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Cleanflight Not Connecting: 2 Common Reasons with Solution

Having a cleanflight installed flight controller with no connection is not the ideal way to start your flight experience. 

Without cleanflight connecting to your drone or RC devices, you can’t set up configuration. A smooth flight experience depends on how you’ve set up the device on cleanflight.

But, why is the cleanflight not connecting? 

There can be 2 reasons for cleanflight connection issues. Not having the right sets of drivers installed can lead to compatibility issues with your cleanflight. On the other hand, not having a proper power supply can render the cleanflight almost useless. 

This is just an overview. In the latter parts, we’ve discussed reasons and solutions broadly.

Continue reading to know more.

2 Reasons for Cleanflight Not Connecting

Facing issues with the cleanflight connection? Well, a little diagnosis can give away the source of the problem. There are usually two reasons responsible for this problem with the cleanflight.

The first thing to connect cleanflight with any RC device is using a USB cable. The cable connects the device to the PC. Thus, RC devices get access to cleanflight. 

It’s super easy to software online on both mac and windows. In most of the servers, the software automatically connects with the RC device.

Cleanflight Not Connecting

The problem arises when the connect button doesn’t turn red. Most people suspect it’s the USB cable. Even if it’s, you can easily replace the cable. 

What if the reason isn’t as simple as a USB cable?

Don’t panic. We’ve identified two important factors that can disrupt the swift connection. You’ll also find troubleshooting guidelines for each stated problem.

Keep reading!

Reason 1: Driver Issue

Our first priority will be to resolve any issues with flight controller driver. The driver should comply with the chipset of the board you’re currently using. Otherwise, it won’t connect to the cleanflight.

Let’s look at some examples of cleanflight driver compatibility:

If your board is using CP 2102 driver or 2104 chipset, you need CP210x driver. But a flight controller using virtual comport would need STM VCP USB drivers. 

There are mainly three different flight controllers. CP210x boards, f3 virtual comport board, and f4 virtual comport board. Your first job is to find out the type of your cleanflight flight controller.

You can ask the retailer about the type you’re buying. This will help you identify which driver to install. 

The best thing to do is download both and install them. You also need to install Zadig. This helps to find the flight controller on the device.

But, what if everything mentioned above is installed but still it’s not connecting? It’s because drivers get rearranged somehow on your board. This results in no connection to the cleanflight.  


Now it’s time to fix the driver issue. The solution we’re giving below is compatible with betaflight as well.

First, you need to change the COM number according to your connected port. To do so you need to find your flight controller on the device.

Remember, we suggested you install Zadig? Now you’ll need this. 

Go to Zadig, click the option and select all list devices. Then click on the dropdown box to find your flight controller name. Once you find it select the name and press the replace driver button.  

After successful installation of the driver, you’ll find your controller under the USB tab of the device manager. Now update the cleanflight or betaflight driver according to your type of controller board.

As soon as your driver software gets updated, you’ll get a COM number. You now need to input this number on cleanflight software. 

It’s time for revelation. Press the connect button to turn the color red. Once it’s connected, you’re all ready to set up your quadcopter or other devices. 

Any problem with a connected cleanflight can be tackled on its configuration tab. The Cleanflight configurator has options to adjust throttle movements. 

You can check out how to use cleanflight configurator from Cleanflight’s official webpage.
So, first set up the throttle to fix the problems of quadcopter throttles. Now enjoy a smooth flight controller experience.

how to use cleanflight configurator

To juggle any configuration problem you need to first connect cleanflight with RC devices. The connecting problem of cleanflight has not gone away yet. There could be another reason why cleanflight is not connecting.

Reason 2: Power Issue 

The power issue is a less complicated issue than the driver issue. 

Here’s another reason why your Cleanflight won’t connect

The USB used to connect RC to PCs usually are not good at sending power to the receivers. Now both the receiver and controller need to be sufficiently charged for connection. 

You may find difficulties in charging like Traxxas users find it difficult to bind Traxxas receiver at times. 

That’s why we have brought you a solution.


To activate the flight controller with cleanflight, power up both the receiver and controller. Instead of USB, connect the external battery eliminator circuit. Plug it into one of the spare sets of pins on the receiver. This will power both. 

Powering the devices is important for testing the radio. Sometimes cleanflight gets connected but the  flight controller won’t power on in those devices.

You could use the main power cable as well for charging. But for safety reasons, we recommend using a 5 Volt external battery eliminator.

If you’re in search of a good quality external battery circuit, we got some great recommendations! Have a look at these:

Snap Circuits Battery EliminatorCheck Latest Price
Apex RC Products Adjustable Output BEC Check Latest Price
ShareGoo DC-DC Converter Step Down UBEC Module Check Latest Price

These UBEC will ensure your cleanflight gets adequate backup power to operate properly.

Also while connecting with USB make sure to use the one that comes with the RC device.

Often people use their regular phone USB cables. This also hampers cleanflight connection. 

This is all we can think of for solving cleanflight no connection problems. Kindly check on the issues. Your last option is to visit a computer shop for assistance. 

These two solutions are worth giving a try. So do give them a chance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is the Difference Between Betaflight and Cleanflight?

Betaflight is an upgraded version of cleanflight. Initially, it used cleanflight’s configurator. Now it’s a complete firmware for any flight controller. Betaflight is better in-flight stability, board compatibility, and also in hardware. They’re similar in only connecting and setting up controllers.

Why is Cleanflight Not Connecting to Mac?

The most obvious reason for cleanflight not connecting to Mac is the wrong type of USB. So, replace it with a new and right cable. Make sure no other cable is plugged into the port while connecting to cleanflight. If you have windows OS, try connecting there as well. This will tell if it’s Mac or USB.

How to Set Up a Drone in Cleanflight?

To set up a drone, go to the setup tab in cleanflight. Adjust calibrate accelerometer, calibrate the magnetometer. Calibrate accelerometer keeps the drone position flat. For the magnetometer, you’ve to rotate all the four axes in 30 seconds to set up. Lastly, reset the flight modes.

Final Words

We hope you figured out the reason behind your cleanflight not connecting. Just simply go through the solutions we provided and you will be good to go!

Install necessary drivers and use the right type of USB cable. Power up devices and you’ll be all ready.

Best of luck!

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