dji f330 vs f450 vs f550

DJI F330 vs F450 vs F550: DJI Drone Frame Kit Comparison

DJI not only makes drones but also ARF kits that you can assemble at home. Three kits to be exact—the F330, F450 and F550. 

So, which one should you choose from DJI F330 vs F450 vs F550?

DJI F330 is lightweight and fun to use but more on the unstable side. While the F450 can’t pull the same moves as the F330, it’s more stable and easy to use. Now the F550 is the biggest of them three and is more than usable for amateur cinematography.

Without wasting more words I’ll take you to the comparison right now.

DJI F330 vs F450 vs F550: Quick Comparison

Whether its an RC trucks like stampede or rustler, or drone flamewheel kit, you have room to compare.

F330, F450, F550 are the three primary variants of the Flamewheel kit. While they are from the same company DJI, they all have little in common. Especially since they belong to different weight classes.

difference between dji f330 vs f450 vs f550

Their primary difference is in weight and type. But I’ve compiled all the differences into this table for you to see. 

Diagonal Wheelbase (mm)330450550
Frame Weight (g)156282478
Takeoff Weight (g)60~1200800~16001200~2400

These differences are the ones that put consumers like you and me at a loss. However, there is a clear winner to this comparison. Let’s talk about that in depth. 

DJI F330 vs F450 vs F550: Detailed Comparison

I’ve given you a quick outlook of the exact differences the three kits share. Now, I’ll be talking about the effects brought about by these differences. 

Stability and Portability:

The most important factor differentiating a quadcopter with drone is stability. Stability depends on the weight of the frame as well as how well the propellers perform.


F330 is the lightest of the bunch. That does add points to it for versatility and portability. However, with a 156g frame, there is not much stability. 

As a result, wind turbulence has an exaggerated effect on the DJI F330. That makes it a hassle to fly outdoors. 


DJI F450 is the second quadcopter of the flame wheel series. It hits the sweet spot when you’re balancing portability and stability. Thanks to DJI F450 dimension, it’s more convenient for stable flight. 

DJI F450 frame weight is comparatively convenient. With its 282g frame, it is heftier than the F330 and much less prone to wind. Hence it boasts more stability than the F330 without losing out much on portability.

DJI F450 frame weight


The DJI f550 specs say it’s the only hexacopter of the series. It deserves the term of a heavyweight with a whopping 478g frame. It also sports 6 propellers. 

It ends up being the most stable kit of the bunch. And that’s because of the weight and higher number of propellers. However, that comes at a price. 

It is the least portable because of its size. Consumers can’t fly it indoors either as a result. While the least portable, it holds the crown for being the most stable. 

So, the clear winner of both the stability and portability segment is the F450. However, if you’re fine with losing out on portability, F550 holds the crown alone on stability. Unfortunately, the F330 loses in this category. 


All three kits have different specialties. That is why they have different uses accordingly. I’ll briefly explain the comparison through usage now.

DJI F330, F450, and F550 Comparison
Comparison in Diagonal Wheelbase between DJI F330, F450, and F550


The DJI F330is the lightest quadcopter in the Flamewheel series. This is why it boasts the highest portability in the smallest frame. 

That makes it useful for carrying around for quick drone footage given good weather. I highly recommend it for users who are interested in indoor flight. Its size allows it to move around with ease indoors.

It is also fun to use because of the maneuvers you can pull with it. People do not generally use it for filming. 


The F450 is around 100g heavier than the F330. So it is a little more stable and a little less portable. 

It is decent for flying outdoors paired with its still comparatively light frame. So consumers who travel around a lot definitely want this kit. 

It is versatile in its uses as well. It can perform tricks as well as take stable videos. 


The F550 is the heaviest of ARF kit, weighing around 478g. It can take stable and still footage with ease while carrying a high-spec camera around. 

However, you are better off buying an actual drone if you want to film professionally. 

Price and Availability:

This segment is where things get a little messy. Price and availability affect a lot of consumers’ choices.  I might even argue that the winner of this one takes it all. Anyways, Let’s begin. 


This is the cheapest kit released by DJI. So, those who are new to flying copters could buy one of these to learn the trade. 

Availability is where I dampen your expectations. Unfortunately, DJI has stopped production for the F330. It makes it really hard to get your hands on one.

BUT, fret not, this is where clones come to save you. There are clone kits for even a cheaper price of 10$

I would recommend beginners to get one of the F330 clones. 


While definitely more expensive than the F330 and its clones, The F450 is still worth its price. It costs around $30-45. 

Fortunately, DJI still makes them so the availability is not much of a problem. Because of its versatility, it still is one of the fan favorites. 

If you’re an experienced flier searching for a regular driver, I’d suggest you get this one. 

We have some great F450 recommendations from other brands. They are just as good as the one of the DJI. So here, have a look:

ProductFeaturesProduct Availability
Share Goo F450 4-Axis Multi Rotor Airframe 450mm Drone FrameHigh quality and strong ability of anti-fallOptimized design to provide adequate installation spaceCheck Here
YoungRC F450 Drone Frame Kit 4-Axis Airframe 450mm Quadcopter Frame KitIntegrated PCB connections for direct soldering of your ESCsPre-threaded brass sleeves for all of the frame boltsCheck Here
Dilwe F450 Drone Frame KitPCB BoardColored ArmsCheck Here

These Drone frames can easily replace the DJI F450 frame and you won’t be able to tell the difference. Grab them for your Quadcopter!


The F550 costs about $90-100. That makes it more expensive than the others in comparison. It is not worth it given that F450 offers the same while being more versatile. 

This one is also still in production. So availability is completely fine for the F550.

F450 vs F550

The Verdict

I would suggest you get the F330 (its clones). It is if you’re new to flying because of how cheap it is.

But if you know how to fly it then no question go for F450. Finally, I would not suggest you get the F550 because of how expensive it is. 

You can check a different type of comparison between the Rustler and Traxxas bandit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can’t Find the F330 on Amazon, What Do I Do?

Unfortunately, the F330 is out of production now. What you can do is go for identical clones at a cheaper cost too. Or you can simply look for older, used F330 models on craigslist.

Can I Fix a Broken Landing Gear?

You definitely can with some glue, especially as its function is only to support the body. So do not worry about getting a new one. 

Are Kits Better Than the Other Drones?

No they are not. They’re just fun to build and use by yourselves. For anything even remotely professional or heavy, buy an actual drone.

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