Can I Use Any ESC With Any Motor

Can I Use Any ESC With Any Motor (Things to Look For)

With all of the specifications available, selecting the correct sort of ESC for any RC car might be difficult. Yet, choosing the incorrect ESC might harm your automobile and disrupt your pleasure. 

So you’re simply thinking, can I use any ESC with any motor? 

Not with any motor because that will clearly cause harm. There are various kinds of wires and currents in a motor. If mismatched it can cause jeopardy. You have to be careful whether the ESC is compatible with the motor or not and the consequences if you use a brushless ESC with a brushed motor.

You now understand that you may pick any ESC. Still, for proper handling, you should be aware of the necessary actions.

Now, continue reading to find out what it is!

How Do You Know What ESC is Compatible With What Motor 

For avoiding damage to the motors or perhaps the ESC? Or how to match ESC to motor? Keep in mind your ESC is suitable with the motor you place in any RC car.

All ESC units usually contain a serial number that may be used to investigate. You may find documentation online that specifies the range of motors that ESC can support. 

For example, if you have to choose between different rc wheel nut sizes, details would have to come with its manual. In the manual, you will also know what size ESC for 3s lipo

As well as specific motor varieties that are suggested for coupling with the ESC.

ModelContinuous CurrentBEC(Battery Elimination Circuit)Size
Where to Get
30A ESC30A5V/3A53 x 25 x 1133Buy Now
40A ESC40A5V/3A66 x 27 x 1344Buy Now
60A ESC60A5.5V / 4A68 x 36 x 2068Buy Now
80A ESC80A5.5V / 4A79 x 35 x 1989Buy Now

From this chart, you will learn about how to calculate battery for ESC

If the ESC model came with your RC vehicle, the parameters are most likely provided. The material that comes with the cars you ordered should mitigate your confusion. 

Hopefully, all these will clear your idea about what ESC for brushless or brushed motor

Let’s Get into Details 

An electronic speed control circuit (ESC) is a circuit that controls the motor speed. So similarly to motors, ESC can be brushed or brushless.

If you are wondering if brushless ESC & brushed motors are more compatible or otherwise! This is the right segment for you. 

You could be saying right now that it shouldn’t matter. For instance, what could occur in the worst situation? Well in this case brushed motor bursting is the worst problem you can have.


And surely, that’s nothing to be concerned about, yeah? Just Kidding! It is not a comfortable situation to be in. That being stated, you ought to know whether or not they’re suitable!

Other than that, you can further look into knowing more about ESC and motors.

Can You Use a Brushless ESC with a Brushed Motor?

Any ESC can not be used with a brushed motor. Brushed motors require the same ESC, while brushless motors require brushless ESC. 

Brushless ESCs provide three-phase Current source, whereas brushed motors produce direct current. But how to know what ESC to use? 

Continue reading this instruction before attempting to attach your brushless ESC to your brushed motor. We’ve gone through everything in great depth here-

Reason 1: Various Current Types

Brushed motors feature two connections and operate on DC. Brushless ESC, on the other hand, has three connections and operates on alternating current. Brushed and brushless motors operate in various ways. 

Here are our top picks for when it comes to brushed motors: 

Reason 2: Wires of Various Types

Brushless motors & without brushes ESCs all are connected by 3 wires. 

The hues, in this case, maybe red, black, and orange alternatively. To make a connection, attach the ESC to the motor’s center wires to generate DC supply.

Reason 3: Applications of Various Types

Brushless dc motors have two of their three wires activated by the ESC. The other is utilized to produce a little quantity of voltage. 

ESC determines the location of the motors by using the same little quantity of electricity. Yet, first, before the current is created, the ESC is unable to detect the location.

Brushed motors, on the other hand, can only be connected to brushed ESCs. Since they run on alternating current. As a result, the model differs. 

In brushed motors, the ESC substitutes the commutator. Likewise, a Brushed ESC is a direct current device with two wires. In which one positive and one negative.

To improve the rate of a brushed motor, the ESC lengthens the timeframe when power is applied to every pole.

As a result, brushed ESC works with brushed motors while brushless ESC works with brushless motors. Nonetheless, you can always look out for more options like the coreless motor type. 

For that, you must know the difference between brushless and coreless servo motors. 

Aside from it though, brushed motors are rather water-resistant the same as brushless motors.

Why Should You Not Use a Brushless ESC with Brushed Motor? 

Just how you can face issues if your improperly charge nimh batteries with nuicad chargers, you can face problems while using brushless ecs with brushed motors. Brushless ESCs lack positive and negative cables. Many individuals assume all brushless ESCs require three wires. They merely need to figure out which cables are positive and which are negative.

The wires should then be connected to the brushed motor. Regrettably, it does not work that way. Brushed or brushless ESCs often have quite distinct forms and construction.

However, attempting to do so may be disastrous. These ESCs must have a switch that may be operated easily.  

It is used to deactivate the functionality of a brushed ESC. For it may be used with a brushed motor. Then, you will be unable to utilize a brushless ESC.

ESCs may not function for both modes. Unless they’ve technology that detects both brushed & brushless motors.

Anyhow, you can convert brushless ESC to brushed for efficient usage. 

Methods to Use Brushless ESC with Brushed Motor Together 

Well, if you’re already following us, you’d notice that using brushless ESCs with just a brushed motor isn’t an option. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 

For your benefit, we selected the finest solutions. Let’s see how that works for you. 

Method 1: Build Your Personalized ESC

One may build their personalized DIY Brushed ESC for use with brushed dc motors. The good thing will be that it will be inexpensive. Here you just need to know what size ESC you need


Also, it just takes just a few items, one of which is likely to be brushed motors. Additional items include-

  1. PCB  
  2. Microcontroller panel
  3. FET transistors 
  4. Device for resistance
  5. Solder irons and so forth. 

Alright, back to business!

Method 2: Buy a New Motor

If you don’t want to take responsibility for making your motor, you may escape the headache. 

By purchasing a high-quality motor of your preference. That will complement your brushed ESC.

Brushless motors, on the other hand, are a preferable alternative over brushed motors. Thus, if brushless motors are what you are looking for, here are some options:

Hopefully, this will help you! 

Method 3: Purchase an ESC in Place of a Motor 

Certain ESCs include both a brushed and a brushless framework.  So buying a motor doesn’t help. Then you can get yourself an ESC. 

Yet, if you enjoy racing, you should consider using a dedicated ESC for racing. They will undoubtedly be more expensive since they do not serve a single purpose. 

So at the minimum, these ESCs are compatible with both brushed and brushless motors. 

Method 4: Converting Your Motor

Another thing you can do is convert your brushed motor into a brushless motor. Brushless motors are better than brushed motors because of their newer technology. 

In addition, it will increase efficiency and reduce maintenance requirements. 


Why are brushless motors wired with three wires?

Three wires are used, which are powered by the ESC using an AC waveform. The wave of every cable is offset by 118 degrees from the other 2. This is because motors are 3-phase alternating current motors with far more than one real coil. 

Can the ESC be included as a current controller?

The design of an ESC  electronic speed controller may be built with 3 main components. They are a voltage regulator or BEC, a Processor, and Field effect transistors for shifting. This transistor functions as a toggle to regulate the flow of current. Thus regulate the motor.

Brushed vs brushless direct current motors?

Brushless DC motors are a more recent innovation than brushed dc motors. Additionally, brushless motors outperform brushed motors. They are more advantageous than brushed motors. 


That will be a wrap from our side. Hopefully, this guide gave you the answer to can I use any ESC with any motor. 

Also, remember to ensure your safety while working with dangerous tools.

We hope to see you at the next one.

Good luck!

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