DJI Fly App Not Working

What’s Your Move If DJI Fly App Not Working? [Unfolded]

Are you fed up because your DJI Fly app stopped working suddenly? I know it’s really annoying when this happens. Well, obviously there are a lot of probable reasons behind what you faced.

So, let’s find out why is your DJI fly app not working?

One of the main reasons behind your DJI fly app not working is that it’s connected to some incompatible devices. Also if you miss out on system updates, this issue might take place. Turning on the notification button might save you from this. Also, this can happen if you don’t clear the app cache.

However, many more are left to discuss yet. In this article, you will get the best possible reasoning behind the unusable DJI fly app and the solutions.

Shall we start?

5 Reasons Behind DJI Fly App Not Working and Their Solution

Enough of introduction! Let’s get into the business. In this section, we will unfold the reasons behind this issue. Also, you will have the potential solutions explored in here. 

However, DJI drones or other products don’t only get affected by the fly app. The receiver may as well not turn on like the malfunctioning receiver of Traxxas.

Reason 1: Uncleared App Cache

App cache usually obstructs the database existing on your device. As a result, the more app cache spreads, the more space in your device is occupied. 

Source: DJI Forum

In the meantime, you will be facing big trouble in app opening. To fasten the loading speed and reduce unable issues of the app, clearing the cache is vital.


For avoiding errors in your application launching, clearing caches plays a big role. Apart from it, your device will get back the falsely occupied storage too. 

In the meantime, you will not face any errors while opening the DJI fly app. However, this fly app is almost 400MB. Though DJI fly app downloading is easier, operating this is not an easy task at all. 

Especially, it might result in phone restarting or other rare situations while using devices with low RAMs. If you are an Android user, just hold down the DJI app on the menu bar. 

Then, you will see a small window popping up immediately. Click info and press Clear Data and Clear Cache and you’re done.

In the meantime, clearing cache in Apple devices is a bit different. You will require to go to Settings obviously. 

Then, follow the route: General > Storage > DJI fly app > Offload app. That’s it! Now, relaunch the DJI fly app and here we go! It will be finely tuned.

Source: DJI Forum

Reason 2: Updating Issue

Most of the mobiles come with updates and bug-fixing after a while. DJI also launches its updates every couple of months. 

So, without updating the DJI fly app on your device, you might find issues in the app often. That’s why DJI recommends upgrading the app for Android 12 users and other devices too. 

Also, there can be issues with the live video feed if the app isn’t updated to date.


Simply, you need to open up the app store of your device. Click the DJI fly app and check if it has got any updates recently. If yes, just press the update button immediately. 

Then, you might find the app working nicely except having other issues on this app. Along with that, you might turn on the application notification. As a result, whenever the DJI brand updates its apps, you will be notified. 

Relevantly, their update might bring some changes that you can find in the app description. So, simply check that out! It will help you in getting familiar with the latest version quickly. 

Reason 3: Using Incompatible Devices

Unfortunately, you can access the DJI fly app through any device you like. It comes with compatibility limitations. In other words, DJI is gradually enlisting new devices to the DJI compatible list. 

At the same time, it asks users to hold particular operating systems. Mostly, if you use the latest OS or older devices, incapability issues of this app occur.


Check first if your device or operating system is on the DJI’s list or not. Here’s a list of compatible DJI drones that you can get to run with the app.

Mavic MiniBuy from Amazon
Mavic Air 2 Buy from Amazon
DJI Mini 2Buy from Amazon
DJI FPVBuy from Amazon
DJI Mavic 3Buy from Amazon

If your device doesn’t suit, getting another compatible device is required. That’s how you might have a smoother DJI journey indeed. And, no troubleshooting will be required further. 

However, many users can’t figure out the problem. Consequently, they start uninstalling the app and install again. But a simple trick- checking the DJI guide out will be enough.

Reason 4: Overusing Issue

We often forget how long our devices stay active continuously. Sometimes, using it for a while without any pause might bring functioning issues. 

It might hamper every existing application there. As a result, working performance starts dropping down.


Restarting the device is like breathing new air there. While it relaunches its activities, you will experience fewer bugs, slow issues. So, whenever you find the DJI fly app not starting, simply restart it.

Reason 5: Lack of Updating System Software

In terms of other device-oriented errors, incompatibility of a specific app is quite a tiny issue. Solving this might nicely suit system updates of your device. 

Mostly, users stay ignorant about the notification of system updates. As a result, incompatibility issues of apps take place. 


If you find this issue, simply update the system. Until the process comes to an end, you might not operate the device. 

So, make sure that nothing urgent won’t be required on the device for a while. Also, you can turn on the system update notification. 

Some Android devices provide automatic system update features even. It will start the update rather than taking your instant permission.

However, you might see issues with your spektrum ix12 while connecting with your device. This might cause your fly app working issues in the end.


Are There Any Restrictions on Buying DJI Drones?

No, there are no restrictions on buying and using DJI drones worldwide. However, the US government ordered US-based companies not to trade DJI products back in 2020. Some national security threats forced the government to do that. Apart from this, nothing odd will be found while buying DJI products.

How do I update firmware on DJI app?

Choose a drone that has been linked to the software. On the left, you will now see a “Firmware Update” button. Wait for DJI Assistant 2 to update the firmware list after clicking it. To begin the firmware update, choose the most recent firmware version.

Can DJI Retrieve My Stolen Drone?

There is no way of tracking your stolen drone from DJI’s side. However, each drone comes with a serial number, tracking is impossible for them to date. So, providing them with your last known location can’t help much. Checking nearby CC footage, and involving police in the case might help you. 

Final Words

These are the major factors behind the DJI fly app not working. However, you might find different reasons behind this inconvenience. 

For urgent cases, you can reach technicians if doing it by yourself goes in vain. Let us know if this article serves you with beneficial details.

Best of luck!

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