dji authorization zone unlock not working

DJI Authorization Zone Unlock Not Working [Solved]

Want to fly your DJI drone in an authorization zone? But cannot get the unlock system to work? 

So why is dji authorization zone unlock not working?

DIJ authorization zone unlock is not working because DJi removed the self-unlock feature. Now the only process is to manually make an unlock request to DJI. This has to be done through their website. Plus you will have to follow a detailed procedure. 

This is just the gist of it. A solution to the whole problem is provided in this article right here!

Why Is DJI Authorization Zone Unlock Not Working? 

Previously there were two ways you could unlock the authorization zone. By custom unlocking and self unlocking. 

Self-unlock was easy and convenient. So most users used that feature. But for security purposes, DJI decided to remove it.

Now the process of unlocking the authorization zone is to manually request DJI. And, a lot of people face this problem of DJI authorization zone not unlocking.

How to Unlock Authorization Zone

Well, the solution is to get an unlock request through the DJI website. Follow our instructions and you shouldn’t have any problems.

How to Unlock Authorization Zone
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Step 1: Visiting DJI’s Website And Logging In

To put up the unlock request, you have to first visit DJI’s website. Now start scrolling down the page until you find the section “Unlocking Requests”. There you will see a button “Unlock The Zone”

Click on the button and you’ll be instructed to log into your DJI account. If you are dji authorization zone account not logged in, click on create an account and create one. 

Usually, the login process goes smoothly. But sometimes there may be issues with logging in to DJI.

This may be your first time logging in to a dji account. In that case, you will have to fill out an authentication application. Click on the blue button and fill out the form that appears. 

Even users with older accounts may need to fill this form out. The form provides DJI with information regarding you, and your reasons for flying. 

First, you will be told to choose between three types of accounts. Personal account, organization account, and government account. Each type of account has its own requirements and liabilities. 

Select the type of account you want based on who you are. 

After selecting the type of account, scroll down and select your country. Now another form shall appear based on your account’s type. Fill in the new form with all the required info.

Once you are done with the form, click on submit. After everything is complete, go to the DJI flysafe section of DJI’s website. 

This section has the history of your unlock requests. And also the option for creating new unlock requests. 

Step 2: Creating an Unlock Request 

Click on the blue button labeled “New Unlock Request”.  It will open an unlock request notice. We highly recommend you read through this notice because there are legal liabilities. 

The notice will mention that DJI can deny your request alongside other legal restrictions. After reading through the page, go to the bottom. Click on confirm and continue. 

It is time to select the type of zone unlock request you will be doing. The two options you will be provided with are Custom Unlocking and Zone Unlocking. 

Custom Unlocking means you will have to manually provide the boundaries of the area. This might be a little more difficult. 

Zone Unlocking unlocks an entire zone. Zones are already premade by DJI and this will unlock the whole selected zone. This option is easier but might not always cover where you want to fly. 

After selecting which type of request you want, a new form will pop up. The Zone Unlocking Form will have information provided previously and will require some more. This form will vary based on your account’s type. 

You will need to provide more information about the drone and pilot for this particular operation. First, click the down arrow in the combo box under devices. Then proceed to provide the required information about your drone. 

Next click on “Add Device” and select the flight controller number for the drone you will use. 

Finally, select “add pilot” and provide the pilot’s information. Now click “Next.”

Step 3: Selecting Authorization Zone

Once you have completed the form, you will be selecting the authorization zone. This page too will appear differently based on the type of request you put in. 

For zone unlock, you will be presented with a search text field to locate the authorization zone. Look up the specific authorization zone you want to unlock. Now select the highlighted specific zone you want to fly in. 

For “custom unlock “you will need to specify your flying zone on the map. 

Just beneath the map, you will be able to confirm that your specified zone is selected. Now provide the date and reason you want to fly. After you have completed the form, proceed to click on submit 

Step 4: Checking If the Request Was Accepted

And that’s it. Now you will return to the fly safe section of the website. There you will see your newly submitted request. 

If the request got accepted, you will see the status of the request as a green “accepted.”

Step 5: Getting The Unlock Certificate Onto The Drone

First power on the drone. Then launch the DJI app you will be using to fly. This article is based on the DJI GO4 app. The app generally works fine, but sometimes you may face issues with the DJI assistant.

Start by clicking the three dots on top of your screen, this will bring out the main menu. Afterward, click on the three dots on the bottom left of the menu to open general settings. 

Now proceed to scroll down to “unlocking license”. And then tap it to enter the node. 

After entering the node you will see your previous unlocking license. Notice that the app is selected at the top of the screen. Click on “Sync” at the bottom present on the screen. You should receive a message that the sync was complete. 

But you will still see the previous license only (if there is any). But worry not. What you have to do is tap “import to aircraft” and tap aircraft on top of the screen. 

Now you will see the new license on your screen. Now toggle the icon at the right of the license and you will see a prompt. Confirm that you’re qualified to fly in this zone and that you bear full responsibility for the flight.  

With that, the drone is unlocked to fly in that authorized zone for that requested date. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is DJI Flysafe?

The DJI FlySafe is DJi’s latest GeoZone software. It has a better geofencing system. This allows enhanced safety and protection of airports and other restricted areas. The new system makes use of a layered 3D safety zone for the areas. 

Can I fly in DJI authorization zone?

Yes, you can fly in some DJI authorization zones, but you will need a permit. All flights in authorization zones are locked by default. You will need to get permission prior to flying in these areas. You can get a permit through the DJI FlySafe website.

Can you fly drones in national parks?

You cannot fly drones, DJI, or any other, over national parks. Flying outside the park’s boundaries is legally permitted. NPS’s website does not provide a legal or proper description of Line of Sight. But the site says that you are to fly Line of Sight in accordance to FAA

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