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Crossfire Not Showing Up: Problem Solved

Flying RC planes is fun as long as everything functions well. One of the integral parts is the crossfire module.

If the crossfire’s stick doesn’t move on the screen, you can’t fly your plane. This simply means it’s not connected or denied signal access. 

But what would be the solution for crossfire not showing up?

First, identify where crossfire isn’t showing up. Is it the betaflight, computer, or an outdated crossfire module? There are solutions for these. You need to install a few drivers, check on the antenna placement. Adjust a few set up on the receiver’s tab. Only then can you expect crossfire to show up.

This is just a precap. In the latter part, we’ve discussed it in detail.

Keep reading to get the solution.

Crossfire Not Showing Up (Quick Fix)

If you’re a RC fan, you would know how crossfire has changed its dimension. It brings in newer technology that allows longer-range flying control. 
In order to experience crossfire blessings, proper setup is key. Many of us place the module wrongly, which results in crossfire not working.

Crossfire Not Showing Up
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The problem can start with the computer or remote controller. There’s a quick fix for the problem that starts with the remote control. 

First, let’s know how to connect the module to the controller.

Connect the crossfire module to the back of the FPV controller. Snap it in place. Turn the radio on with crossfire.

One of the silliest mistakes would be not adjusting the antenna beforehand. Here comes our quick fix.

The module you’ve might come with a detachable antenna. If so, make sure you install it before powering crossfire for the first time.

If you don’t have the antenna, you can get it from amazon.

This part fixes all the problems related to crossfire not responding. Not to worry if this isn’t your case. 

We’ve given an elaborated guideline next. That’ll show crossfire signal in the betaflight. The solution won’t be daunting like a cc3d usb device recognizing problem.

Solution 1: Update Firmware and Install Software 

When you unpack the crossfire module, ensure you’ve an updated firmware. Install the latest versions in your windows/ mac. If you’re using the TBS module, you’ll need AgentX software to do so.

Now, it’s time to plug the module with a USB cable into the computer. The USB cable should be one that’s compatible and working. To test it, you can plug in other devices with it.

If USB works with other devices but yours, install zadig software. Zadig is mainly used as a replacement for USB drivers. It makes the plug-in job easy.

Another tool you can use is the Impulserc Driver Fixer. It also works as a substitute for USB connection. This is helpful when the USB port or cable is faulty. 

Once you’re sure the crossfire module is connected, you can look for the signal. The plug-in job needs to be done consequently. 

In this way, you can fix the issue of crossfire on the computer. 

But, what if it’s not the computer? Your cleanflight or betaflight isn’t getting signal from the module. Then comes our next solution.

Solution 2: Execute Crossfire Lua Script 

You may be facing crossfire no stick movement in betaflight on the receiver tab. All the updates are done, it’s connected to the computer but still not showing up. It happens sometimes that betaflight or not connecting cleanflight with crossfire.

We’ve got a simple solution for this too. It can be done in both betaflight and cleanflight.

First, make sure the quad is powered on. Now go to the system’s tab and search for Lua script. 

On the SD card scroll down to the script option. From there go to the tools. In the tools, you’ll get your crossfire Lua script. Long press to get the execute option. There you see the nano diversity receiver tab.

Now click on that to start the actual work.

You’ll see at the bottom CH 1. You need to change the channel. Scroll over until it changes to crossfire TX (CRSF TX). It’ll automatically change the output 2 to CRSF RX. 

Back to the home tab. Look over at the betaflight screen. You’ll see stick movement. There you go, you won’t have any problem further regarding crossfire not working in betaflight. 

If you’re using a FrSky transmitter, we’ve a short section for you as well. 

You need to upgrade the module through the computer to get access. Then normally connect to the USB port, and flash the radio. Also, download the open TX companion software with firmware flash rating. 

Thus, the FrSky transmitter will enable crossfire and it’ll be visible on the radio.

The TBS Crossfire can be used on SBUS too.

A quick recap!

First, check on the antenna. Update all the firmware. If the USB is not working, go for Zadig and Impulserc driver fixer. Lastly, configure the crossfire setup on the receiver tab. 

Here, the Lua script plays a major part. It’s rare that crossfire Lua script doesn’t work. So, follow the steps accordingly for betaflight.

This marks the end of this troubleshoot guideline. We tried to communicate in simple language. Hope you’ve found it much easier now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Bind Crossfire to Nano?

To bind crossfire to nano follow a few steps. First, press long the bind button to power up the receiver. Release the button and aging holds it long. You can see the green LED start to flash rapidly. Now, leave the button. Once the update is done, it’ll flash slowly. And the binding is done.

Does Crossfire Use SBUS?

Crossfire uses SBUS when they don’t find available UART. Remember, SBUS can negatively affect the latency. So, better use it when there isn’t any option left. You can use the RX pin for SBUS. TX can be converted into softserial to use for smart audio or similar activity.

Does Crossfire Have Telemetry?

Yes, crossfire has telemetry. Telemetry is basically a wireless data transmitting system. Installation of crossfire gives RC devices the ability to catch the frequency of drone. Without telemetry, it won’t be possible. Crossfire with its advanced technology captures longer-range flying data.

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