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DEERC Helicopter Troubleshooting: Guide for DE51, DE52, DE54

DEERC Helicopters are without a doubt very popular among users. Be it DE51, DE52, or DE54. Nonetheless, there are a few common problems that occur that many complain about. 

Hence, in this comprehensive article, I am gonna talk about DEERC helicopter troubleshooting

DEERC helicopters face issues like it won’t lift off. Perhaps the power indicator is flashing nonstop or the remote won’t work. There are some easy fixes. Fully charge the batteries to stop the flashing. Pair it properly so it won’t go out of control. Or simply replacing the batteries can fix it. 

Still confused? Do not sweat! In this article, I am gonna provide you with troubleshooting guidance for your DEERC helicopter. Regardless of which model or version it is! 

Read on. 

Quick Troubleshooting Guide 

Here I have included all the issues of DEERC helicopters. 

It is better to mention that these are the common problems all the DEERC helicopters, more or less, encounter. Be it DE51, DE52, or DE54. 

Hence, here I have included a snapshot of everything. So you may take a brief glimpse at it. Thus you are gonna get the primary idea. 

Symptoms/ProblemsReasonA Quick Troubleshoot
Power Indicator flashingBattery out of powerCharge it for 60 minutes
Foul odorOverheating, leakageReplace the battery
Remote won’t workBattery not installed properly or deadInstalled batteries in right direction or replace it

Helicopter out of control
Failure to pair, lost control in the windPair it properly
Helicopter won’t lift offWeakened/ unbalanced batteriesCharge it/ Get some fresh batteries

That was the quick table for you! 

In the next part, I will be discussing everything in a more detailed and comprehensive manner. For your better understanding.

DEERC Helicopter

Possible Problem 1: Foul Odor

I am gonna entail the common problems, reasons, and ways of troubleshooting DEERC helicopters. 

It’s certainly a bit different from troubleshooting Skyrover helicopters.

Let’s first discuss the one that a high number of users complain about. 

Sometimes you may experience some foul odor coming from your device. We are gonna see why it happens in the next part. 


Whenever your battery is overheated, there’s a high chance it is gonna give out a nasty odor. It can also happen due to discoloration, leakage, or even deformation. 


If the battery is leaky, discolored, deformed, or has an offensive odor, it should be replaced. 

This issue is most prominent in the DE51 version. 

So, when Troubleshooting DEERC DE51 RC Helicopter, always keep the temperature in check. 

The temperature of the battery must never rise above 60 °C (140 °F). Or else it could be harmed or catch fire.

Never charge in a car, close to anything combustible, or on flammable surfaces. A good idea is to place your battery in any nonconductive, non-flammable container. 

Failure to adhere to the directions could result in serious injuries, irreparable battery damage, fire, smoke, or explosion, as well as other problems.

Also, prior to using or charging your battery, always ensure it is in satisfactory condition.

Try not to charge the battery with anything other than the authorized charger. Always charge your battery with a balanced charger. 

It is advised against using any other charger. Only use which has been given to you.

Following these would make sure you never encounter this certain type of issue ever again. 

Possible Problem 2: Helicopter Won’t Lift off

DEERC Helicopter red color

There is another most common problem that people complain about.  

That is they notice their helicopter won’t lift off. It is also deemed as the toilet bowl effect. 


One reason why when flying RC helicopter, it will not lift off is perhaps the issue with your batteries. The batteries have been somewhat unbalanced or weakened. 


First of all, you need to check if your batteries are charged or not. 

But just because your batteries are charged doesn’t guarantee they are operating at their best. 

Expect it to weaken and experience problems, especially if they are rather old and have had a few cycles. 

So, you are gonna check the voltages with the help of a multimeter. The voltage of a totally charged battery cell is supposed to be 4.2V. Not any above or below than that. 

I advise you to proceed with a storage drain and recharge the battery with a balance charger if you discover that the voltages are off. Once more, check the voltages.

It could be time to get some fresh batteries if the issue is still present. This time, just make sure that you are taking good care of that LiPo!

Possible Problem 3: Power Indicator Flashing

Sometimes, while flying this problem occurs. You might notice the power indicator of the helicopter is flashing. 


Well, there are specific reasons as to why it occurs. The most possible one is that your helicopter ran out of power.  


Users of DEERC DE52 RC Helicopters complain about this the most. 

So, let’s get into Troubleshooting DEERC DE52 RC Helicopter of which the power indicator keeps flashing. 

To solve this, please put an end to your flight whenever it happens. Then you are gonna turn off the power. Then just remove the battery. 

Now you are gonna connect the USB charging cable to the computer and power bank. Or perhaps the USB adapter’s USB charging port. 

Now connect the USB charging wire to the port.

About 60 minutes are needed for charging.

During the time your USB charging cable is charging, that red indicator light would turn on. 

