dji fly app not on play store

DJI Fly App Not on Play Store: Find the Alternatives!

DJI Fly app enables you to connect the drone with your phone. Sharing images and videos, and controlling the drone with your phone is easier now.

However, you may not be able to find DJI Fly App on Play Store.

So, is the DJI Fly app not on Play Store?

No, the DJI Fly App isn’t available on the Play Store. However, you can download it from their website. The updates can be found within the applications. However, you can use other third-party applications available on the Play store. Those are compatible with DJI drones. Furthermore, some of the applications are enhanced.

You need to learn more about the alternatives. So, this guide will come in handy for you.

So, let’s get started!

Why Is DJI Fly App Not Available on the Play Store?

DJI Fly app for Android is currently unavailable due to compatibility strategy. This causes lots of trouble like relying on other websites for the application. Sure, you can download the Fly app from other websites, but those can cause some issues.

One of the main issues you can face is incompatibility. You may end up getting an outdated app full of bugs and glitches.

Another issue is unreliability. The website can install malware or virus with the application. As a result, it can hack important data from your phone.

So, the question is whether or not the DJI Fly app is available for Android? I will address this in the next section.

So, let’s move along.

DJI Fly App Not Available on the Play Store

Where Can You Download the DJI Fly App?

Even though it is unavailable on Play Store, you can download the app for Andoird Phones. So, what’s the procedure for the DJI Fly app download?

To download the DJI Fly app, you need to use the DJI official website. Android 6 or above OS is required to run the app.

You will get constant DJI Fly app updates. The app itself will notify you to download the updates. However, you need to go to the website again and then download the new version. 

As the DJI Fly app got removed from the Play Store, it creates lots of issues. For instance, the DJI Fly app stops working while using it. Also, going back to the website for updates is somewhat unreasonable too.

So, the ideal thing to do is finding for alternatives. Luckily, there are many alternatives for the DJI Fly app. Not only that but alternatives to Crystal Sky can also be found.

In the next segment, I will briefly discuss those alternatives.

So, let’s move on.

DJI Fly app updates

Alternatives of DJI Fly App

Using the DJI Fly app, you can view, edit, upload, and share any images or videos. It is a very user-friendly application. This also gives you the luxury to adjust photo settings. Nevertheless, controlling your drone using DJI Fly app is much easier.

But, how do the alternatives compare to DJI Fly app? Well, we’ll see those in this segment. You will be amazed about how the applications actually can replace the DJI Fly app!

DJI Phantom sphere photo tips will surely come in handy for taking beautiful images. Here’s someone who captured a stunning image using a DJI Mavic Air 2S.

Now I will talk about the alternative of the DJI Fly app.


My personal choice for this list is Litchi. Fly apps can be used for DJI Mavic and Mini series. Well, with the Lithci application, you can use these series too. It enables you to arrange waypoint tasks on your PC before departing for your travel.

Litchi also has a number of intelligent AirMap functions, including the active track. The panoramas, spheres, and tiny planets photos are stitched in high quality. 

A one-time fee of $24.99 is needed to buy the Litchi app. I have yet to see a user express issues with the application. Best of all, it’s compatible with DJI’s Smart Controller.

DJI's Smart Controller


For creative shots and numerous features, AirMap surely outstands from the rest. However, the application is moderately hard to use. Once you get a hold of it, you can get the best photos and videos.

The most exciting part is that AirMap is available for free on Android. You may face some minor bugs. However, the developers are working constantly to upgrade the application.


Pix4D is a strong mapping and 3D modeling companion tool. You can capture magnificent photos and videos using this application. 

Pix4D allows you to customize your drone’s flying courses and layouts. You may follow the machine as it flies through the air. Putting the video and photographs it gathers automatically to use is part of the app.


This was the guide that you needed to find alternatives to the DJI Fly app. You should follow the DJI drone battery maintenance guide to make it last longer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is DJI Remote Controller’s Display Brighter than a Smartphone?

Yes, DJI remote controller’s display is brighter than a smartphone. The DJI Smart Controller can deliver up to 1000 cd/m2 of brightness. Whereas, the average smartphone’s brightness is 500-750 cd/m2. You can see clear details of everything on a smart display under direct sunlight.

Can DJI Drone Take Photos or Videos Without an SD Card?

Yes, you can take photos or videos without an SD card using DJI drones. However, it will be limited to a 720p resolution. So, you should use a UHS-I SD card with high storage. That way you can capture even 8K video footage.

Is There a Single-Frequency Band Version of the DJI Mini 2?

No, there is no single-frequency band version of the DJI Mini 2. The DJI Mini 2 is paired with 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz.  In places where both are supported, the Drone shifts to the best frequency band. This enables the optimum transmission between the remote and the drone. Hence, you can fly safely and accurately. 


That’s everything regarding the DJI Fly app not on play store. Now you can choose the alternatives for the DJI Fly app.

Here’s a tip, you can use the active track feature. It captures stable video of moving objects.

Have a good day!

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