best yuneec breeze range extender

Best Yuneec Breeze Range Extender

Internet is a big part of every day. Without the internet, our phones and other computing devices seem like a brick. Also, you don’t need just an internet connection. A proper internet connection is necessary for a good workflow. 

That is why a wifi extender can come in really handy. So, what is the best yuneec breeze range extender? There are a lot of wifi extenders out there in the market, bust which can fill up your needs. 

Cause all of the extenders to have many features and functions. But not all of them are the best. All of them have their own pros and cons. 

Below we reviewed 5 wifi extenders. All of them have their upper hands and drawbacks. We have emphasized both parts, now let’s see which one suits you the best. 

Comparison Table






Edimax 5GHz/11AC Wi-Fi Range Extender

‎5 ounces


COMFAST CF-WR371AC 5Ghz Wireless Wifi range extender

1.49 ounces


COMFAST CF-926AC USB Wifi Adapter

0.95 ounces


Comfast CF-WR370AC

1.06 ounces


Zyxel AC1300 MU-MIMO

‎7.5 ounces



  • Weight: 5 ounces
  • dBi: 5dBi
  • Frequency: 5GHz
  • Data Transfer Rate: 433 Megabits/sec

Reasons to Buy

  • Can convert 2.4 GHz to 5GHz
  • Stable network throughout the Range
  • Dual-band networking

Reasons to Avoid

  • Amplifies into only 5 GHz

The first product we have for you today is the Edimax 5GHz/11AC. This is actually the all-rounder. And stylish at the same time!

This wifi range extender has a stylish design with a lot of good features. One of the great things about this range extender is that it can convert your existing 2.4 GHz network to 5 GHz.

The 2.4 GHz has lower emit lower speed of internet. But it has a better range. The 2.4 GHz can go through walls and other surfaces. But the 5 GHz has better speed. Although, it can face difficulty with the range. 

The range of the 5GHz is lower than the 2.4 GHz but it can transfer data quicker. Since 5 GHz operates in a smaller area, it can emit internet at a faster pace. So, if your router has 2.4 GHz, the range extender can convert it into a 5 GHz network. 

The 5 GHz means that the network spread by the range extender can stably. So your download and uploads will have a consistent internet speed. Also, the 5 dBi range can cover big households. 

You can place your range extender in the middle of your house and it can emit the network evenly. Range extenders that have 5 dBi can spread the network evenly. on the sides and up and downs as well. 

Although, there are 2 drawbacks to this range extender. Which are the price and the weight. Now the weight seems insignificant. But it can be an obstacle in some scenarios. Also, the price is around 30 dollars. Which is above average. 


  • Weight: 1.49 ounces
  • dBi: 3dBi
  • Frequency: 2.4/5Ghz
  • Wireless Speed: Up to 600Mbps

Reasons to Buy

  • Has two working modes, as a range extender and AP.
  • Quick and easy setup.
  • Improves overall Wi-Fi speed.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Has a low dBi rating.

The second product we have for you in this list is the Comfast CF-WR371AC. And this range extender has the most levels of adjustability. You can plug it in and set it up in different configurations. 

The best thing about this range extender is that there are both 2.4 and 5 GHz networks. That means you can have quality and fast internet in a small area. And have long-range average quality internet in a big area. 

This range extender has a different mode called an access point that’s missing in the previous product. It can work as an access point for the existing router. Or it can work as a range extender and give more coverage. 

The setup process for this range extender is really easy. It’s mostly plug-and-play. So hook the device to any power source and you are good to go. This range extender can amplify the speed up to 600 Mbps. 

Also, the small form factor lets the device be really lightweight. So, it can set some sit somewhere in the plug undisturbed. 

But there is one small drawback with this range extender. That is, the dBi rating is low. The dBi rating of a range extender means how far will the network emit. 

A lower figure means the network will be transmitted upwards and downwards. Less towards the sideways. Other than that, it’s a perfect range extender. Also, the price range for this is around 30 dollars, which is also above average. 

COMFAST CF-926AC USB Wifi Adapter

Highest transfer rate

Check Price on Amazon


  • Weight: 0.95 ounces
  • dBi: 3dBi
  • Frequency: 2.4/5Ghz
  • Data Transfer Rate: 867 Mbps

Reasons to Buy

  • Has the highest transfer rate of all.
  • Most lightweight range extender.
  • Can connect to a laptop or a portable power source.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not compatible with Apple devices.

The third product we are going to discuss now on is the Comfast CF-926AC. The attractive feature of this range extender is the high transfer rate. Also, this range extender works via USB. So, it’s easy to plug in any power port.

As we said, this range extender has the best transfer speed of all. It can transfer data at 1200 Mbps. Although, your internet service has to provide this much speed. But having upper headroom is always a good idea. 

Like the second range extender, this can also use 2.4 or 5 GHz frequency. That means you can use either or both at the same time. At the same time, it’s really lightweight. The actual product is below 1 ounce. 

Since the range extender works via USB, you can use this range extender with your laptop. Just plug it into any USB of your laptop and you’re good to go. Bt if you’re using a phone, you can use a portable power bank for the power source. 

One of the drawbacks this range extender has is, that you cannot use it through an Apple device. You can plug it in and use it with apple devices. But controlling the range extender with a Mac or an iPhone is not possible. 

But the price is really low, seats around 12 dollars. Which is actually lower than the average of other range extenders we have for you today. No, let’s get on with the other two extenders we have for your today. 

