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The Best Blade 230s Upgrades to Get in 2022!

Despite the blade 230s being an excellent RC plane, enthusiasts are always looking for upgrades. And it’s understandable why they want to upgrade their beloved RC! Who does not want their gears to push past the limit, right?

So what are the best blade 230s upgrades?

The first thing to upgrade on your blade 230s is the brushless motor. However, the upgrades differ from Blade 230s V1, V2, and V3For V1 you can upgrade the flight controller, brushless motors, and ESC. For V2 upgrade riser card and other. And for V3 you can upgrade the data logger, radio package, etc.

Does this seem alright? Then this article will guide you through all the upgrades. And why you should get them. 

So don’t just waste time! Just hop in!

Blade 230s V1 Upgrades

The Blade 230s V1 is a long-range, high-speed FPV RC drone from BLADE RC. It comes loaded with features like a brushless motor and 5.8Ghz video transmitter and receiver. It also has an FPV camera. Multiple flight modes make it the most advanced drone in its class. 

Now, how to fly Blade 230s?

To fly your blade 230s, set your flight mode to normal on your blade RC transmitter. Then, set 70% throttle on your transmitter and check if the swash plate is moving. If everything seems normal, you can take off your blade 230s!

Also, Self-leveling settings make it easier to learn to operate a collective pitch helicopter.

Well, you might face problems with self-levitating settings. Here are some of the upgrades that you can use to make your experience even better.

Upgraded Flight Controller:

Another upgrade you can do on the Blade 230s V1 is to upgrade the flight controller. The original Fly controller is quite old, and your Blade 230s might struggle a lot. 

Sometimes it might not provide you with enough power for your Blade 230s. So then you should consider upgrading to another FC like a CC3D or Naze32. We recommend using an upgraded version of the CC3D-W.

Upgraded Brushless Motor:

An important upgrade that you should consider is upgrading the brushless motor. The stock motor has not been able to keep up with the rest of the industry. 

Your brushless motor can degrade over time. To achieve faster and more stable performance, we recommended trying out a more powerful brushless motor.

Upgraded Brushless Motor
Source: WorthPoint

Stable flight becomes easier as you can fly faster. And because of its increased power, it becomes less difficult. Switching to a more powerful brushless motor, your Blade 230s’ speed and flight time improve greatly! 

This is great especially if you don’t have much experience with flying high-performance drones. More power means better stability, faster response time, and better speed control.

Upgrade Brushless ESCs:

The next thing you can do is upgrade your ESC to your motor. The stock ESC is quite basic and has difficulty controlling all 4 motors. So, an upgrade like FEICHAO 40A Brushless ESC 2-4S will be much better for the flight experience.

Another great addition can be FPVKing RC 2200KV Brushless Motor ESC pack! The package literally comes with everything you can ask for.

Connecting this ESC to your brushless motor is a great deal. Because it has a built-in BEC. This enables it to supply power to your Flight Controller and VTX. A built-in BEC also makes it possible to use a smaller battery as well.

Blade 230s V2 Parts Upgrade

The Blade 230s V2 Upgrades more than meets your needs. It packs in some crucial features that make it a great upgrade from its predecessor. For example, the Blade 230s frame is a lot stronger in the V2.

Blade 230s V2 Parts Upgrade
Source: MicroHeli

Coax or Cat 5 Upgrade:

This upgrade will cost you just $3 to get it. You can also use your own coax or cat 5 wire on this. A new power supply will be required only if you ever need to replace it.

Riser Card Upgrade:

Upping your power supply is one of the best upgrades for your Blade 230s V2. This will cost you $10 dollars, but it is well worth it. 

When using the Riser Card, you will also enjoy some more features. Such as USB ports, analog sound input, and more. This upgrade can also be combined with a coax cable upgrade.

DVI to VGA Cables Upgrade:

Just like the coax upgrade, this one’s only $3. This upgrades your computer’s graphics card to VGA out of DVI ports.

Blade 230s V3 Upgrades

Want ot know about the best blade 230s upgrades for V3? Here are some of the upgrades you can get for your Blade 230s V3.

best blade 230s upgrades

Easy Start Upgrade:

The easy-start upgrade allows you to power your radio at a very quick pace. It helps beginners who want to make sure they are in control at all times.

Data Logger Upgrade:

A data logger is essential for the Blade 230s V3. This will allow your blade to work faster and be more efficient during competition flights. Or maybe even practice flights.

V3 Radio Package Upgrade:

It’s time for a radio upgrade on your Blade 230s V3. And so the v3 data logger, v5 flight controller, and Apex 250 mAh 6S battery. This package is such a good deal. Because it comes with six more props in addition to all of those enhancements.

Blade 230s Battery Upgrade:

A simple blade 230s battery upgrade can prolong your flight time. So, This upgrade is necessary if you want an easier start on your Blade 230s V3. It’s already installed in the helicopter and it allows for a much easier start-up. 

Generally, LiPo batteries like Spektrum 11.1V 850mAh 3S 30C Smart is better suited for blade 230s. However, make sure to use only IC2 connectors because it’s not compatible with EC2.

Micro USB Battery Charger Upgrade:

If you want an easier way to charge your batteries, this is the upgrade for you! The micro USB charger is so small and compact, plus it’s very effective. It’s a must-have.

Aluminum Upgrade Kit Upgrade:

This upgrade kit has all of the nuts, bolts, and screws. You’ll need these to tighten up your rotor head.

So there you go! That’s all we can tell you about Blade 230s upgrades. Hope this helped you to find which one you want now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the average flight time of Blade 230s?

Flying time for a blade 230 is about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Efficiency is the main factor behind why short flights are more frequent with tiny aircraft. 

Can a Blade 230s v2 accommodate bigger batteries?

Yes. If you want the performance for quick flips, an 800 would be a decent option. However, it lacks sufficient power to do sophisticated 3D aerobatics. 800mAh also runs out quickly and has to be hanging directly over the front.

Which blades—carbon plastic or plastic—are preferable?

By spinning firmly, it is simple to produce attractive blade farts out of both carbon and plastic. For those who prefer harsh, precise stops or slap style, carbon fiber is by far the greatest material. Additionally, it seems to be able to withstand strong winds a little bit better.

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