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DJI Drones No Video Feed – 6 Reasons And Solutions

Flying drones around in the neighborhood is a fun and interesting way to spend your leisure. But on a side note, you have to be ready for a lot of problems.

So why do DJI drones no video feed happen?

The most obvious reason for DJI drones no video feed can be that you’re out of the radio zone. Sometimes other frequencies can interrupt the signals. Or you might be using a third-party wi-fi connection. You should always check your drone’s battery level before flying. 

Does this seem like what you’re looking for? Then this article will explain all the reasons and solutions behind this problem. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

3 Common DJI No Video Feed Problems

If you’re flying a DJI drone, having this problem is not uncommon. You can have DJI mini 2 no video problems. You can also have Mavic air 2 with no camera feed problem

It’s common with other drones too. For example the spark, Mavic mini, and mini 2 models. Here are the 3 most common problems you can encounter. 

Problem 1: DJI App Not Working on S22 Ultra

The reason behind this could be that your DJI app may be running on different networks. Sometimes apps running in the background can stop you from seeing the video feed. 


The DJI app needs to be used on the same network as the drone. It’s for communication with the remote controller. 

DJI drones don’t have the live streaming capability. So you’ll need to download your photos or videos to a computer to edit them. If you are unplugging your drone, ensure that the app is closed and powered off before.

Problem 2: DJI Drones No Video Feed on PC

This happens because there is no Wi-Fi signal to connect the remote controller and the drone.

 Also if an app runs background on your device and consumes all of the available memory. It will cause lag or frame drop when playing video on your device. This will result in DJI drones not showing any video feed.


Check if you are in a place where there is no Wi-Fi. Or check the internet connection. Then check if the video card is detected or not by the computer.

Problem 3: DJI Fly App Cracked

This is a similar problem to DJI drone controller settings incorrect. It can happen because of a system error or the DJI drone fly app is invalid.

 There may be something wrong with your settings on the DJI drone controller. Such as battery calibration, bad solder joints, or inverted wires.

Here is a post where a user faced the no video feed issue because of the app update.


The best solution is to open up the controller board and make sure everything looks right inside. This problem could also be solved by reinstalling the app and/or restarting your phone. Sometimes solutions can be that simple.

Do these problems feel familiar to you? You’ll learn about the reasons behind these problems and their solution in the following section.

DJI Fly App

6 Reasons Why You Find DJI Drones No Video Feed

Here are 6 possible reasons why your DJI drones might not show you their video feed. We’ve also mentioned the ways to fix it as well.

Reason 1: Wi-Fi Connection Lost

The most common reason for the DJI drones not feeding video is for lost Wi-Fi signal

In other words, your drone is ready to fly but it cannot connect with the remote controller. We suggest that you update the firmware and application of your drone and then try again.


To fix this first, turn off the controller. Go to “Wi-Fi Settings” on your drone. Then disconnect the Wi-Fi connection of your smartphone and reconnect it again. You will see a message “Wi-Fi is being restarted”.

Next, restart the controller with the battery of your smartphone inserted into it. Wait for 2 or 3 minutes until you see a message that says “Wi-Fi is ready to use”.

Start flying your DJI drone again. If the problem prevails, take a look at the other problems.

Reason 2: Using Third-Party Wi-Fi Connection

This is the second most common reason for not receiving the video feed from DJI drones. For example, if you are controlling your drone via a third-party iPad or tablet. 

Then there might be a chance that you might lose your signal or Wi-Fi connection. Third-party software also creates problems for the Spectrum Dx series if you’re using one.


You should use DJI’s client application to control the drone. It has the best support, and it can fix any problem that comes up.

Reason 3: You Are Moving/Changing Your Location

DJI makes their drones very easy to fly. And they have a comprehensive set of applications and software for them. But we still suggest that you always check if your drone is updated. Also if it’s installed with all the latest features or not. 


You will first have to check if your application is up to date. This can be done by going to the official DJI app store and checking for updates. Make sure that all of your software related to your drone is updated and installed. This will eliminate the problem of no video feed.

Check if you have something turned on that is interfering with the signal. Or check for something else that might be causing the issue with connection or signal problems.

Reason 4: Video Feed Control Range Is Exceeded 

This happens if you cross the control range of your DJI drone. Usually, the control range for DJI drones is 4-8 km. 

The manufacturers build it like this to prevent people from using devices that work against the manufacturer’s purposes. There is an option under the DJI Go app called Flight Mode. In this mode, you won’t be able to do any video recording or live streaming while flying. 


You need to recalibrate the range or fly closer to the device that you are controlling.  You will need to make sure you activated the video feed in your controller settings. And then retry flying. 

Reason 5: Drone Battery Level Too Low 

The live video transmission can stop if the drone battery level is too low for video transmission. Sometimes you might see that your DJI didn’t take charge even though it was kept in charge.


Charge up before taking off again or fly close enough. It’s so that it can land without more than one battery level indicator glowing red.

Reason 6: Camera SD Card Not Formatted Properly

SD cards like the MORIC 512 gb are like little computers. The video cannot be stored if your SD card is not formatted before using the camera.


To fix this issue, take the formatted SD card to a camera store. And ask them to format it with your specific camera’s requirements.

formatting SD card

Hope these fixes help you with your problem. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the procedure for resetting DJI cameras?

First procedure for resetting DJI cameras is accessing the notification panel and choose settings. After that, scroll down. Then carry out a factory reset as you can find in the options. This ought to restart your DJI camera.

Does DJI function offline?

Yes, DJI functions offline. However, you won’t be able to access the device’s settings, data display, or GPS maps. You’ll have to fly your drone without access to your DJI account. Therefore, the maximum flight altitude without mobile data is 30 meters. 

Where did the DJI Fly app go?

DJI pulled DJI Fly from the Google Play Store in 2021. This left the community in disarray and enraged. You must visit DJI’s website in order to download the DJI Fly app for your phone. It must be sideloaded into your smartphone after being downloaded from there.


We hope now you’re able to fix your DJI drones no video feed problem.

DJI drones are much dependent on their software. And you can always enjoy a better experience if you keep the software updated. Hope our solutions could help you with your problem.

Till then, all the best!

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