Cleanflight Vs. Betaflight

Cleanflight Vs. Betaflight: Know Your Preference


If you own a drone then you might be familiar with cleanflight and betaflight already. These two firmwares regulate the flight controller of the drone.

Both of them have some essential similarities and differences. Hence it might be overwhelming for you to select between them.

Are you speculating which one is suitable for you between cleanflight vs betaflight?

Between Cleanflight and Betaflight, Betaflight is better in terms of flight Durability. On top of that Betaflight also features a powerful OSD that retains an extensively formatted menu. The Cleanflight software lacks a dedicated hardware which the Betaflight has. Moreover, in recent times Betaflight is compatible with more hardware than the Cleanflight.

We’ve planned to show you the whole picture of it. So, let’s find out in detail-

Cleanflight Vs Betaflight: Primary Differences 

Both cleanflight and betaflight are non-proprietary flight regulator programming. It should be inducted on the flight regulator (equipment). There are a lot of types of flight regulator items. Clean flight or betaflight can be initiated on a large portion of them. Even in the TBS Colibri Race. However, you can write your own flight controller program as well.

Betaflight is an advancement of Cleanflight. Both programs are basically the same according to the UI. However, betaflight is by and large further developed. It has turned into a trend in the business.

We know you need some more information to make a decision. Let’s take a glance at all the primary differences between cleanflight and betaflight-

Features CleanflightBetaflight
Flight durability Not precisely flexible Incredibly steady
OSDStable viewGives the choice to redo your view
HardwareNon-exclusive hardwareDetailed hardware has been intended for the betaflight
Compatibility Viable with most flight regulators Viable with a great deal of hardware just as flight peripherals
Features For every general useFor cutting edge riders

Don’t get tense if you’re still struggling to choose one between cleanflight and betaflight. Here’s a graph summarising the entire comparison.

Now, we’ve illustrated a head-to-head battle between them for your better understanding ahead. Stick with us!

Cleanflight Vs Betaflight: Head-to-head Debate

From choosing between xt60 and deans to cleanflight vs betaflight, it often gets confusing. Thus, we’ll now present you with a detailed performance battle. Let’s see what differences you’d find between cleanflight and betaflight. So don’t wait any longer and help yourself by learning everything.

Flight Durability 

You can’t ignore the fact that a betaflight is exceptionally durable. It doesn’t need too much adjusting to make it fly pleasantly. The PID calculation in Betaflight is only that acceptable. 

It soars like fantasy including the new Dynamic Notch Filter in Betaflight 3.2. There are practically zero adjustments expected. You can simply balance your I gains and marginally balance the D gains. And it’ll be in business. 

Cleanflight got improved flight execution. It’s shown to be steady and receptive to driver’s controls. However, it just needs some more precision. 

Which Software Has Better Flight Durability?

Betaflight has better flight durability than the Cleanflight. However, the durability of Cleanflight isn’t too bad either.


Betaflight additionally inaugurated a powerful OSD. It retains an extensively formatted menu that allows you to improve PIDs. Also lets you change velocities and channels. 

You can also change such countless different settings in one go. There’s basically no compelling reason to have a PC with you for coordinating now. 

The OSD can likewise be arranged to present a large group of data on display. At the time when you’re operating your drone. There are more: voltage, clock, PIDs, current draw, current utilization, GPS, etc. For the same reason, you can instantly choose betaflight over iNAV.

On the other hand, the cleanflight on-screen display is stable. But it provides a fixed view.

Which Software Has Better OSD?

The OSD of Betaflight is far better than the OSD of CLeanflight. It’s more advanced than the on-screen display that the Cleanflight has.


Betaflight has a dedicated advanced hardware kit that the Cleanflight software lacks.

Betaflight has generated a genuine kit. It’s constructed and advanced to operate Betaflight and capitalize on its components. These panels incorporate the Betaflight F3 panel and the Omnibus F4 panel. Additionally, there’s an entire slew of others. They are enacted by Betaflight and function consistently with it.

As of now, Cleanflight can be utilized on 8 unique panels. It permits you to completely alter the kind of flight regulator boards. That you want to utilize.

Which Software Has Better Hardware?

Between Betaflight and Cleanflight, Betaflight has a dedicated hardware kit. This is why its ahead of Cleanflight in this regard.


Betaflight is compatible with more hardware and peripherals than Cleanflight.

Most boards authorize PWM, PPM, and SBUS for radio conventions. ESC conventions like OneShot, MultiShot, DSHOT, ProShot, and even KISS ESCs are compatible with Betaflight.

Betaflight and iMac have branched from Cleanflight. Many fresh forms were augmented and tried from those. Converged once again into Cleanflight to make Cleanflight 2.0. To make an incredibly balanced flight regulator firmware. 

However, not all esc are compatible with Cleanflight. I’ve found that the Electronic Speed Controller Support Dshot 150/300 / 600 Brushless ESC on Amazon works the best with Cleanflight. You can also use the advanced T-Motor Newest Type ESC F55A PRO II 32bits 6S Controller with your Cleanflight.

Since the basis of Cleanflight is on Github, you can generate different adjustments. Just as ideas to additionally develop this source code. 

32-bit programming is a lot better than the old 8-bit foundation. About software, they need to assure that the designers will pay attention to client criticism.

Make sure to always choose the perfect ESC for your RC car or drone. Otherwise your flight controller software won’t work.

Which Software is Compatible With More Hardware?

Betaflight is compatible with more hardwares than cleanflight. So, you can get the Betaflight regardless of the ESC your drone has.

Cleanflight Vs Betaflight: Which One Should You Get?

When it comes to open source flight controller software, it doesn’t get better than the Betaflight. By now you can already tell how much better Betaflight is compared to Cleanflight.

Starting from flight stability to compatibility, Betaflight wins every round. However, it may be a tiny bit difficult to navigate for beginners. In that case, Cleanflight is better as it is easy to work with.


Is it possible to have Betaflight on iPad?

No, it is not possible to have Betaflight on iPad. It’s manufactured to be employed just with OTG threads. So, it’s not compatible with Bluetooth sections. Hence it merely favors Android gadgets, not iOS. The UI isn’t the same as the chrome app here.

How can you shift from Cleanflight to Betaflight?

To shift from Cleanflight to Betaflight first install the betaflight configuration from the chrome browser. Create a file of all the Cleanflight settings by dump copying. Then paste the settings to the Betaflight’s command line.

Does Chromebook support Betaflight? 

Only the ChromeOS supports Betaflight and can be installed in it. Because of some limitations Chromebook doesn’t support Betaflight. is another feasible platform to install.

Wrapping Up

Hope you got a clear idea to choose between cleanflight vs betaflight. 

Different people have their own particular demands. We would recommend you analyze your choices and situation first. Then decide on the firmware that is compatible with you.

Let us know if you have any further confusion to clear. Catch you later!

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