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Bigger Spur Gear VS Smaller- Which One is the Best?

You might already know that different-sized spur gears create a tantalizing contrast to your RC experience. However, you can’t be sure which one you need. 

So, which is better, bigger spur gear vs smaller?

The main difference in performance with bigger or smaller spur gear is top speed and acceleration. With bigger spur gear you can get better acceleration. But it also means the top speed will be lowered. But with the smaller spur gear, you get better top speeds with lower levels of acceleration. 

So, that was a quick look at some important information about the gears. But there are more factors where the gears can be differentiated. And we have covered that below. 

So, why don’t we get started?

Short Comparison

Gears are important parts of any vehicle. And RCs are just small-scale cars. So they do have all the major components a car has. And like ordinary cars, the gears are a big deal. 
Also, take a look at the pinion and spur gear chart for your RC. The chart can be different for different gears. Such as there is a mod 1 gearing chart.

pinion gear

Depending on the type of gear the RC uses, the performance may vary. There are different sizes of gears available. And depending on the size, the top speed and acceleration vary. 

Other than that, there are a few other factors that play with the type of gear. Such as efficiency, durability, and tricks you can do with. In the table below we have put the factors against the size of gear. So you can take a glance and understand the pros and cons. 

FactorsBig Spur GearSmall Spur Gear
AccelerationBetter Worse
Top SpeedWorseBetter 
EfficiencyMore Less 
Durability Better Worse
TricksEasier to DoHarder to Do

So, the table is really informative. But there are more details to catch on to. With the details, you can get a full acknowledgment of the factors and gear size. So, let’s begin!

Extended Comparison

Below you can see that we have separated each of the factors into segments. And under that, you can find the necessary details about the factor. This way it’s easier for you to understand.

Also, don’t worry about the maintenance about these spur gears. You can easily fix them yourself-

And another important thing. Don’t get confused about pinions and spur gear sizes.

Here’s a simple trick to know which one is which-

Smaller Spur Gear = Bigger Pinion

Bigger Spur Gear = Smaller Pinion

If you’ve got that, then let’s get to the main discussion.


A key measure for performance is acceleration. Sometimes the top speed isn’t the thing people look for. What matters is how fast the speed can increase. And acceleration is the measure for that. 

Bigger Spur Gear

With a bigger spur gear, you can get better acceleration. But there is a drawback, which is that the top speed gets lowered. Since the big spur gear has more teeth, it can rotate faster with more strength. 

So, if you are looking forward to good acceleration, the big spur gear is the one to get. But it also means your top speed has to be cut down. So, one way to make your Traxxas M41 faster is using bigger spur gears.

So, it’s a win for the bigger spur gear. Also, if you’re asking which pinion gear is faster? 

It’s obviously the smaller spur gear. But don’t confuse top speed with acceleration! Because you won’t get both top speed and better acceleration from a spur gear.

Winner: If you want better acceleration, then bigger spur gear is the only way forward.

Top Speed:

If you want to drive at a higher speed, the small spur gear is the one to get. But you have to remember, the acceleration isn’t that great. So, it will take longer to achieve that top speed. 

Also, smaller spur gear gets you a more stable drive. When there’s too much acceleration, it’s hard to tame the beast. But a slower acceleration lets you rise up to the speed gently. 

So, if you want to drive at 50 mph, the smaller spur gear is for you. But keep in mind that it will take a few more seconds to get up to that speed. 

So, it’s a win for the smaller spur gear. But, is a smaller pinion faster or slower? 

The smaller pinion or bigger spur gear is actually slower. It may give you the best acceleration but it can’t provide the maximum speed.

Winner: If you’re into pushing the max speed out of your RC, then smaller spur gear is the one! 


Being effective matters. But without efficiency, the effectiveness of your spur gear can be significantly reduced. And with the bigger spur gear, you can be more efficient. The bigger spur gear can get better output in a lower number of rotations. 

smaller pinion

So, the transmission has to work less hard to get better performance. With the smaller spur gear, there has to be more rotation than the bigger spur gear. So, the engine has to output more power to achieve the same level of performance. 

So, on the scale of efficiency, a bigger spur motor takes the crown. Also, using good quality nitro fuel can increase efficiency as well. 

Winner: For better efficiency, go with the bigger spur gear.


A long life span of anything is greatly appreciated. So, durability really matters. And in the case of gears, the bigger spur motor is superior in durability.

spur motor

There are more teeth counts in the bigger spur motor. So the stress is more evenly spread on the gear. The spur gear can get a better grasp on the pinion gear. 

But in the case of the smaller spur gear, there are fewer teeth. So, each tooth on the gear has to take more load from the motor. And hence, the durability gets cut down. 

So, it’s a win for the bigger spur gear.

Winner: In this durability case, bigger means better. So, choose bigger spur gear if you want improved durability and longevity.

Which Gear is the One to Go With?

It all boils down to this. So, which gear should you get for your RC? Now the type of gear you want to get depends on what you are looking for. 

If you want better acceleration, the bigger spur gear is for you. But if you want better top speed, the smaller spur gear is for you. 

But overall, the bigger spur gear is better in other factors. Such as, the bigger spur gear is more efficient, durable, and can do tricks. Yes, the top speed is worse off. But top speed isn’t the only performance enhancement people look forward to. 

Now, if you’re still confused, why don’t you look at some gear sets? By checking different-sized spur gears, you’ll be able to know the physical difference as well.

Here are some good-quality spur gears to look at-

Also, make sure to calculate the gear ratio properly. Because not all RCs operate using the same gear ratios. Take a look at the Traxxas slash gearing tips for Traxxas RC gears. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Bigger and Smaller Pinion Gear Play any Role?

Like spur gears, pinion gears can affect your performance as well. Using a bigger pinion gear will increase the top speed of your RC. But, using a smaller pinion gear will reduce the top speed. 

How to Calculate the Gear Ratio?

To calculate the gear ratio of spur and pinion gear, you need to count the teeth. Count the teeth on the spur gear and the pinion gear. Now divide the number of teeth on the spur gear with the number of teeth in the pinion gear. 

What is the Difference Between Pinion and Spur Gear?

The spur gear is the bigger gear that is taking power from the motor. And the pinion gear is connected to the wheels. So, the pinion gear is spinning the wheels from the rotation of the spur gear. 


So, that was everything you needed to know about, bigger spur gear vs smaller. 

Gears are an important part of the RC. with better transmission, you can unlock different sets of performances. 

Have fun with your RC!

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