Blade Nano QX Motor Problems

Blade Nano QX Motor Problems: Solving the Issues

Those of you owning a Blade Nano QX are too familiar with its different problems. But specific issues with the motor sometimes renders the quadcopter unusable.

What are the blade nano qx motor problems?

One of the biggest motor problems in Blade Nano QX is a damaged motor. Not only that, you can also face motor failure and other power issues as well. Dead batteries and bad wiring can disconnect your motor. Be careful, your motor can overheat if it receives too much battery voltage!

Interested to know more? We got your back! We got a whole guide explaining these problems along with their solutions.

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Blade Nano QX Motor Problems

Just like spektrum ix12 issues blade nano qx motor has issues too. While flying our Blade Nano QX, our motor failed on two occasions. This led us to seriously approach learning everything about the Blade Nano QX motor issue.

There can be many reasons behind Blade Nano QX not working properly. But typically the motor is more prone to giving trouble. Check out some blade nano qx motor problems blog to get a better idea.

The motor can malfunction due to many different problems. Let’s check them one by one.

Problem 1: Damaged Motor

The propellers are one of the most important parts that helps your drone to fly off. If the propellers aren’t installed correctly then it can be very problematic. 

It not only prevents your drone from flying properly. But it can also damage the motor of your drone. This can result in your drone motors pulsing. So it’s very important to mount your propellers correctly. 


Most of the time people make the mistake of mounting propellers the opposite way. Due to this, your Blade Nano QX won’t take off most of the time.

What happens is that the propellers will push the drone down. Whereas it was supposed to help the drone rise up. So check if the curvature of the propellers is in the right direction. 

The convex side should be downwards. You can also check the blade nano qx manual to understand the technical sides better. If the motor can’t be recovered, replace the motor completely.

Problem 2: Motor Fails to Draw Enough Power

The power connectors between the battery and the motor can be broken. If the power connectors are broken then the motor might not get enough power. This leads to your drone not being able to fly off. 

Weak batteries can be another reason for your motor to fail to gain enough power. It also results in sending weak responses to your receiver, affecting the overall flight.


The solution is quite simple. You need to replace the connectors. But be careful while replacing the connectors so that you don’t damage anything else. Also, if you’re not sure about your technical skills then take help from someone. 

For weak battery conditions, it’s best to replace the batteries with new ones. Make sure that the new batteries are compatible with your Blade Nano QX. Match your Lipo batteries with motors accordingly.


Quality Lipo batteries can power your Blade Nano QX for a long period of time. Try out some of our recommended Lipo batteries to power your quadcopter:

These batteries will ensure an uninterrupted power supply to your quadcopter. So you won’t have to keep worrying about running out of power anytime soon.

Problem 3: Disconnected Motor

Damaged wires or internals can be a concerning problem for your quadcopter. Not only does it stop your quadcopter from performing but it can damage it further. It’s very likely to damage the internals or the wires while installing the motors. So be sure that everything is in place and in the right condition.


Check the internals carefully. Look for disconnected wire joints as well as internal parts. Many times the controller board gets damaged. So check the controller board for any sort of damage. If you think the controller board might be damaged then try replacing it. 

In case the battery died, replace it with a new one.

If the problem doesn’t go away then look for other problems.

Problem 4: Motor Spinning in the Wrong Direction

A motor spins in the wrong direction generally because of improper motor installation. If the motor spins in the wrong direction, the quadcopter won’t fly in most cases. 

Sometimes it can even burn out the motor. This is even worse because then you need to replace the motor.


To make the motors spin in the right direction, you need to reconnect the wires. You will especially need to reverse the two polarities of the wires of the motors. This will make the motor spin in the other direction than it was spinning before.

Problem 5: Overheating Motors

Motor overheating is also another issue that is quite common. It may happen for many reasons. Like damaged internals, wiring, wrongly installed motor, etc. Overheating of the motor can easily be diagnosed.

After using your quadcopter, try to feel the temperature with your hands. If the motor is overheating it will be hotter than the normal temperature. You can also use a thermometer to get a clearer idea.


If any motor is overheating, then check the wiring first. Then look for problems in the controller board. And Look for anything that may cause the motor to malfunction.

If everything is alright then the motor can be faulty. Replace the overheating motor and then check. But make sure to match the motor sizes of your RC while looking for a replacement. You can also consider watching some blade nano qx review for selecting the motor.


Now that we have addressed the commonly found problems, let’s jump to the FAQ section.


Can Hair Or Threads Get Wrapped And Cause Problems to Motors?

Yes, hair and threads can be very problematic for your motors. It can get caught in the propellers and over time make your propellers jammed. If not taken care of it can even lead to burnout of your motors. To prevent that from happening you should keep the propellers clean.

Where Can I Get a Replacement Motor?

You can get a replacement motor in any online shop. Also, contacting the manufacturers for a replacement motor is another way. You can easily replace the motors by yourself. But if you are not sure about your technical skills, do seek help.

Which Way Should the Motors be Spinning?

The right front and left rear should rotate clockwise. And the other two should rotate counterclockwise. But this is when the quadcopter is facing away from you. So if the motors are spinning in this mentioned direction then it’s alright. Otherwise, you need to fix it.


That will be all from our side. We’ve answered everything we know on blade nano qx motor problems.

While troubleshooting the problems, be careful about your safety. Try to keep any foreign object to clog up the motor.

We hope to see you in the guide. Good luck and see ya!

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