Comparing LiPo Cells

Comparing LiPo Cells: Choosing the Right One for You!

LiPo batteries are integral parts of the RC plane setup. To get the most output you must use compatible batteries. 

The compatibility is highly dependent on the S number of the batteries. It’s essential to have clear ideas on this matter. 

So, what is found by comparing LiPo cells on their S number?

For more volt and speed, a LiPo cell with a higher S number is better. However, 5S and 6S lipo batteries cost a lot as well. Mid ranged LiPo cells like 3S and 4S provides good result at an affordable price point. 1S and 2S batteries provide lower RPM but are generally safer than the rest. 

This is only the gist of my discussion. To make the best choice you must have a clear conception. I will help you in acquiring that. 

So please continue reading!

Short Comparison

Matching LiPo batteries with the motor are very necessary for maximum output. Doing that is dependent on several battery characteristics like the C-rating, cell number, etc. Among these, the cell number, aka s number is a very significant factor. 

The performance of the battery is directly related to the S number. So enough time should be given while comparing the factors related to S numbers. I have prepared the following table to compare the batteries at a glance. Observe the table carefully. 

Factors 1S2S3S4S5S6S
Nominal Voltage (Volts)3.77.411.114.818.522.2
CurrentHighestLower than 1SLower than 2SLower than 3SLower than 4SLowest 
RPMLowestHigher than 1SHigher than 2SHigher than 3SHigher than 4SHighest 
Thrust LowestHigher than 1SHigher than 2SHigher than 3SHigher than 4SHighest 
SafetyHighestLower than 1SLower than 2SLower than 3SLower than 4SLowest 
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

You can make a fast choice on the batteries from the table. However, there are many more details on this matter. To clear all your doubts I have made an in-depth discussion below. So keep scrolling!

Extended Comparison

To choose the best battery for your RC plane, you must go through the details. I will guide you through an in-depth review of the comparison!


Nominal Voltage  

The LiPo batteries are used to supply electricity to the motor. Batteries provide electricity by creating a voltage difference across the terminals. This voltage difference varies for different types of batteries.

For the LiPo Battery, the nominal voltage difference is 3.7 volts. This is the nominal voltage of a single cell, i.e., 1S battery. If the number of cells is increased, the nominal voltage will also increase geometrically.  

So in 1S vs 2S LiPo, 2S LiPo has 3.7×2=7.4 volts of Nominal voltage. The 3S will have more enhanced voltage and it is 11.1 volts. The 4S vs 5S LiPo has 14.8 and 18.5 volts respectively. The 6S LiPo battery has the most nominal voltage and it is 22.2 volts.

Winner: 6S Lipo Battery


LiPo batteries are responsible for producing power in the RC motors. Power is calculated by multiplying the voltage and current output of the battery. Irrespective of the battery voltage, the power output is always the same. 

This happens because the current generated is inversely proportional to the voltage of the battery. By using this principle we can find the relation between the current and S number of the LiPo batteries.

In the previous section, I have said that with increasing S numbers the nominal voltage increases. As a result, the current generation decreases. In 1S LiPo Battery the current flow is the most. The flow decreases gradually in 2S, 3S, 4S, 5S, and 6S batteries.

The decrease of current flow does not have any direct impact on the RC plane. It will only reduce the torque output of the plane. 

But the RPM and speed of the plane will still remain high with high voltage. Yet problems are seen while doing heavier jobs.

However, it’s not that big of an issue as you can always charge your lipo batteries. Here are some of our favorite chargers for lipo batteries: 

These are the best products available in the market. You will surely love them!

Winner: 1S Lipo Battery


The RPM of the RC motor is a very essential aspect. RPM depends on various factors. It is directly connected to the LiPo battery. The S number of the LiPo battery plays an important role in the RPM. RPM stands for Rotations Per Minute. 

With more nominal voltage, this rotation rate enhances. The most nominal voltage is found in the 6S battery. So in between 5S vs 6S LiPo, the RPM is highest in 6S. In 1S LiPo batteries, it is the lowest. The RPM increases in the 2S LiPo Battery


Then comes the 3S, 4S, and 5S batteries. So we can say that with more S numbers the RPM of the motor will enhance. This is a very attractive feature of the S number of LiPo batteries. 

Because the speed of the motor, and also the RC plane are dependent on the RPM. The more the RPM, the more will be the speed of the plane. So if you want a high speed there is no alternative to a higher RPM of the plane.

Winner: 6S Lipo Battery


The output power of the motor is defined as the thrust. Any object moves because of this thrust. So thrust can be declared as the moving force of the motor. The thrust is directly related to the RPM of the motor. 

