can you charge lipo without balancer

Can You Charge LiPo without Balancer: Complete Breakdown!

LiPo batteries are great for your RC. But, the same LiPo battery can cause issues without proper charging.

Thus, balance charging a LiPo battery is very important.

But, can you charge LiPo without balancer?

Yes, you may be able to charge a LiPo without a balancer. Newer batteries can be charged without balancing. However, the RC LiPo can have a huge performance drop. While unbalanced charging, it can catch on fire or explode. Moreover, LiPo cells can get damaged leaving the battery useless.

There are more things you need to acknowledge. Otherwise, taking a decision can be harmful to your RC LiPo battery.

So, let’s move on.

Why Do You Need to Use a Balancer to Charge LiPo?

Charging with a balancer is as important as balancing RC tires. So, the question is should you always balance charge LiPo?

Yes, you should always balance charge LiPo battery. The primary purpose behind it is to evenly distribute the charge to each cell. Also, it won’t have any voltage differences in the cells. Without balancing, the LiPo battery may wear out quickly.

Knowing at which voltage each LiPo battery is charged is crucial. At 4.2 volts per cell, the LiPo battery will be fully charged. 

Let’s see a table indicating the voltage required to charge different LiPo batteries.

LiPo BatteriesMaximum Voltage to Charge
1S LiPo4.2 volts
2S LiPo8.4 volts
3S LiPo12.6 volts
4S LiPo16.8 volts
5S LiPo21 volts

You can see that, the maximum voltage to charge LiPo batteries is different for cell counts. With a LiPo charger balancer, you can set the voltage to charge a LiPo battery. 

Let’s see some of the best RC LiPo battery chargers with balancers.

A cost-effective choice would be Lipo Charger H B6 RC Charger LiPo Battery Balance. It has a data storage and load function!

For auto-detecting, the battery voltage you can go for C150 Lipo Battery Balance RC Charger.
You get the fast charging option with HTRC LiPo Charger RC Balance Fast Charger.

LiPo Charger RC Balance Fast Charger

Is It Possible to Charge LiPo without a Balancer?

It is already established that balance charging is necessary for RC LiPo. You should also balance NiMH batteries. But, can you perform the task without a balancer? Well, yes you can at some risks.

A new RC LiPo battery can already be balanced. Hence, you may not use the balance charger for the RC LiPo battery.

However, after a while, you do need to use a balancer. If you have overall control over the electricity source, you can directly charge it. There are some precautions you need to follow before charging a LiPo battery without a balancer.

Firstly, you need to use a compatible LiPo battery charger

Secondly, ensure using a fireproof and explosion-proof bag. Overflowing the LiPo battery can catch on fire easily.

Thirdly, always be nearby to check on the LiPo battery. If you feel the battery is overheating or smell something funny, unplug the charger.

Lastly, you need to properly understand the proper guideline for charging your LiPo battery.

LiPo battery charging

Nevertheless, the electricity flow won’t be constant always. Thus, many hazardous situations can occur over time.

In the best case, you will get the battery fully charged without an issue. Still, it can take a heavy toll on your RC LiPo battery. As a result, the battery can get damaged.

Your LiPo battery can catch on fire or explode without balance charging. In some cases, the LiPo battery gets swelled and unable to complete tasks.

So, to avoid such problems, always use a balancer. Investing in a charger with a built-in balancer is a good idea. That way, you can set the ideal voltage to charge your LiPo battery.

My advice will be, always balance the charge of your LiPo battery. Unless in an emergency, you can charge the LiPo without a balancer. But, don’t leave the battery unattended.

Here’s someone taking proper steps to balance charge some RC LiPo batteries.

LiPo batteries charging module

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Use Li-Ion Charger to Charge an RC LiPo Battery?

Yes, with proper precautions you can use a Li-Ion charge to charge a LiPo battery. Because technically they charge the same way. Yet, Li-Ion chargers aren’t compatible with a LiPo battery. So, LiPo batteries can catch fire or overheat fast. Use a Li-Ion charger to charge a LiPo only in an emergency.

Why Do RC LiPo Batteries Have Two Connectors?

LiPo batteries have two connectors for charging/discharging and balancing. The main wire charges the LiPo battery and supplies current to an RC. Another wire is used to balance the voltage while charging and discharging. This wire has a lead head. Hence, you can balance the battery with a balancer.

What Is an RC LiPo Battery’s 30C Rating Mean?

The 30C rating of an RC LiPo battery means the discharge rate. It is calculated by 30 X the LiPo capacity (in Amps). So, a 2 Ah battery with a 30C rating can supply 30 X 2= 60 Amps. The higher the C rating, the more current will be discharged. Also, choosing a higher C rating can boost performance.

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