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DJI Drones Won’t Turn On (How Can You Fix Your Drone)

Drones are a really necessary tool. But that doesn’t mean that they are flawless. And not turning it on is a really major issue for all drones. And there’s no exception in the case of DJI drones. 

So, why your DJI drones won’t turn on?

There can be many reasons why your DJI drone turns on. The first thing you should check is the battery. Make sure the battery is charged fulling and plugged properly. Other than that, be sure that the app is connected and the network signal is strong. You can also, recalibrate your drone. 

That was a quick look at the process. But you should learn about the details before you jump into the solution. And we got your back. Below you’ll find all the necessary information to get started!

6 Reasons Why DJI Drone Won’t Turn On

Starting the drone is the first thing you need to do. That’s pretty simple. But what can you do if your drone isn’t even starting up? Well, there are many parts that can be related to causing this. 
And since the problem is with start-up, any part can be related. Basic once, like the battery, network, firmware, motor, etc. So, what can you do to fix the issue? You need to do DJI drone troubleshooting.

DJI drone troubleshooting

Well, down below we have divided each of the parts into titles. And also, we have given the necessary details you can follow up to in order to solve it. So, what to do when DJI Mavic pro not turning on? let’s get started on that!

Reason 1:The Battery is Faulty

Power is the thing you need to start the drone. So, make sure the battery is charged and properly plugged in. in many cases, a faulty battery is a reason why Mavic air 2 won’t turn on.

Mavic air 2

You’ll know the four LED lights will be green when the battery is charged and plugged in. if it doesn’t, most probably the battery is faulty. So, put it back in charge and see if the battery is charging. 

If the DJI battery wont turn on, replacing the battery is the only solution. Same solution if the Mavic 2 pro battery wont turn on. 

Reason 2:The App is Not Connected

The app lets you work on the settings of the drone. With the app, you can control all the modes and even see the map for the drone. So it’s clear that the app is really important in order to fly the drone. 

If the DJI app keeps on crashing, you can try to re-install the app. But if the DJI Mavic mini power button not working, that’s a hardware issue. And that might be the main reason why the Mavic mini won’t turn on. 

If your Mavic mini isn’t turning on, the first thing you should check on is the battery of the drone. Other than that, make sure the app is connected and the motors are not jammed. 

Firstly, check if you have your DJI account logged in to the app. Make sure the phone is not running anything heavy in the background. Such as big downloads and uploads. The DJI app needs stable connectivity to make sure it’s connected. 

Reason 3:The Network Signal is Too Weak

You don’t always need to stay connected to the internet when you fly your drone. The drone has its own connectivity which you can use to fly. But initially, you do need a stable connection to make sure the drone is connected. 

If you are facing problems with network connectivity, check some of the network extenders. 

TOMAT Mirror Signal Boosterthis is one of the premium wifi extenders for drones. 

Tomat Yagi-UDA Range Extender this signal booster can be inexpensive. But this is one of the highly capable ones. 

If you’re in the woods or in any remote place, the network can be weaker. If your Mavic air won’t turn on, there’s a high chance it’s network issue related. 

Reason 4: The Firmware is Not Updated

Modern days technology isn’t all about hardware. Alongside, software plays a really important role. Cause with the software you won’t have the interface to fly the drone with. 

DJI provides all the necessary firmware updates you need. So, you don’t get to have to deal with a buggy software interface:

And the firmware update is to fix any minor or major bug with the software. So there is a great chance that the drone isn’t starting because the firmware isn’t updated. So make sure you do the step-by-step firmware update process

Reason 5: Problems with the Remote Controller

If there are problems with the remote controller you can face difficulties with the start-up. You should press the power button and releases it quickly. And press the start button again and hold it for three or four seconds. 

DJI drone Remote Controller

This would start the controller for you. Afterward, check if the drone is connected or not to the controller. If the drone is connected, you can start flying. But if not, there can be problems with the connectivity. 

Reason 6: Calibration is Required

Sometimes getting a hard restart makes everything work like before. And recalibrating your drone can fix many of its issues. So a recalibration may fix the issues with the start-up. 

The calibration will look through all the components and bring them back to the standards. Recalibration can bring all the motors back to sync. Also, it can solve if you see your dji spark won’t turn on. 

And that’s everything you should do if your DJI drone isn’t turning on. If, don’t the following tasks don’t start your drone, take it to DJI stores. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can You Recalibrate DJI Drone?

Connect your drone to the DJI app. Go to the settings of the drone. Scroll down to advance settings. Tap on the sensors labeled option. Down on the page, you’ll see it’s labeled calibrate IMU. tap on for the calibration. 

How to Change the USB Port on DJI Drones?

If the charging port of your drone is broken, replacing it is the only way to fix it. Take a screwdriver and open up the drone. Go down to the motherboard and use a soldering machine to unsolder the USB port. Resolder to attach the new USB port. 

Why isn’t DJI Controller Connecting to the Drone?

In order to the DJI connect, you need to log in to your account. Log in with your DJI ID to the controlling app. You also need network connectivity for the app to connect to the drone. You can use your mobile data or wifi. Make sure your drone is on and the LED light up. 


So, that was all the things you need to know about DJI drones won’t turn on. 

Many drone users face problems with start-ups. And often cases battery is the main culprit. 

Good luck with your DJI drone!

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