connection break issue in lipo charger

Connection Break Issue in Lipo Charger [Here’s What to Do]

A lipo charger’s objective is to charge a lipo to a certain voltage. By charging the cells in parallel, this charger ensures that they are always “balanced.”

But if its connection keeps breaking then it is disturbing. This is a very common problem that can happen to anyone.

So, connection break issue in the lipo charger, why does it happen? 

For connection break issues in the lipo charge, wires are to blame. Change your battery. If the message “Connection Break” persists, then the problem is with the cables. Connecting the battery to the charger may get you your required result. Change up those and see what happens.

This is only the beginning. To understand the reasons more thoroughly, you need to know more. Please keep scrolling to know all the details!

Why Does Connection Break in Lipo Charger?

There are many reasons behind connection break or rc helicopter charging problems. First, we’ll learn about the reasons and then talk about the solutions.

Lipo Balance Charger

Reason 1: Voltage Level

The charger occasionally displays blinking red right to signal faulty batteries. This shows that the battery has already received a complete charge. Before attempting again, momentarily drain the batteries if charging is required. 

The voltage level is too low if the LED begins to flash red 90 seconds. Following battery insertion.

Reason 2: Battery Issue

The battery has malfunctioned if it is bloated or has a capacity less than 80%. A NiMH battery that is less than 80% charged can still be used. 

Other than a reduced run time, without any problems. However, a battery should never be used again after it has begun to bulge. You can also find out here the ways to charge a dead lipo battery.

Reason 3: Faulty Cable

The most frequent reason for Lipo charger charging problems is a broken charging cord. Cables can be damaged in a variety of ways, exposing exposed or broken wires. Additionally, your cable may not be functioning as it should due to cuts and bends.

Reason 4: Dirt and Debris

Your charger is more likely to come into touch with dirt. And lint if it is still in your pocket. This is able to access the charging ports. 

Power transmission will slow down when foreign materials build up over time. The charging port might cease functioning if the dirt is particularly thick. In that case, you can use the CRC 05103 QD Electronic Cleaner.

How to Fix the Issue of Connection Break in Lipo Charger?

While certain repairs of Lipo charger could need a little rewiring. You can attempt various remedies to make your faulty charger functional again. Well, it is different from fixing charging issues of DJI Spark

However,  here are the steps to fix the connection break in the Lipo charger.

  • Test your wall socket first by inserting anything else. If the charger isn’t getting power, a fuse that controls the plug may have blown. The fix for this is to replace the fuse and reset your power breaker.
  • Reconnect a different cable to the adapter if you’re using one. If the adapter is the issue and neither that cable nor the other one works. You can use the SIM &  NAT RC Lipo Battery Charger Adapter Connector Splitter cables. You can find it on amazon.
  • Verify that the charger is appropriate for your gadget.
  • Look for any indication of an obstruction in the charging port such as dust from your pocket. If at all feasible, remove the obstruction with a pair of tweezers.
  • The issue could be caused by bare wires and insulation. Which has been pulled off of them, or wire shielding. Also, plug the cable in before giving it a little wiggle at either end. Move the cord if the copper wire in the cable is corroded. Substitute the wire with a new one if at all feasible.
  • If the charger functions when connected into the wall, one of the uninstalled parts is at fault. Continue adding the remaining components until the system breaks down, but don’t quit there. Try placing the pieces differently or adding them in a different order.
  • You can eliminate potential issues by checking the cable and wall outlet using a multimeter

These few guidelines you can follow if ronin is not charging.

There are various types of Lipo chargers. I’ve compiled a list of chargers that won’t cause connection break.

  • If you want a Lipo battery charger that is compatible with almost all voltages, Haisito Lipo Battery Balance Charger is a good option. You can also set a particular voltage for charging. You can find it on amazon.
  • For a dual input battery charger with battery meter, LiPo Charger Discharger is a good choice. You can find it on amazon.

I hope this information aids you in selecting an appropriate charger!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are my LiPo batteries not charging?

A LiPo battery may not charge for a tendency to drain itself. When left sitting for an extended amount of time. The great majority of LiPo chargers won’t charge it. When the voltage per cell dips below 3.0V. Batteries with this issue can occasionally be fixed. But more frequently than not, these are a lost cause.

Can you bring a LiPo battery back to life?

You can bring the LiPo battery back to life. You can shift the battery over once the overall voltage reaches roughly 3.3 volts per cell. Next, connect your LiPo balance adapter and complete a 0.5C balance charge. After the equilibrium charge has finished balancing, your LiPo battery ought to be entirely recharged.

How many amps should I discharge my LiPo?

At 20 Watt maximum discharge capacity, you can discharge LiPO. A duplexing battery will thus only be drained when it is fully charged. At a little bit more than 1.5 amps, increasing slightly as the voltage decreases.

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