Comfast CF-WR370AC

The Midrange


  • Weight: 1.06 ounces
  • dBi: 2dBi
  • Frequency: 2.4/5Ghz
  • Data Transfer Rate: 600 Mbps

Reasons to Buy

  • Spreads network in a large area
  • Has dual-band support
  • Flexible design

Reasons to Avoid

  • Setup is required

Now, the fourth product we are going to enlighten you with is the Comfast CF-WR370AC. We are discussing this product with you because this is the midranger. It has some minimal drawbacks and a few good features. 

One of the main features of this range extender is it has dual-band support. So you can use 2.4 or 5 GHz internet support. Or you can use both of the frequencies at the same time. So you’ll be getting high range and high speed at the same time. 

Another good thing about this range extender is that it has a flexible design. The power port of this range extender and twist 180 degrees. And the whole device can lay flat with the wall. Which the Zyxel AC1300 cannot do. Cause it has a larger size. 

Even though this range extender has a low dBi rating, it has a good range up and down. So the network will not spread sideways that much, but it can spread data on the 2nd floor. But the speed is not the best. The Comfast CF-926AC has a better transfer rate. 

A big drawback with this range extender for many is the setup. No one has the time to read another manual and understand how it works. Unfortunately, this requires setup. You cannot just plug it into power and hope for the best. 

The reason we called this a midranger because the price of this range extender is around 15 dollars. It seats right in the middle of all the range extenders we brought you today. And the features and the drawbacks are justified with the price they are offering. 

Now, let’s jump on to the fifth and last product on today’s list. 

Zyxel AC1300 MU-MIMO

The Heavyweight One


  • Weight: 7.5 ounces
  • dBi: N/A
  • Frequency: 2.4/5Ghz
  • Data Transfer Rate: 867 Mbps

Reasons to Buy

  • Simple wireless setup
  • 3 different modes for different scenarios

Reasons to Avoid

  • The weight is slightly higher. 

The fifth and last product we go for you today is the Zyxel AC1300 MU-MIMO. We call this the big boy because it is the heaviest of the bunch. But that doesn’t mean everything is bad about this range extender. 

The main highlight of this range extender is its weight of it. But there are features packed in this range extender. The weight is higher than any of the wifi range extenders we have here today. 

To begin with there are 3 different modes which you can use. There are normal mode, range boost mode, and speed boost mode. Also, there are options to use 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, or both at the same time. 

Like a wifi router, you can attach a direct ethernet cable to the range extender. So it can emit its own network with your router. Also, this range extender is a 3 in 1. It can be used as an access point, repeater, or client mode. 

There are indicator lights for 2.4 and 5 GHz. Also, on and off and a temperature light indicator. You will also get a WPS mode button with it. The indicator light is a great feature. None of the wifi range extenders we have today has this array of indicator lights. 

But the main drawback is the size and weight of it. It’s better to keep it stationary rather than using it on the go. Also, the price for this range extender is around 65 dollars. Which is way up than any other range extender we have here.

But this has everything and is packed in a comparatively small form factor. So, that was all the range extender we have for you today. But if you still think you need more info about the range extender, check below. We have prepared a general buying guide for you. 

Buying Guide

Now the above information should be enough for you to get your range extender. but if you are still not sure about certain things, don’t worry. To help you we have prepared this whole buying guide. With this, you can pick the range extender. 


The weight really matters if you want to use the range extender on the go. There are many places where the wifi signal isn’t reaching you enough. In that scenario, a range extender comes in really handy. But the weight can be a pain in the neck. 

In that case, there are plenty of range extender which isn’t that bulky and are really small. So keeping it in the bag won’t cause that much trouble. 


The frequency of the wifi range extender matters cause it determines the speed of your internet. Using the 5 GHz setting is best if you prioritize speed over range. In the 5 GHz mode, you have to lose some range in order to get a significant amount of speed. 

On the other hand, the 2.4 GHz frequency can get you a broader range. But the speed of the internet is significantly slow and not stable. We suggest getting a can extender which has both in it. So you don’t lose any of the features. 


The dBi is the rating for the antenna on the wifi range extender. The higher the dBi rating is the wider the range. But the lower the dBi rating is, the range will increase more towards up and down. So you will lose some range on the sides. 

It’s better to get something in the middle such as dBi 3 or 5. 


The cost really depends on your budget. A good range extender can cost you a lot. But in often cases you don’t need all the features. So, it’s better to pick something which

has the features only you need. That way the price will be lower. The average price for the extender is 15 to 30 dollars. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Setup Wifi Range Extender?

Connect the wifi Range Extender to the power. Turn the extender on by pressing the power button. Press the WPS button on the wifi Range Extend and the router. This way the password will be shared for a minute or so. 

Does Wifi Range Extender Reduce the Wifi Speed?

The range extender doesn’t reduce the speed of your wifi speed. A range extender’s job is to amplify the weakening wifi signal at the end of the range of the router. The extender picks the signal and amplifies the network in your direction. 

Does the Wifi Range Extender Need Ethernet Connection?

The wifi range extender doesn’t need an ethernet connection. Although, there is a wifi range extender that has an ethernet port built onto them. On those extenders, you can connect it with ethernet for better speed and stability. 


So, that was everything you needed to learn about the best yuneec breeze range extender. Now it should be easy for you to pick the best extender. 

Make sure the extender you are getting has all the features you need. There are a lot of extenders out in the market, so pick the one which meets your needs. 

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