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DJI Account Not Logged In- 2 Simplest Solution!

Can any DJI user claim to not have faced the DJI Login error? I sure cannot. It is as frustrating as it is common. 

But on the contrary, the solutions are fast and simple. They do not even require any brain cells, figuratively speaking.

So what do you do if you face DJI account not logged in?

To solve the DJI account logged-out issue all you have to do is either reinstall the app or verify your DJI account. That will effectively get rid of your problem. If it doesn’t, you’ll need a compatible device to log in to your account. Also, make sure you’ve entered the required email properly. 

To know more about the DJI account login error please read through the rest of the article.

So, why the delay? Get going!

How Frequent is This Problem?

The ‘account not logged in’ error is seen across many of the apps developed by DJI. Aside from that, you can also find some issues on DJI Fly and other apps.

However, it is most prevalent in DJI fly. It is also frequently seen in DJI GO and sometimes in Ronin and Mimo as well.

How Frequent is This Problem

The graph above is based on 315 user reports of the ‘Account not logged in’ error. 

What’s the Reason Behind the DJI Login Problem?

The DJI login problem occurs due to many reasons. But you can resolve issues on DJI go, Fly, and other apps.

However, a common denominator in every app is a buggy installation. However, some of the reasons are listed below. 

Logging in with the Wrong Email

If you log in with the wrong email, your log-in attempts will not be verified. That causes the app to show the  ‘Account not logged in’ message. 
According to many user reports, they faced this problem multiple times with the DJI Fly app. The app requires the correct email to authorize the drone flights.

DJI Fly app
Source: DJI Forum

This error may also occur in the DJI GO app for the very same reason. 


Trying to fly the drone in an authorization zone might get you the error message. But that’s only when you’re not logged in to your DJI verified account.

Source: BBC

Geofencing is the way DJI makes sure you can’t fly your drone in restricted areas. It is also how you can get authorized with the right certification. To get certified, that’s where you need your account. 

So that is why if you fly your drone without logging in, it shows this message to you. 

Buggy Installation

This is a common reason for the error. A buggy or interrupted installation can often result in a login error. 

If your installation gets interrupted and/or you get unlucky. The app often bugs out and shows this message. Even if you are logged in.


This message often occurs on incompatible android and IOS devices. Every app has a compatibility list posted. 

You can check that to know if you can run the app without errors or not. This happened to a lot of users with the Samsung galaxy s21. Because of incompatibility, their devices show this message.

Check out these angry users who updated to android 12 and taking a piss at DJI app on play store.

OS Specific Reasons

This problem is not exclusive to either android or IOS. Users have reported this problem on android, iOS and even on windows 10H2.

OS Specific Reasons
Source: DJI Forum

How to Get Rid of the Pesky Login Error Easily?

It’s as annoying as when the DJI pilot doesn’t work. As it is, this error is just as easy to solve. However, the solution and its complexity depend on the reason. 

For generic reasons like buggy installation all you have to do is reinstall the application. Sometimes even restarting the app works. 

Let’s get right into the other solutions reasons-wise- 

Wrong Email Fiasco

Let’s assume you have used the wrong email to log in. There are two ways you can solve this issue. 

First Way: The first way is the easiest one. All you truly have to do is log out of the wrong account. Then log in with your own correct email.

Second Way: The second way is kinda redundant. All you have to do is contact DJI support and make it clear. 

They’ll only ask you to show proof of ownership. You will have to show your receipt. That’s it. They’ll recover the same account for you. 

Yep, as simple as that! Now you’ll be able to verify your account and authorize your flights. 


Getting right to the meat of the matter. You can get around Geofencing in two ways. They are listed below-
Self-Verification: You can verify your own flight in blue authorization zones if you have a verified account. That’s called self-verification. You don’t need it in green zones. You can do it yourself through the DJI Fly or GO app.

Source: ardronesolutions

Custom Verification: This kind of verification needs a license. You have to verify your license on the website. This is required only to fly in a red authorization zone. You’re going to have to verify your license on the DJI website. 

You can also find the zones on the DJI website to know about the zones. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you fly a DJI drone without a phone?

Yes, you can fly a drone without a phone. You only have to use the smart controller, or a tablet with the DJI firmware downloaded. The only exception is the Mavic mini.

Do I need a DJI account to fly?

Yes, Because you need the authorization to fly the drone in certain areas. You can only do it via your account. 

Can DJI disable a stolen drone?

No, DJI cannot disable a stolen drone. Nor can DJI track it via its last location. So, it is entirely up to you to recover the stolen drone.

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