After the thing is fully charged, then it is gonna switch off.

However, sometimes problems like your lipo batteries will not charge may arise. That is a matter for another day! 

Possible Problem 4: The Remote won’t Work 

This is another common issue with helicopters. Especially with the DEERC DE54 helicopters. You may sometimes find that the remote doesn’t work. 


The reason for this is those Batteries in it haven’t been installed in an accurate manner. Or maybe the battery is dead. 


The fix is super simple and easy. Especially when we are Troubleshooting DEERC DE54 RC Helicopter. 

Insert batteries in the correct direction if you think they are not placed properly. 

And if that does not fix the issue, it can be that the battery is dead. In that case, consider replacing the batteries. 

You can purchase these lipo batteries for this purpose. 

Possible Problem 5: The Helicopter’s Out Of Control 

There can be times while flying you may encounter this problem. Your helicopter might behave erratically and go out of control. 


One reason why it happens might be the failure in pairing between your helicopter and remote. 

Or perhaps it has lost control in the wind. 


What you can do in this situation is not fly in the intense wind. 

Or while both rebooting, you are gonna turn on the plane first. Then turn on the remote. 

And the issue should be fixed!

How to Perform the Pairing?

DEERC Helicopter white color

Knowing how to Pair the correct way while you’re dealing with RC cars is very crucial. 

You need to do it once the remote and the helicopter’s batteries have been put in.

So, when the helicopter’s power switch is turned on, the power indicator will start to flash rapidly. Then Keep the chopper level. Take it out of your hand.

When you turn on the remote’s power switch, you’ll hear the sound “Di”. And see a flashing power indicator.

To pair with the helicopter, move the left joystick upward and downward. 

When they properly pair, you will hear the “Di” sound once more, and the power indicators of the remote control and the helicopter will both turn solid.

Battery Warnings For DEERC Helicopters

Here I have included some tips or you can say warnings for your helicopter’s batteries. 

Failure to conform to all these instructions might result in severe injury. Or perhaps some irremediable damage to your battery. It might also result in a fire, or explosion.

Check Battery’s Condition: 

Before using or charging the battery, always make sure it is in good condition.

If the battery is leaky, discolored, deformed, or has an offensive odor, it should be replaced.

Only Use the Authorized Charger: 

Never charge a battery with anything other than an authorized charger. 

Always charge your battery with a balanced charger. 

It is instructed against utilizing any other charger. Just use the one you have gotten with the item.

Protect from Overheating:

The temperature of the battery must never rise above 60 °C (140 °F), or else it could be harmed or catch fire.

Never charge in a car, close to anything combustible, or on flammable surfaces. 

It is better to place them in a non-flammable as well as a non-conductive container.

Inspect the Output Voltage: 

Do not leave the battery charging while the item is unattended. Never puncture the cells or disassemble the wiring of the housing. 

Always inspect to notice if the charger’s output voltage corresponds to the battery’s voltage. 

Try not to overcharge the battery which might result in a short circuit.

Protect from Moisture And Sunlight:

Never store a battery where temperatures could surpass 60°C or expose it to dampness or direct sunlight. 

Always try to keep it out of your children’s reach.

Ensure Proper Battery Usage:

A fire, or explosion, or even many dangers might occur from an improper battery usage.

Batteries which ain’t rechargeable can’t be charged again. 

Only rechargeable batteries should be charged under an adult’s supervision.

Check the Polarity And More:

Batteries of different sorts, whether they are brand-new or used, should never be combined.

The proper polarity must be used while installing batteries.

To prevent short circuits, the supply terminal should be utilized carefully. 

You need to review for damage to the cord, plug, or other parts. It is instructed to often examine the transformer as well as the battery charger. 

It must not be used until any damage has been fixed if it has been noticed.

Since the package carries vital information, it must be preserved.

Only Class II equipment with the emblem is permitted to be connected to the toy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does my DEERC helicopter spin in circles?

Reversing the gyro sense is one of the typical things that can make a helicopter spin out of control. For the tail, there are two reverse controls. The TX reversal is the first, which turns around what the stick instructs the tail to do.

How do you charge a propel RC helicopter?

balance charger for a charger The helicopter’s power switch should be turned off. Put the charging plug into the helicopter’s socket. When in charging mode, the charger LED changes from green to red. When charging is complete, the charger LED changes from red to green.

Can my RC helicopter be controlled with a phone?

You may use a USB-connected HELO TC for doing it. Use it as a charging station. This way you can connect any iPhone or Android smartphone and control it. That is, through a flight deck.

Wrapping Up 

Hope I have resolved your confusion regarding DEERC helicopter troubleshooting

Now you know what to do. Go through this guide very carefully. And attempt to specify which is the one problem that fits yours. Then find out the reasons associated with that as you’ve got this guide handy. And fix them following the instructions given. 

This is all for now. Have a terrific day!

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