Camera not working on dji drones

6 Probable Solutions If Camera Not Working on DJI Drones!

Another day of your favorite drone camera not working? I think we all can relate to that. 

There are many reasons behind a drone’s camera malfunctioning. And there are solutions to these problems as well. 

So what can you possibly do if the camera not working on DJI drones? 

If the camera of the DJI drone isn’t focusing properly, recalibrate the gimbal camera. If it is showing a black screen then try downgrading the firmware. Moreover, there can be an issue with the camera failing to capture. In that case, you might need to unset the exposure mode to resolve it.

At some point, you do have to replace your camera. But why spend a few hundred bucks when you can try out some fixes for free?

Let’s see why your camera is not working on DJI drones and get it working right back on.

Indications Of a Bad Camera

A few of these symptoms may indicate your camera is not working properly –

  • The camera is not focusing on the view 
  • Showing black screen
  • Video freezing 
  • Unclear image or video 

Sometimes camera issues can be linked to the throttling issue of the drones. Once you see any of these symptoms on your drone’s camera, you should gear up to fix the issues.

In-Depth Fine Tuning to Fix the Camera

Different drone model has different issues that they face on regular basis. We have pinpointed each problem with reason and its corresponding solution for you. Now it’s time to raise our sleeves and fix them.

So, first, as you identify what specific problem you’re facing, we can move along with the fixes.

Problem 1: Camera Not Focusing on the View in Mavic Pro 

The drone camera not focusing on the view is a commonly received complaint. If the camera doesn’t focus then the image or video will be totally blurred.

Reason 1: Firmware is Not Updated

If the firmware isn’t up to date, then it becomes incompatible when used with other devices. The functions don’t match properly and previously unresolved bugs create further issues.


All you can do in this situation is to update the firmware. Here’s a guide on that-

  • First, you have to connect the RC to your computer. You can use a USB cable in this case. For USB cables I recommend using Etguuds USB cables because they are very durable and give you maximum power output.
  • Next, log into the DJI Assistant 2 app and select the remote controller of your drone.
  • There you’ll see an option to update the firmware. Hit the ‘Upgrade’ option if you have an older version.
DJI Assistant 2 app
  • After that, you’ll see the firmware is downloaded. It’ll transmit and update the remote controller respectively.
  • As soon as you see a message ‘Update Complete”, this means the firmware has been updated completely.
firmware has been updated completely
Source: Spark Help

You don’t have to do anything else. After the update, you’ll see the controller restarting on its own. 

Reason 2: Poor Gimbal Camera Calibration 

If the gimbal isn’t set properly, the camera calibration won’t align with it. As a result, the drone will not get proper signals of direction while flying. 


Place your drone on a leveled horizontal surface. Go to the settings option in the DJI app and select “Auto Calibration”.

Poor Gimbal Camera Calibration
Source: DJI Forum

Immediately the drone will start re-calibration. Do not disturb the alignment of the drone. It may sabotage the whole process.

Problem 2: Camera Showing the Black Screen in Mavic Mini 2

While flying your drone if the camera suddenly shows a black screen it’ll be very concerning. You will lose the visual of your drone. It may result in a flyaway. Let’s see foe to fix this drone camera not working issue.

Reason: Incompatible Firmware

Once again, an incompatible or older firmware can cause a camera black screen issue. 

Solution A: Download the Latest Version of the DJI app

A lot of bugs have been reported that the camera is showing a black screen. 

The Android 12 beta version is being continuously updated. DJI is trying to create compatibility with Android 12. For now, it’s suggested to operate DJI drones with an Android 11. 

DJI support has provided the following link to download their latest version app. 

Solution B: Download a Different Version of the Fly App

Delete cache and data for Fly App 1.61 and then uninstall the app. Instead, install Fly App version 1.54. This has worked for many failed users too. 

Solution C: Firmware Downgrade 

You can not downgrade the firmware on your phone. So you need to use a PC and follow the provided process. 