With more RPM the thrust also becomes more. And RPM is proportional to the S number of the battery. Because more S number means more voltage. And more voltage results in more RPM and thus an increased amount of thrust. 

So in 4S vs 6S LiPo, the 6S battery has the most thrust. The 1S battery has the least thrust. We can arrange the batteries in ascending order of thrust. The order will be 1S, 2S, 3S LiPo battery, 4S, 5S, and finally 6S battery.

Winner: 6S Lipo Battery


The control of the plane is very important. Because the safety of the RC plane or car is dependent on the control. Without enough safety measures, the device will crash easily. This can cause both physical and economical damage. 

The safety of the RC plane varies with the S number of the battery. When the S number increases the RPM also gets high. This makes the control of the plane harder and the safety measures fail. 


So the safety of the plane gradually drops with the increasing S number. In this way, the safety of planes with LiPo S6 is the least. The 5S LiPo battery and the 4S LiPo battery come next. The 1S LiPo Battery planes have the most safety. 

Safety can be a determining factor for new RC plane users. Because more hard controls will create difficult situations for the user. The user can easily lose control and fall into accidents. On the other hand, experienced users can control any RC plane easily. 

Winner: 1S Lipo Battery


Now let’s check the last comparison factor of 1S, 2S, 3S, 4S, 5S, and 6S LiPo batteries. The S number of the batteries means the number of cells. In 1S there is 1 cell, in 2S there are 2 cells, and so on. As the battery cells increase, the price also keeps increasing. 

The LiPo batteries are sold in the market in single or multiple cells. Suppose the price of a 1S battery is $7. Thus the price of the 2S battery will be $14. In 3S vs 4S LiPo, the price will be $21 and $35. Anyway if you buy in packs, the prices will reduce slightly. 


So the price of the LiPo batteries increases the S number. The 1S battery has the least price and the 6S battery has the most price. Between them, 2S, 3S, 4S, and 5S come serially.

Winner: 1S Lipo Battery

This is the end of the comparison of LiPo batteries based on their S numbers. Now it’s on your hand to choose the compatible lipo battery for you. If you need some more help, go through my views in the next section.

Final Verdict 

The LiPo batteries differ based on their S-numbers. There are many positive and negative impacts of increasing and decreasing S numbers. So making the decision can be tough. This is the same for comparison among 3650, 3660, and 3670 brushless motors.

Here’s a final table for you to get an overall summary of the whole topic:

ProductsFeaturesWhere To get
1S Lipo BatteryExtremely affordable and safeGet Now!
2S Lipo BatteryRelatively low price but produces little RPMGet Now!
3S Lipo BatteryGood value for money and provides average resultsGet Now!
4S Lipo BatteryProvides moderate RPMGet Now!
5S Lipo BatteryComparatively provides higher RPM but can get a bit expensiveGet Now!
6S Lipo BatteryGives the highest volt and RPMGet Now!

If you want to get more volt and speed, a battery with a higher S number is better. The 6S LiPo gives the highest volt and RPM. However, this would increase the price of the battery set. You will have to compensate for the safety too.

If you are low on a budget go for a lower S number. The 1S and 2S batteries are of very low price. But the RPM produced will be very little. The thrust will be less too.

To get it all choose a battery with a middle ranged S number. The 4S battery comes with moderate RPM and price. The thrust is also medium with the RPM. As a result, controlling it also becomes much easier. Thus the safety measures are ensured. 


What does 6S mean on a battery? 

6S on a battery means the number of battery cells is 6. The S numbers of the battery represent the total number of cells. They are connected in series. Each battery has a voltage of 3.7 volts. So a 6S battery will have a voltage of 18.5 volts. From the S number, it’s easy to calculate the volts.

What amp should I charge my 4S LiPo with?

The amp you should charge your 4S LiPo is calculated from the capacity of the battery. The capacity of the battery is to be divided by 100 to get the amp. Suppose your battery is 750 mAh. By dividing it by 100 we get 0.75. So the best amp to charge is at 0.75 amps. Any charger up to 1 amp is fine.

Do I need to discharge my LiPo batteries?

Yes, you need to discharge your LiPo batteries if they are not in use. The batteries should not be kept unused when they are charged. This phenomenon damages the battery. So if you are not going to use it, discharge it after a few days and recharge it. This ensures the good health of the battery. 


That’s all on comparing Lipo Cells. Now you can easily choose a compatible battery for you. 

Choosing the battery based on the S number only is not enough. You must check the C rating and capacity of the battery too. Only then you can select the most compatible battery.

Have a nice day!

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