Can explode at high speeds

Duratrax Bandito Mounted 1/2″ Offset Tires Specifications:

Product Overview

Last but not least, we have the Duratrax Bandito Mounted 1/2″ Offset Tires. We know that this is the last product on our list. But hey, even the last product did beat out all the other ones in the market.

So, do give this product a chance, and let’s explore what this one offers-

Well, this tire has a deep, radial-type tread pattern. Due to such a pattern, the tire becomes a candidate to run on pavements, hard-packed, and abrasive dry track surfaces

Moreover, this tire also has foam inserted in its inner part. Because of that, the E Revo RC car will not be under a lot of tension. Hence, the car will stay in optimum working conditions.

Furthermore, this tire has a wider stance. And because of that, the tire itself is quite stable. Hence, even if you make the RC car run at a high speed the chances of it flipping over is tremendously low.

Plus, the grip is spectacular. It can stick to surfaces like its life depends on it. That way, your Revo RC car won’t flip over at a given point.

On top of this, the car is sold in pairs. So, you can buy two of them together. That way, you can save a few bucks as buying two items cuts down the cost by a bit.

But is it a fit for the E Revo RC car?

Well, the inner diameter of the tire is 3.8 inches (96mm). While the outer diameter is 6.5 inches (165mm). The width of this tire is 4.1inches. (104mm). And the hex Size is exactly 17mm. So, it will be a good match for the E Revo RC model. 


  • It can work on hard surfaces
  • Doesn’t allow a lot of tension of the RC cars
  • Can be bought in pairs
  • Fits the E Revo Car perfectly


  • It does show some ballooning effect if you make it run at high speed

Buying Guide

How will you know which tire will even fit the E Revo brushless RC? It’s a noble question, we believe!

Well, the tires do need to be compatible with the RC first. For instance, its diameter and hex size need to be accurate. But that’s not all. There are some other factors that you need to consider when choosing the tire for E Revo RC.

And in this segment, we will go over some of those parts. This way, you will have a better understanding of what to buy and which ones to avoid. So, come check them out with us-

Tire Diameter: What Is The Right Size?

When buying the tire for E Revo brushless Rc or any other RC the diameter plays an important part. You see, you need to get the right diameter tire otherwise the tire won’t even work properly.

Although it is true that increasing the diameter of the tire will ensure a better grip on the road, it can cause the RC to become too heavy. When that happens the RC might become unstable to operate properly.

So, what should be the diameter for E Revo Brushless RC?

Well, the correct size for this RC is 3.8 inches. That is the optimum diameter for this particular RC. However, it is not that rigid. You don’t have to necessarily stick to this size.

You can make a bit of deviation while choosing. But we suggest that you stick close to 3.8 inches.

Hex Size

The next thing you need to get right is the hex size. Before we tell you the correct option let’s go over what hex size means.

Well, it is the nut size that represents the nominal thread diameter. It is the size of the place where you’ll be attaching your tire to. As all the RCs have different hex sizes it is crucial to get this number correct.

So, for E Revo Brushless tires make sure to get a tire that has 17 mm hex size. However, do try to make sure that you don’t deviate from this number. That is because tires that are of different hex sizes won’t even fit.

While you’re at it, make sure you get tires whose hex can be replaced. This way, if the hex gets damaged you can easily get a new one and place it in its place. You won’t have to replace the whole tire for one broken hex.

No Ballooning Effects

Another thing to make sure of is that the tire won’t show any ballooning effect. This is when a tire tends to start resembling a balloon. Soon the tire starts to get distorted.

This phenomenon harms the traction and speed of the RC. Thus, it is important to ensure that the tire doesn’t show any ballooning effects.

And even if it does try putting duct tape on the inside part of the tire. This will stop the tire from blowing up like a balloon.

The Pattern of The Tire

One more thing to look into is the pattern of the tire. They do tell a lot about what kind of services you’ll get. For instance, if you have a belted tire, the RC won’t slip and will take up less fuel.

Plus, you’ll get better traction. On the other hand, if the tire has a radial type tread pattern, then it will be suitable to be used on pavements. That is because those tires will be able to handle the shaky paths.


Lastly, ensure that the tire itself is durable in nature. This is important for even the tires for Traxxas Slash 2WD. Because if you buy a tire and find out that it doesn’t work then what’s the point.

Well, to ensure that doesn’t happen you may need to buy tires made of high-quality materials. That will make sure that your tire is worth the money that you spend on it.


Question: How long do tires for E Revo Brushless last?

Answer: Well, each tire tends to last from 3 to 5 months. But this heavily depends on your usage. Now, if you use the brushless RC more than the average, of course, the tires will wear out faster than this.

Question: Will large circumference tires be useful for the E Revo brushless?

Answer: A tire with a large circumference will ensure that the car travels a bit further with each rotation. So, yes that is a good attribute for a tire. And this can be achieved by belted tires.

Question: Do belted RC tires balloon?

Answer: Yes, the chances of RC belted tires ballooning is quite high. But that can be avoided by applying duct tapes at the right spots.

Question: How to stop RC tires from ballooning?

Answer: One of the most common ways to stop RC tires from ballooning is to apply duct tape on the inner side of the tire. Another thing you can do is not race the RC car. This will also stop it from ballooning.

To Sum Up

That’s all for this guide. We know that we have rambled on and on about the best tires for E Revo Brushless. But we hope that we were able to leave you with an ample amount of information.

And we truly hope that you’ll be able to select the right tire for yourself. So, that’s it for the day. Let’s meet again on another blog. Till then take care and adios.

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