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DJI FPV Country Code Not Updated: Step by Step Activation!

People are getting new models of FPV drones from DJI. The upgraded models come with significant changes. Some of the changes are very good and efficient while some other is a total bummer. People are struggling to activate their drones and having other issues with updating the country code. Today we will be talking about these DJI problems.

Did you have a problem with the DJI FPV country code not updated?

Firstly, you need to download the latest DJ assistant 2. At the moment you won’t get it in the Play Store. So download it from their official website. After that, plug every device individually into our computer. Then refresh the firmware in the devices. And after that, the country code will be set.

DJI has done something dull with its latest upgrade. As a result, people are struggling to activate their version 2 goggles. 

With a further delay, we will start discussing the DJI FPV drone issue.

Repetitive Country Code Message Showing on Goggle

Assume that you recently got your FPV. There are some steps to do right now. First of all, you have to download the latest Android version of the DJI Fly app. You should download this app from the DJI official website. 

Afterward, you have to plug in the goggles, controller, and DJI FPV Drone to your Android phone. Then you have to update the firmware. Make sure that it’s the latest version.

You can complete these works without any trouble. But after that, there is a red message bar seen in the goggles. That says that the country code is not activated. Country code message is a common problem.

You must be thinking- what country code they are asking? How do you activate them? What is the meaning of this message? And how do I fix it?


Step By Step Activation & Country Code Setting

Let’s talk about the process serially. From activation to country code message, you will find the procedure below.

Step 1: Installation of the Latest DJI Fly App

Do not activate the FPV Drone through the assistant. You can only activate it through the DJI Fly app. Now, this app you will use to activate the Drone may confuse you a little bit. 

If you’re using iOS, you simply download the latest fly app from the Apple app store. The latest version of the app is present over there. 

But if you are using Android, there’s a thing you need to remember. The version of the app that is available in the Google Play Store is out of date. The version you are supposed to download is 1.3.

This app should be downloaded directly from the DJI website. By the time you are downloading, the app available in the app store may be updated. 

But to be safe, it is better to download the DJI Android app from the official website. For any problems or crashing of the app, you can check here.

Suppose, the fly app is already installed on your phone from the previous model. Then you uninstall that app first, delete it and restart your phone. Then download the new version directly from the DJI.

DJI Android app

Step 2: Connection of Goggles to Smart Device

While you connect your Drone to your smart device, one thing should be made sure. You have to use the supplied OTG cable that comes in the box. Do not use any other USB A to C, B to C, or C to C depending on your device. 

Use the OTG on the side port of the goggles. And then use a data transfer cable of the device. For Apple users, you can simply plug in the lightning cable to the OTG. And it’s ready to use.

The right connection will be notified. Check the bottom right corner of the goggles. it will be shown. An icon showing the connection will appear. 

For Android users, you cannot use the USB C cable used for charging. Because that cable might only be for charging, not for data transfer purposes. As a result, the assistant won’t be recognized.

Use a separate data transfer cable to connect with the OTG.

If you are using the wrong cable your goggle will not connect to the smart device. The same case will happen if we do not use the OTG adaptor.

Connection of Goggles to Smart Device

Step 3: Setting of Country Code

You will notice a country code message appearing on the goggles. The coded message will say that the country code is not activated. 

This problem will be solved by downloading the latest DJI Assistant 2. You can download it from the DJI website. Then you have to turn on all the devices- the goggles, remote controller, and aircraft. 

Connect all the devices one by one to the computer refreshing the firmware each time. After refreshing the country code will be activated properly. 

A lot of users posted their struggles in fixing these issues. Hope you found your solution already.

Lastly, the DJI FPV drone is brilliant. Here’s someone using the DJI FPV drone to fly and capture excellent footage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to fix the country code message in the goggles?

Connect your goggles, controller, and drones and turn them on and go outside. There you’ll get a message in the goggles. It says that the country code is not activated. You have to connect your goggles to the DJI Fly app on your Android phone. After some time the country code will update. 

How to factory reset the drone?

At first, we will update our firmware. Then we will open the DJI assistant program. While selected, we will click on RESTORE FACTORY DEFAULTS. Then we will click on the confirm on the confirmation screen. Then press COMPLETE. Our factory reset is done. 

How to activate the no-fly zone?

The menu icon is in the top right corner. Click that and you will find Geo Zone Unlocking. From there you can turn on the no-fly zone.


When you avail of an upgraded model of a DJI drone, it takes some time for adjustment. But soon you will be accustomed to your FPV. A bit of patience is all it takes.

If you were bothered by the DJI FPV country code not updated- you know the solution now.

That’s all for today. See you again with a new technical problem.

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