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Is DJI Assistant not Recognizing Your Aircraft? (Follow the Fixes)

It’s a sunny day. You’ve got some awesome drone shots with a DJI aircraft. You can’t wait to see how they turned out!

So, grabbing the USB cable, you plugged it into your PC. But something strange happens.

You can’t find the device driver on your PC!

Why isn’t the DJI assistant not recognizing

The DJI assistant can’t recognize it because the PC failed to install the external driver. But there’s nothing to worry about. You can fix this problem by changing a few settings and installing the driver manually. You might find this issue with other DJI drones, controllers, and goggles.   

Luckily, I found the solution for all these DJI products. I’ve listed fixes for a couple of common DJI drones and controllers. Continue reading if you’re looking for a solution too! 

Reasons for DJI Assistant Recognizing Problem

DJI Assistant failing to recognize devices and drones is common. Here’s someone who is facing the same issue too.

Before anything else, I want to clarify the reason why DJI assistants have recognizing problems. I think you should be aware of the reason first. It’ll help you to fix the problem better. 

So, there’s good news. You don’t have to worry about too much stuff here. There is only one reason behind this problem. And that is failing to install the external driver.

Let me explain to you a bit. When you download the DJI assistant app, it takes up space in the external drive. But if you fail to install that driver, the app couldn’t be traced.

As a result, the DJI Assistant finds it difficult to recognize your drone. In many cases, it might not recognize the smart controller and goggles too! 

So, fixing the external driver installation can solve your problem like magic!

And you’ll get to know that procedure step by step in the next segment. So, keep reading till the end of the article.

DJI Assistant Recognizing Problem

Step-by-Step Solution if DJI Assistant Not Recognizing Drone 

You might have seen Propel Batwing Drone flying problems all around the internet. But who knew recognizing the drone would be an issue!

Well, now that it’s a problem, I’m here to help. I’ll start with a general solution for all types of DJI drones. 

But first thing’s first. You have to download the updated version of DJI Assistant 2 package from their official website. Downloading an outdated version might be the root cause of your problem. 

If the DJI assistant is not recognizing still, follow the steps below. I hope this will get your problem solved.

Step 1: Connect the Aircraft

First, you have to press the power button on the aircraft. Once it’s powered on, connect it to a PC. Use a USB cable in this case.

Step 2: Click the Start Button

Now, you have to go to the Device Manager on your PC. After that, click on the START button. Simply, type in Device Manager and it’ll pop on the screen. 

You may see the category list contracted. You can expand the category list. It’ll be easier for you to work. 

Step 3: Install the Driver

Then, you’ll see an option called Unknown Device. As soon as you can see it, right-click it. After that, select Update Driver.

You’ll see a pop up window with two options. Click on the one that says ‘Browse my computer for driver software.’ Then, once again click on Browse. It’ll take you to the driver’s location.

There will be a Next button at the down, right corner of the pop up. Click on it and the driver will be installed. 

Finally, unplug the USB cable and plug it back. Launch the DJI Assistant 2. You’re done!

By following this procedure step-by-step, the DJI Assistant should recognize your drone. 

However, sometimes you might face the same problem in a particular drone model. I’ll try to address these drones in the following segments with guidelines. Continue reading if you face any issue with your aircraft.

DJI Assistant Not Recognizing Drone

What to Do When DJI Assistant 2 Not Recognizing Mavic Series

The DJI has 3 top-notch aircrafts under their Mavic series. If you’re a DJI fan, you know how popular these drones are. 

So, if you’re having issues with any of these Mavic series, the following segments will help you.  

DJI Assistant 2 Not Recognizing Mavic Pro:

When you see DJI assistant not recognizing the Mavic Pro, change the USB cable. Sometimes trying a different type of USB cable helps in recognizing the aircraft.

But here’s the tricky part.The controller should be off when you’re connecting the cable. I know it’s a bit weird but this is how it works. Power on the controller after the cable is plugged in.

DJI Assistant 2 Not Recognizing Mavic Pro

DJI Assistant 2 not Recognizing Mavic Air:

You might find the DJI air unit not connecting to the DJI assistant. Surprisingly, it’s not that complicated an issue.

DJI Mavic Air doesn’t have many problems. The recognizing issue occurs when you have an outdated DJI Assistant. 

So, the best way to tackle this is to upgrade your DJI Assistant. This is also the solution for DJI Assistant 2 not Recognizing Mavic Mini.

Here’s a guide on how to set up a DJI Assistant

Now, let’s see what to do when DJI Assistant 2 does not recognize the controller.

DJI Assistant 2 does not recognize the controller

What to Do When DJI Assistant Not Recognizing Smart Controller 

First, try checking with other operating systems. Most of the time this problem happens in Windows 10.

The reason is DJI has a problematic firmware update in their latest version. So, it makes the USB cable incompatible with the PC to some extent. 

What you can do is revert the firmware to the older version. Hopefully, the assistant will recognize the smart controller then. 

What to Do When DJI Assistant 2 Not Recognizing Goggles

Okay, so you won’t believe the solution I’m about to give you.

Did you notice the micro USB cable that came with the DJI Goggles? Well, if you’re not using it, the DJI Assistant won’t recognize it. 

Strange! Isn’t it?

But before anything else, you must ensure one thing. You have to download the latest version of DJI Assistant. Or else, nothing will work. 

And on another note, keep the DJI products always charged. If your DJI spark battery isn’t charging, take the necessary steps. Without a good battery, it’s hard to connect to your PC. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Why won’t my phone connect to my DJI controller?

The reason your phone isn’t connecting to the DJI controller is a faulty Wi-fi connection. If this happens, switch off the Wi-fi in your drones. Now, turn it back. It’s better if you can restart the Wi-fi to connect the drone. This will help to connect it to your phone.  

How do I update my DJI assistant?

To update your DJI assistant, push the power button on the remote controller. Go to your DJI account. You’ll find an option called ‘Mavic 2 RC’. Select it. Now, click on ‘Firmware Updates’. There will be a list of firmware versions. Choose your preferred version and click ‘Upgrade’. You’re done!

How do I connect my DJI smart controller to my PC?

To connect DJI smart controller to the PC, go to your PC and open Settings. Follow Gaming>Xbox gaming mode. Then, open the Smart Controller and follow this: Setting>Display>Cast>Wireless Display. Go back to the PC’s projection setting and connect the app. A blue screen will pop in and you’re done!

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