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DJI Crystal Sky Alternative ( 2 Alternatives)

A drone without a drone monitor is useless if you want constant monitoring. You need a clear, bright display to track and navigate your drone. A hazy, dark display may end up capturing the wrong footage. 

If you have a DJI drone, you may be thinking of buying a crystal sky monitor. But wait up, check out some DJI crystal sky alternatives.

You get enough alternatives to DJI crystal sky. One could be the tripltek with the brightest display. Another one is the Samsung Galaxy TabA. Both are cheaper than crystal sky and more compatible with DJI drones. However, they have their downsides. It’s on you what features you prioritize.

As a drone enthusiast, you need to invest in drone tablets.mmmmmm It’s not always a hefty amount. Find out more on this in our article.

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4 Reasons You Need to Look for a DJI Crystal Sky Alternative

DJI Crystal Sky Alternative
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Different types of drones such as DJI need to have a compatible drone monitor for a better experience. Keeping this in mind, DJI launched the DJI crystal sky drone monitor. Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to the expectations. 

There are a number of reasons for the failure of the DJI crystal sky monitor. The reasons further pushed the potential purchaser to look for alternatives. 

Let’s find out the reasons next.


There is no apparent reason why DJI didn’t get access to crystal sky to its apps. Yes, you read that correctly.

DJI crystal sky is not compatible with the fly app. In order to connect the drone, you need some other third-party support. 

But, there are other monitors in the market that are compatible with DJI drones. This is a major reason you need to search for an alternative to the crystal sky.


DJI crystal sky price falls in the premium category. You can get a 7-inch version for around $700 to $800. Whilst you can get a cheaper alternative with better performance.

Besides, you’ll need to bear an additional setup cost for crystal sky monitors.


Another downside of crystal sky is that it has an older android version. Also, it only supports older versions of the go 4 app. 

You won’t get support for 64 bits apps as well. To add to this,  you won’t find fly app of DJI on the play store

It’s quite evident, the DJI crystal sky is lagging far behind in the game of software. 


The drone monitors are mostly used outdoors. It’s important these monitors provide enough brightness under sunlight. 

DJI tried to excel in this segment. It launched an ultra-bright tablet version. But it costs around $1099. 

The 5.5-inch version has 1000 nits for brightness which is less than its competitors. 

So, now you know it’s better to get an alternative to DJI crystal sky. 

2 Alternatives to DJI Crystal Sky

Surely, you’ve made up your mind to go with an alternative after reading the first half. We’ve also come up with two suggestions. The alternatives won’t cost you a fortune while giving you top-notch quality. 

Let’s see which one fits your requirements. Is it a Tripltek tablet or Samsung Galaxy TabA?

Tripltek Tablet:

A professional drone monitor on a budget is a dream for many. But, tripletek tablets make this dream come true.

You can get a bright display of 1200 nits tablet. The display doesn’t change its color under bright sunlight. You can normally see the display even after wearing polarized sunglasses. 

It supports the fly app. That means there’s no need for a third-party app. It has a huge battery backup with a rugged body.

The only negative side is its screen resolution. You’ll get a 720p in comparison to crystal sky’s 1080p resolution. Other than that Tripltek tabs don’t require additional cost for set up. 

Talking about set up, Tripltek easily fits into the original clamp that comes with drones. Crystal sky needs to install a remote-controlled DJI crystal sky mountaineering bracket. This alone costs $89. Without setting up you won’t find how far does your dji phantom go.

Apart from screen resolution, you’re getting a high-performing drone monitor for just $599. Isn’t it a win-win situation?

Samsung Galaxy Tab A:

Now let’s dive into a more budget-friendly option.

The Samsung Galaxy TabA offers features as simple as flying in under $200. It supports the DJI fly app and newer versions of Go 4. 

You can upgrade its storage. It’s not bulky at all. You can easily handle it and also use it for your other regular activities.

But for some reason, it doesn’t have a USB C port. It still gives you the old micro USB port. 

This tab comes in two variants. One has a 720p resolution and will cost $129.99. Another one comes in 1080p for $ 179.99. Isn’t this cheap for monitoring your drone?

These two alternatives serve you the purpose as DJI crystal sky monitors but better. It wouldn’t be wrong if I say Triplek is the brightest tablet for drones. And also Galaxy TabA is a portable, handy, pocket-friendly device for drones. 

It’s completely up to your requirements. Pick any one of these as an alternative to DJI crystal sky. You won’t regret it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is There an Alternative to DJI Fly App?

Yes, there are plenty of other third-party apps that can substitute DJI fly apps. Litchi is the first option. Besides android apps, like dronelink, lime, and more are available. You get a lot of options to choose from. But, it depends on the app’s compatibility with the monitor and the features it offers. 

Does DJI Crystal Sky Have GPS?

Yes, the DJI crystal sky has GPS. A drone monitor’s job is to track the location of drones in the sky. There’s no exception with crystal sky. Instead of Google Maps, they use MapBox which works like GPS. You need an internet connection for locating your drone.

Is Crystal Sky Compatible With Mini2?

No, DJI Mini2 is not compatible with crystal sky. The system requirement of Mini2 doesn’t support crystal sky features. Although both are from the same company, DJI didn’t build a monitor that supports its drone. But crystal sky is highly compatible with the Phantom series of DJI.

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