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DJI Goggles Vs Racing Edition: 7 Factors

The racing edition of the DJI goggles seems to have all the advanced features. But choosing one means that you need to know which features you want and which you don’t

So what should you pick from DJI goggles vs racing edition?

In the DJI goggles vs racing edition, the DJI racing Edition is smaller than the DJI goggles. DJI Goggles feature 1080p 60 fps video transmission, a built-in battery, and a micro SD card slot. DJI Goggles work with most modern Android and iOS devices. But racing Edition has a higher resolution.

Seems like what you’re looking for? We guarantee that this article covers everything that you need to know to make this decision.

So why the wait? Hop in!

DJI Goggles Vs Racing Edition: Quick Guide

Before you get into the main discussion, here’s a table to help you catch up-

FactorsDJI GogglesRacing Edition
FunctionalityMinimalistic and efficientLow latency and more stable
Head TrackingAvailableUnavailable
Priceless expensive at lower price rangecheaper for higher price range
AltitudeAltitude hold pretty goodNot useful for racing
Photo and VideoCan’t take videoBoth photo and video can be taken

We understand that these points are not enough to make the decision. So we’ve mentioned the details in the next section. 

DJI Goggles White

If you ask for DJI goggles racing edition review, here’s what we can say-

The DJI Mavic Pro works better with the Racing Edition Goggles. Due mostly to the OcuSync link. The goggles are really pleasant to wear. Although after a long session, they could start to feel a little heavy.

DJI Goggles Black

DJI Goggles Vs Racing Edition: Head-to-Head

In this section, we will cover what the DJI goggles have to offer you. How the Racing Edition of these devices is different. And whether or not these devices are right for you according to your needs and preferences.


The first question you should ask before buying this is “What are you using this for?” And there is no specific answer for this. However, it might be said that the different features are all necessary. It’s in order for you to enjoy your flying experience.

For example, if you are a racing enthusiast, then advanced features will be more applicable to you. Such as altitude hold and follow me mode may be useful. 

Both devices come in order to provide the user with a screen to view real-time footage. Or maybe recorded footage from their drone. The goggles could also be used as an FPV headset with video output capability.

The racing edition of the goggles is designed to have low latency, clarity, and stability. 

Winner: The winner in this section is based on user preference. If you want advanced performance, you should go for the racing edition. However, if you’re a neighborhood flier, you should pick the regular one. 


The altitude hold is useful in different situations. But this feature is not applicable if you are using it for racing. In general, hover altitude settings can be used for racing and indoor flying.

Winner: So, if you wish for a racing drone, you should obviously pick the RE goggles.

Battery Life

There is a real-time battery level indicator included with the DJI FPV Goggles. It is when paired with the DJI FPV plane. Its battery life is up to 110 minutes when completely charged.

With an hour of charging time, you can use around 5-6 hours of flight time for RE. To be more specific, you’ll have to cover one button per 10 minutes of flight time.

So what can be said about DJI goggles racing edition vs DJI fpv?

The DJI fpv drone can run around 110 mins at full charge. On the flip side, the battery consumption rate of the RE version is higher. It’s because of the high performance it has to provide. 

Winner: The RE version has a higher battery capacity. But its battery consumption rate is also high.

Here a guy invested in the DJI FPV system and found a great result. 

Video and Photo

You can’t take videos with the DJI goggles, unlike the Racing Edition. However, you can watch videos and take photos on both of them. 

The key difference is that DJI goggles give you a variety of choices to watch your footage. While the racing edition will just tip you off in case there is a problem.

Winner: We stated the points. The pick is yours.

Head Tracking

In order to control your drone with maximum ease, the head tracking feature is highly recommended. However, this feature comes with a price. This feature is not available in the racing edition but comes as standard in DJI Goggles.

Winner: The winner in this section is the DJI goggles


DJI Goggles are available now for around $399-$849. While the DJI Goggles Racing Edition price range is around $499 – $599. 

The DJI goggles have a larger range of price than the racing goggles. The DJI Goggles are also less expensive at lower prices. But the racing edition is cheaper at higher prices.

Winner: So the take is yours. Hor higher ranged goggles, pick the racing edition. And vice-versa.

Additional Features Comparison

Here we will talk about the additional features comparing DJI goggles and Racing Edition.

DJI goggles come with a carrying case and charger. It also has an HDMI cable, USB cable, face cushions for glass wearers, and a cleaning cloth.

DJI Racing Edition comes with a  FOV goggles case, a Battery, and a Charger with an AC adapter. You’ll also find an HDMI cable and a remote controller.

But what about DJI goggles racing edition compatibility?

DJI Goggles RE is specifically designed for racing. And are compatible with an OcuSync video transmission module. Furthermore, it’s equipped with a powerful camera module. 

Together, they are able to broadcast digital video signals with delays of as little as 50ms. And that at distances of up to 7 kilometers.

Winner: So, based on these factors, the better one among these two is the DJI RE Goggles.

Final Verdict

The racing edition comes with a higher quality screen and more features. However, it is quite more expensive than regular Goggles. And it has only one connector on each side. But in some cases that adds more convenience.

The DJI Goggles can be connected to the phone via USB C and micro HDMI. 

The Racing Edition uses an SD card and only HDMI input for FPV. The battery life is longer than the regular Goggles. So if you travel a lot, DJI goggles have probably made your choice.

Again, if you’re all into racing, you should go for the one with the suggesting name.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Mavic be used with DJI FPV Goggles?

DJI Goggles are compatible with the Mavic Pro. Additionally, the OcuSync data transfer mechanism enables the wireless connection of this drone to DJI goggles.

What distinguishes the V1 and V2 DJI Goggles?

Unlike the V1, the V2 has an external battery. The V2 has a few additional functions for interacting with the DJI FPV Drone.

Do DJI FPV goggles allow watching movies?

Yes, DJI FPV goggles allow you to watch movies. But the experience is the same as being 3 meters away from an 18-foot screen. Similar to having your own private theater, but $100,000 less expensive. Your DJI Goggles may easily be connected to an iPad or other iOS device.

Summing Up

We hope now you can make up your mind about choosing one from DJI goggles vs racing edition.

Whichever one you pick, we hope that you handle it with care. 

Till then, all the best!

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