brushed esc and lipo compatibility

A Comprehensive Guide on Brushed ESC And LiPo Compatibility

So you have got a LiPo battery and you have got a brushed ESC. Now thoughts on the possibility of using them together are running through your head.

To solve your confusion we present this guide on brushed esc and lipo compatibility.

Yes  LiPo and brushed ESC are compatible. It should not cause any problem. But, that is only if you follow the basic rules. One such rule is not to over discharge them. Because it might harm your lipo. So, you just need to notice when your device begins to slow. Once it does, you should immediately stop.

Not sure yet? Do not worry! In this guide we have provided all the information you need to know. Going through it should clear all your queries and more.

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Is It Possible to Use LiPo on Brushed ESC?

Yes, a LiPo battery works fine with a brushed ESC. And it is not going to hurt anything. 

However, it is usually that lipo and brushless esc are heard together. These users are typically the early adopters of this new technology. 

Nonetheless, nowadays, a brushed esc works just as fine. So using them is not going to be an issue. 

LiPo on Brushed ESC

However, make sure that you follow the essential rules to using LiPo’s.

And also, when it’s the same voltage, it’ll make no difference what battery you’re using. Your devices only detect voltage. They won’t care what type of batteries it comes from.

You just need to ensure that the fully charged Lipo voltage isn’t higher. Meaning higher than the device is rated for.

The LiPo and ESC should be fine if you can keep the voltages close.

Although it is not really possible to get the voltage to match definitely. Yet if you remain unaware you might harm the lipos. 

Especially the old ESCs would allow you to over discharge them. And that is not good for the lipos at all.

However, do not worry too much about your ESC not being calibrated for LiPo. Just stop operating while there is still 20% or even more remaining in your pack. You need to locate how long you are able to go by trial and error.

There’s no margin for error on LiPo batteries. You just need to notice when the car begins to slow. Once it does, you should immediately stop.

Hence you could be 1/2 lap from the end and need to take a DNF. With NiMH though, you would be able to drag around the track a bit. However, it would be barely moving, but you can finish if you like.

Keep in mind that over discharging your lithium-polymer battery is horrible for the cells. Plus, it is potentially lethal. The car would slow considerably before you overdischarge it.  The voltage may drop from over 7.4 V to about 6 V.

You need to ensure that you are using ESC with lipo cutoff. If not, then add lipo cut off. Even if you do not do that, simply take your rc car off the track. Do it once you notice it is slowing down. 

Because otherwise you might over discharge a lipo battery.

Nevertheless, now you are quite aware of the cut off voltage of Lipo. You should protect the cells by purchasing a low voltage cutoff circuit. It really helps a lot.

It will not cost you much. And it will ensure that your esc will not over discharge the lipo cells. So here are some low voltage cutoff modules you can use.

For all of the 1/35 rc motor cars, tanks, and boats, you can see FPVKing Dual Way Bidirectional Brushed ESC 2S-3S Lipo 5A ESC. It’s a readymade brushed ESC with LiPo. You can check latest price on amazon.

Why Is It Important to Use a Low Voltage Cut Off?

Do you want to save your LiPo and esc from permanent damage? Or provide some longevity?

A low voltage cut off is your answer.

A low voltage cutoff uses its circuit to turn the load off. The load which automatically connects to a battery. Hence, this assists in ensuring the battery’s longevity.

A cut off operates even when you mess up during racing. It takes a partially charged pack and then runs it under the safe levels.

So, by assigning a low voltage cutoff, you’d be enabling a common negative ground. It is between the battery of your device and the load. 

Thus, it is useful for a broad range of applications. Such as AC electric circuits.

The low voltage cutoff also comes with the trimmer pot. The trimmer pot works as a voltage divider. It helps in protecting the LiPo battery from damage.

Also it is accountable for generating a specific point where low voltage shuts off. 

Do LiPo and Brushed ESC Together Provide Longer Run Time?

Some people have actually experienced a bit longer run times when using a brushed esc.

Though there are various distinctions between 50c, 80c and 100c lipo. Here we are talking about LiPos in general.

So you are wondering how much runtime you can expect with a lipo motor with brushed esc. 

Well, it mostly depends on the gearing.

So you need the right gearing. With that you can expect approximately 30 seconds less than with a decent nimh 4200.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will a LiPo battery work with a brushed motor?

If you want to operate brushed motors with your LiPo, it is really fine. It is not going to be an issue. However, make sure that you follow the essential rules to using LiPo batteries. Particularly, the one about not over discharging them.

Which battery is better LiPo or NiMH?

LiPo is relatively better when it comes to weight and power ratio than NiMH. They are quite lighter as well. Plus, are able to store the equivalent amount or more energy than NiMH batteries. LiPo’s power output is greater as well. Both in quality as well as quantity.

Can I use LiPo battery instead of NiCd?

LiPo can be used for anything, surely NiCd. However, remember that it is 7.4v. That makes it a direct replacement for a 6 cell nicd or nimh pack. And you have to get a voltage regulator. That is if you are gonna use it as the receiver battery. LiPo’s are relatively better in every way over nicad.

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