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CC3D Won’t Arm: Here Are 3 Reasons Why

So,you are trying to fly your mini quadcopter. But the flight controller is having trouble arming itself. You tried reconnecting the USB plug but still nothing!

Now you must be asking why the cc3d won’t arm?

ESC not receiving signals from the FC can cause the issue. Or perhaps you’re using an old firmware version. Transmission problems can be another significant hurdle at play. Whichever it is, you can solve it by determining the CLI dump. And setting the high and low-end points accurately. 

Still confused? Don’t worry! We’ve provided you with all the information you need!

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Reasons Why CC3D Won’t Arm

So, there can be many reasons behind the arming issue of cc3d. Maybe it can be happening due to only one reason listed below. 

Or the device might be encountering two or more issues at the same time. You never know!

So to figure it out, go through the probable reasons we have provided here.

A Rough Fall:

A hard landing can lead to this issue. Perhaps there’s some ‘short’ being generated after a rough fall. Or It might’ve been that the shock from a crash was too great.

If there’s water on the board, it must have shorted a few pins out. And it won’t allow it to arm.

Incorrect Configuration:

If you have an incorrect configuration of the board and tx, this issue occurs. 

Incorrect configuration means that the ESC isn’t receiving signals from the FC. Or maybe the flight controller isn’t booting when it is connected via battery.

It’s again due to incorrect config and leading to not arming.

flight controller isn't booting

Faulty Wiring or Signal:

One more reason can be there’s something wrong with the wiring or signal. Or maybe it can be that you are using an old firmware version. 

Sometimes, when powered via battery, the FC might fail to boot. And that’s causing this issue with the signal. 

However, you would see an orange INPUT alarm in that case.

So! All these are probable reasons that can cause the issue of ccd3 not arming. You need to figure out which one is true in your case. And then jump into the solutions!

Solutions to the Issue of CC3D Not Arming

There are a few ways you may be able to solve the arming issue of your cc3d. And they’re also not quite as complex as crossfire not popping up.

Here we’ve presented the two methods that actually work! 

Solution 1: Reconfigure CC3D

This is the first and most popular solution that you can try. Most of the time, users reported that this method worked for them. 

And it is quite simple too!

Follow the given steps for this one!

Step 1:  Check the CPU

First of all, you need to be checking the CPU load. It should be around below 50% when it’s disarmed. 

Step 2: Disable the Features 

Then you need to disable all the ccd3 features that are not required to fly. Features such as led strip, telemetry, etc.

Now you can use a legacy PID controller. However, BF could also work at 1khz as an alternative.

Step 3: Determine CLI Dump

Next, determine the cli dump so you can find any problems in the configuration. 

Now, see if Tx Throttle’s low-end point is 1100 or above.

Step 4: Set the High and Low-End Points 

All stick’s low endpoints need to be below “min_check”. At the same time, the high-end point should be above “max_check”. Basically, you need to adjust Tx endpoints at 1000 and 2000. As mentioned before, the low stick endpoints need to preferably be 1000. But, It may not be possible on some Tx. 

So, if you can’t change Tx endpoints, you can use the CLI command “exchange 0 1116 2345”.  Here “2345” is your stick max endpoint.

stick max endpoint

Step 5: Repeat the Process

Repeat this for all the channels 0,1,2 and 3 and then “save”.

Also, you can alternatively “set min_check = 1200”. 

Consider trying one of these. However, try one at a time and not both simultaneously.

And the cc3d arming issue should be resolved! You always have the option to change from CC3D firmware FC to other FCs if you want!

Solution 2: Recalibrate the CC3D

In case the first method did not work for you, this is the one!  

It is also quite effortless and you do not need to be tech-savvy for this. Just follow the simple steps given below very carefully.

Step 1: Check the GCS

Firstly, check the GCS software if the arming setting is still set. Plus, check how long is the holdup before the disarm time is set.

Remember that you’ll have to lift up the throttle within that time. This is to save it from disarming.

If it’s showing slow blue light then it’s not armed. The blue light should flash faster when it’s armed.

Step 2: Raise the Throttle

In this step, you need to keep in mind a certain thing. That is, arming doesn’t always mean that the props would spin at low throttle. 

So, after you’re done arming, just raise the throttle gently to detect props spin.

Step 3: Assure Throttle Recognition and Complete

Make sure that the TX is calibrated in GCS. The cc3d needs to discern 0 throttles as well as a full throw of the rudder on left.  This is required for it to arm. 

So, you’ve got a DR or sub trim or trim in the radio. And it doesn’t permit a full throw of the rudder. That means it won’t recognize the arm sequence.
So, making sure the cc3d recognizes the 0 throttles is very important. Also, ensure the cc3d USB device recognition.

cc3d USB device recognition

And thus, after applying all the steps properly, your issue should be solved. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Set the High and Low-end Points?

To set the points, ensure all sticks’ low endpoints are below “min_check”. At the same time, the high endpoint should be above “max_check”.  Basically, you need to adjust Tx endpoints at 1000 and 2000. And the low stick endpoints need to preferably be 1000.

Why Is My CC3D Flashing Orange Alarm?

The reason why cc3d is flashing an orange alarm is that there’s something wrong with the wiring. Or maybe a faulty signal. And that is causing the difficulty of it not arming.

Can There be an Arming Issue After a Hard Fall?

Yes,  it can be. It happens when the shock from a crash is too great. Also, if there’s water on the board, it is supposed to short a few pins out. And it won’t allow it to arm.

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