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DJI Care Refresh vs Geek Squad: Which Is The More Reliable Service?

Everyone now has modernized their lifestyle with electronic devices. But these little buggers tend to stop working or get damaged very often. 

It can be stressful to decide which repair service to send your expensive device to. And whether they are authentic or not.

We assume you’re here because you’re confused about which repair service you should send your drone to.

Maybe a DJI Care Refresh vs. Geek Squad head-to-head comparison will help?

DJI Care Refresh is a reliable insurance plan that provides accidental damage control and repair. Geek Squad provides instant or remote tech help and service offers. DJI CF offers services for their drones following two kinds of plans. Geek’s exchange perks are available under certain conditions.

But that’s not all. Stay with us till the end of this article to learn about these two services.

Let’s dive into it. 

Quick Overview 

Let’s have a quick glance at what separate things these two services have to offer.

Attribute DJI Care Refresh Geek squad 
Supported product  Drones and handheld photography device Drones, Camera, Car Electronics, Mobile, Computer, TV, Video game
Replacement cost Depending on the product, an additional cost for replacementFree replacement upon timeline condition 
Protection plan Available for 1 and 2 years Upto 24-month protection with membership
Loyalty reward for safe use Available Not available 
Recycle No recycling Recycle is done 

That’s a quick guide. But to get more ideas you need to learn in-depth. For that, we’ve next segment for you.

DJI Care Refresh

Detailed analysis: 

Now we will dig into each feature for a detailed analysis of their quality of service.

Supported products: 

As DJI is a drone company, they only service their drones and handheld photography devices. Available services are repair and exchange.

Geek Squad provides repair, installation, returns, and exchange. They provide these services for drones, mobiles, cameras, home appliances, TV, video games, and much more. 

Winner: Geek Squad provides a wider range of services. 

Replacement cost: 

You can get a replacement of your old damage done for a new one from Care Refresh. There is a partial cost that needs to be paid to proceed with the exchange. However, it will take a certain time to ship any DJI product for replacement.

For replacement of damaged or flyaway drones, DJI charges a fee depending on various models. Damage fees can range from $20 to $260 depending on the model. Flyaway fees can range from $150 to $1200 on the same condition as well. 

Models included for damaged drones: All

Models include for flyaway:  DJI Mini 3 Pro, DJI Mavic 3, DJI Mavic 3 Cine, DJI AIR 2S, Mavic Air 2, DJI Mini 2, and DJI Mini SE. Here’s what DJI has to say about DJI Care Refresh.

Our other competitor, Geek squad will replace damaged products upon receiving date. Standard members of Geek Squad can apply for return and exchange 15 days after receiving. And Best Buy Totaltech members can enjoy this perk within 60 days after receiving it. 

Winner: Care Refresh will still allow replacement at a cost. Geek Squad provides free replacement within a certain short time. It’s a preference-based choice.

Protection plan: 

DJI Care Refresh provides two kinds of protection plans for their drones. They are briefly explained below.

Features 1-year plan 2- year plan 
Service period 1 year 2 years 
Number of replacements 2 (including flyaway coverage)3 (including flyaway coverage)
Extended service Not available Extended to another 24 months 
Maintenance service 12
Discounted repair 2 (15% off)3 (15% off)

Geek Squad provides similar insurance with their membership called “Best Buy Totaltech” under $200. A list of their perks is-

  • Free tech support 24/7
  • 24 months of product protection with active membership 
  • Free delivery and standard installation on Best Buy purchases.
  • Access to exclusive Total Tech member price.
  • Free 2-day shipping.
  • 60 days for exchange or return.

Winner: Care Refresh provides a 1-2 year full-proof insurance plan. Geek Squad just provides membership perks.

Geek Squad

Loyalty reward for safe use: 

Have you safely used your DJI product for 1 year without issuing any service from Care Refresh? Then DJI will reward you with another year of extended warranty. 

Sadly, Geek Squad doesn’t provide any reward like that.

Winner: DJI Care Refresh wins this easily for the added benefit. 


Some parts of drone are recycle and disposable. Such as you can dispose drone batteries.

DJI Care Refresh currently does not have an option for recycling old products. 

Geek Squad on the other hand seems like it has it all figured out. Geek Squad recycles TV, computer, phone, house appliance, and much more. 

They collect old or broken electronics and send them to a recycling center. The e-wastes are then broken down or shredded and then reused to make new products. 

They are concerned about increasing e-wastes in our environment. It’s impressive that they are working to minimize them. 

Winner: Geek Squad wins this easily for taking such an eco-friendly initiative.

Which One Should You Go For?

That was a challenging comparison of DJI Care refresh vs Geek Squad. Both of them are very good and reliable for servicing your electronics.

DJI has more expertise in servicing drones than any other company. It’s because their entire brand is based on drones and handheld photography devices. You can also creat and verify your own DJI account for basic advantages.

But Geek Squad offers a variety of servicing of different appliances via third-party repairmen. They are promising and true to their work. 

Care Refresh provides a well-rounded 1 or 2-year insurance plan. On the other hand, Geek Squad provides membership perks.

If your concern is solely drones you can check out Care Refresh. But if you have more electronics in your concern then Geek Squad is a good option too.

Geek Squad vs DJI Care refresh

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does a prepaid USP label for shipping mean?

UPS or United Parcel Service uses prepaid labels for returning products to companies quickly and accurately. Usually, the sender has to clear the shipping charge of the label. If the label is already owned by a company then it means they are paying for shipping. 

How do I purchase a DJI Care Refresh?

Purchasing a DJI product with DJI Care Refresh altogether will enable the service for you. You just have to choose at checkout which year plan you want. 

What other things do Geek Squad actually offer?

Geek squad provides in-store, on-site service, and remote access over the internet service for any tech problem. It also diagnoses issues in and repairs all consumer electronics and appliances.

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