  • Connect the drone to the PC using a micro USB cable. 
  • Open the DJI Assistant tool on your PC and select the drone model icon. Now it shows the current firmware version.
  • Then click on the downgrade. It may take a few minutes.
Firmware Downgrade

Problem 3: Unclear Image or Video in Mavic Pro, Phantom 3 

Unclear images or videos can be blurred, pixelated, or distorted. Behind this, there’s a specific reason.

Reason 1: Improper Gimbal Assembly

Improper gimbal assembly can misalign the camera and cause malfunction. Let’s see how to fix it!


Turn off your drone and flip it upside down and inspect the gimbal. 

The gimbal tabs should be below their retaining tabs. This will prevent the camera from touching the drone’s body. 

If it’s not properly aligned then push loose tabs in and then follow calibration instructions. ( which has been provided in earlier segments) 

Problem 4: The Camera Failed to Capture Photos or Video in Phantom 4

Failed camera capture on DJI Phantom 4 may cause you to fail your desired goal.

Reason: Unset Exposure Mode

An unbalanced exposure mode can cause light distortion in the images. It may also cause the camera to fail to capture the photo. 


Well, there is no big work to do. You just have to set the exposure mode to Auto.

Problem 5: Camera Error Message: Card Not Formatted

If you receive “Card not formatted or Camera error” then the camera will not function at all. You will be stuck with a fixed error message screen.

Reason: Corrupted Writing Process of SD card

A corrupted SD card will not let memory load in it. Hence camera functions will face errors. 


First, take the SD card out and insert it into your PC. Then follow the steps to format your card in PC-

  1. Insert the card into the card reader and connect it to the PC, open file explorer, and select Format. 
  2. Set “FAT32 or exFAT” as the file system, and tick “Quick Format”. Click “OK”.
Card not formatted or Camera error
Source: AOMEI Partition Assistant

Problem 6: Camera Freezing 

A frozen camera screen in the middle of flying will disrupt your record. you might lose a visual of where your drone is going. 

Reason: Weak Signals

The camera may freeze if the drone’s live transmission feed cuts out suddenly. It happens due to a lack of signals or any kind of magnetic interference. It leads to weak signals.


To solve this issue you need to recalibrate the drone compass. Also to prevent it from happening ever again, avoid flying the drone at high magnetic interference locations.

DJI Broken Camera Quick Fixes 

You don’t always need to go in so deep to fix your camera issues. Sometimes a few quick moves can fix the problem on its own. However, if these don’t seem to resolve the issue, you’d have to try the fixes above.

Here are a few fast measures you can take: 

  • Rest the entire camera settings. It will reset any underlying faulty setup. This also includes the calibration. So you have to recalibrate with proper precautions.
  • Reset the DJI software. Sometimes, lagging software may cause problems in a healthy device. 
  • There might be moisture trapped inside the lens. In that case, sit the camera in sunlight for nearly an hour to evaporate it.
  • Check for broken or damaged SD cards. Replace SD card.
  • Format the SD card. Accumulated cache and unnecessary data in the SD card can cause memory malfunction. 

So, now you should understand fixing a broken camera isn’t as easy as troubleshooting the quick shot issue

Prevention Of Having Newer Camera Problems

We are not done yet! During calibration, make sure not to do the following things-

  • Do not calibrate in a field of strong magnetic force.
  • Do not carry any ferromagnetic material with you during the process.
  • Do not calibrate indoors.
  • Watch for aircraft status indicators red and yellow blink after the calibration procedure. It will indicate that the compass has detected interference. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does a DJI repair cost?

DJI drone repairing costs range from $130 to much higher. Camera repair might charge an additional cost of around $150.

Are DJI drone cameras available separately?

No, DJI camera drones come with a pretty tight build and you cannot replace its camera. However, there are a few fixes for different bugs that you can try. 

How do I connect my drone to my phone?

Connect to the drone’s WIFI settings from your phone. Download the respective app of the drone from your phone. From there, you can connect to it fully. 


So, you have learned several ways to fix cameras not working on DJI drones. It’s time for you to give it a try. 

However, as you are not a professional there are possibilities you might fail. In that case, it will be better to take help from an expert.

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