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Brushless ESC with Brushed motor [Will It Work?]

Suppose, you bought an RC vehicle. You already have a brushed motor in your house. You need to buy an ESC for your motor. But, couldn’t find a brushed ESC.

You got yourself a brushless ESC. It’s easily available with advanced technology. Sadly, you don’t have a brushless motor. Buying a new motor is also expensive.

Now, you’re wondering whether brushless ESC works with a brushed motor?

The straight answer is NO. Brushed motor only works with brushed ESC. Both types of motors have different current requirements and lead setups. That’s why they don’t compliment each other. You can bring in some adjustments to the brushless ESC like, using reverse method. Also flashing the ESC.  

This is just a precap. You need to see the full picture before moving forward. 

Keep reading to know more!

Brushless ESC with Brushed Motor: Why Won’t They Work

Brushless and brushed motors are two different types of RC motors. They both have different functionalities. Their operation requirements are also distinct from each other.

Talking about the ESC, it controls RC motor switches and speed. Its voltage varies in both brushed and brushless ESC. 

Let’s know more differences between brushed and brushless ESC.

A brushed ESC basically controls voltage. The brushes can build and break contact with a spinning communicator. This ESC uses mechanical means for commutation. On the other hand, a brushless ESC runs a fully electronic commutation. 

Just like the ESC, there are differences between brushed and brushless motors.

Brushless motors are AC three-wire with no brushes. Brushed motors are two wire DC motors with brushes. This means you can run a brushed motor directly from a DC power source. It’s not possible with brushless ESC.

brushed ESC

Therefore, it’s clear that only a brushed motor ESC can work with a brushed motor.

Brushless ESC is more efficient than a brushed one without any doubt. Brushed ESC is also rare in this new age. However, this can’t deny the fact. 

A brushless ESC is surely incompatible with a brushed RC motor. Buying brushed ESC and motor separately is a task. It’s convenient to find a brushed motor ESC combo

As we mentioned, brushed ESC is rare these days. So, wouldn’t it be great if we could just convert brushless ESC into it? Thus, you can make the best brushed RC motor even if you don’t have one.

Fun fact, you can also customize brushed motor for your brushless ESC. You just need a right setup.

For now, let’s stick to converting brushless ESC for brushed motor. 

Let’s get started then!

Conversion of Brushless ESC to Brushed ESC

You need to do a few adjustments to your brushless ESC. Once you’re done with necessary adjustments, it will convert into a brushed ESC. And thus you can use it as your ESC in a brushed motor. 

The solutions we’re about to discuss here require basic knowledge of wires, and motors. If you don’t have such knowledge, don’t worry. We tried to break it down into simple wordings.

Still, we suggest you have someone with previous experience beside you throughout the time.

There are two ways you can do that. However, it’s better to know which ESC suits your motor beforehand. And how to test faulty ESC? 

Sometimes all the hard work goes in vain if the ESC is faulty. Then, you don’t have to go through the hassle of adjusting wires.

We all make mistakes. Thankfully, this mistake has two solutions. One is required to add and remove wires. The second one is flashing the ESC to adjust with a brushed motor.

Let’s see how to apply these processes.

Reverse with Full Proportional Control 

For the convenience of the process, let’s take F 20 amperes. Now you’ve to follow a few steps. Be careful to not miss any step.

  • First, plug in a 7.4 whoop buried. It should be bound to the radio.
  • Use two connections of the three wire ESC connected to channel two. Channel two is pitch. 
  • Now on the radio, slowly forward the knob that controls motor functionality. You’ll see the motor spinning faster when you forward faster. After a few seconds, reverse the knob slowly to spin the motor in reverse. 
  • Again move forward the knob controlling the motor on the radio. The motor will turn counterclockwise. Similarly, when moving reverse it will not turn clockwise.
  • After doing all this, flash the ESC carefully otherwise, you’ll get a dead ESC. Keep reading to find out how to do this.
  • Lastly, check if the ESC firmware is updated or not.

There you go. You have successfully converted your brushless ESC into an RC brushed ESC. It’s now ready to use with a brushed motor. 

ESC voltage is also important for brushed motors. It shouldn’t exceed the limit. So, better to test ESC voltage with a multimeter.

Let’s move on to the next part. You’ll see how to flash ESC to get brushed ESC for RC planes.

ESC Flash

In the first part, we converted brushless ESC to brushed motor ESC with reverse. Now it’s time to flash the ESC for successful completion of the method.

ESC with reverse

Here, we’re handing you out ESC flashing technique with HK F20A ESC model. 

  • First up, you need to use your pencil tip at the chip marker.
  • It’s better to use the Atmega flashing tool
  • Tool and chip marker should be aligned.
  • Download, unzip and run the KKFlash tool.
  • Reprogram ESC.
  • After doing so, perform an actual F20A flashing sequence. It’s better to follow some manual or take help from an expert.

Once the setup is done for both the units of ESC, it’s ready to fly. Cover the flaps using black tape.

In this way, you can flash the ESC after doing the reverse process with brushless ESC. 

This is all you’ve to do to work brushless ESC with a brushed motor. Without doing any modification it’s not possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do You Need an ESC for Brushed Motor?

Yes, you need an ESC for a brushed motor. ESC is necessary for all motors. For a brushed motor, you need brushed ESC. ESC basically controls the speed of the motor. Before choosing ESC, review a few factors. One is the current rating. It must be bigger than what a brushed motor can draw.

Is it Possible to Run a Brushless Motor Without a Controller?

No, you can’t run a brushless motor without a controller. A Brushless motor controller is used to send out power to its coils. It’s important to give power at the right time to keep the motor moving. So, if you don’t have one, buy one. 

How Can You Determine Motor is Brushless or Brushed?

The one with brushes is brushed and the other one is a brushless motor. Brushed motors use DC current with two wires. Brushless uses electronic commutators with three wires. These wires connect ESC with the motor. Brushed motors are connected with brushed ESC. Brushless motors use brushless ESC. 

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