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DJI Phantom Battery Upgrade: Guide for 4 Different Phantom Series

Every electronic item has a limited lifetime. Once the time comes, you either replace it or upgrade it. Upgrading to a better version is actually not always cumbersome.

DJI Phantom series users find it difficult to upgrade the batteries. Users who are always getting new models need to constantly upgrade their batteries as well.

You may be wondering how to perform a DJI Phantom battery upgrade?

To update the DJI Phantom battery, look at your Phantom series. The process is different for all four series. Phantom 1 battery upgrade needs a battery door. The 2 series need internal wiring replacement. And finally, for the Phantom 3 and 4 series, battery firmware update does the job. 

This is just a preview. You got to understand everything in depth. Otherwise, the battery and the system can get damaged.

So, continue reading!

DJI Phantom Battery Upgrade (All Four Series)

DJI Phantom drones are the best option if you’re looking for mid-level drones. With time it launched its updated series one after the other. 

In terms of DJI phantom battery life, it experienced a bitter-sweet response. 

On average, a phantom series battery can fly up to 23 minutes. It’s only on a single charge. 

However, this may fluctuate under different circumstances. Also not each series has a similar battery life expectancy.

DJI phantom battery life

But, we all need top-notch battery performance. To upgrade the battery of each series you need to be aware of certain guidelines. Otherwise, DJI phantom battery replacement won’t be a success for you.

Let’s find out the details!

Phantom 1 Series:

The very first series of DJI phantom is the Phantom 1 series. It came into the market back in 2013. Undoubtedly, the DJI Phantom 1 battery upgrade is needed. 

There’s a solution to this. You need to build a battery door. It’s for fitting bigger batteries into the system.

This procedure can be done at home but it is better to take an expert’s help. An enlarged battery door-making takes both time and skill.

After building the door hole, you can upgrade to 5000 mah or bigger. The current dimension on your phantom 1 series would be 160x45x30. After modification, it’ll make your drone more powerful.

Along with modification, install some components. Components like, DJI NAZA PMU, DJI Mini IOSD, Stein Elektronik LC Filter, AXI Motors. Also, Xaircraft Stella Gimbal and Fatshark 250mW transmitter would add to the performance.

In this way, the Phantom 1 series battery can get an upgrade.

Phantom 2 Series:

Normally, the Phantom 2 series comes with 5200mah. But this much power will be of no use if the battery gets worn out.

DJI Phantom 2 battery upgrade or replacement is a bit of a complex job. It’s advisable to consult a technician. 

Before diving into the overview of the process, collect some necessary components. You will need a balancer socket and a balance lead.

DJI Phantom 2 battery upgrade

Also, do your own research on charging lipo without a balancer. This will help you in this entire process.

The first job is to remove the front cover of the old battery. Now discuss with an expert. At this step, you need to connect some wires and remove a few. One mistake is enough to disable the entire system.

The internal wiring process is as risky as balancing NiMH batteries. So, let the inside be taken care of by experts. After all the wiring work is done, it’s time for connection.

You need a balance leads to connect the Phantom 2 replacement battery. It will connect with the cover of the old battery. But before turning on the quad, connect the main wires of the battery and PCB.

Lastly, power the quad on to see all four green lines. 

Phantom 3 Series:

DJI Phantom 3 battery upgrade starts with a firmware upgrade.  After updating firmware, keep the micro SD card inside the phantom. In the whole process, firmware updates must be on for the phantom 3 controller battery replacement.

Now insert the battery into the battery case of phantom 3. Switch on the quad. You will see a steady green light above the camera. This indicates the battery is updated. 

Since phantom frequently gets updated, this newer version makes battery upgrade easy. 

Phantom 4 Series:

Now it’s time to give an answer for how to upgrade DJI Phantom 4 battery? You can just cut it short and update the battery firmware.

upgrade DJI Phantom 4 battery
Source: eagle3x8

For this, make sure the battery is fully charged. Along with this, you need a fully charged controller. Now turn on the drone and controller.

Once it’s on, you’ll get a message on your tab. The message says inconsistent firmware found. Slide the green button to start updating.

It won’t take much time to update. After completing the update, it’ll automatically restart the drone and controller. After that, check on the version that’s being installed. 

If everything seems up to date, you will see a complete button. Press on that and enjoy the upgraded battery.

This was all the information we could collect for you to help. Hope you’ve understood all the steps. Be aware of safety instructions. 

Also, this battery upgrade guideline is only for the DJI Phantom series. It won’t work in other series.

It’s hard to come by quality phantom batteries that can match the performance of the original stock batteries. But we walked the extra mile to bring you the best battery replacement options for every DJI phantom series. Have a look:

SeriesProductCheck Availability
Phantom 1 SeriesZeee 3S LiPo BatteryCheck Latest Price
Phantom 2 SeriesPowerextra DJI Phantom 2 Flight BatteryCheck Latest Price
Phantom 3 SeriesLORDONE Phantom 3 BatteryCheck Latest Price
Phantom 4 SeriesDJI CP.PT.000342 Phantom 4 Flight BatteryCheck Latest Price

These are the best replacement batteries we could find in the market. You can expect a good run of battery life using these replacement options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are All DJI Phantom Batteries Same?

Not all DJI Phantom batteries are the same. It depends on the software they’re using. Also the system and other functionalities. Phantom 3 series batteries are interchangeable with each other. Same case for the P4 series. But, Phantom 1 series batteries won’t be compatible with the P4 series.

How Do I Update My DJI Phantom Controller?

To update DJI Phantom controller, get a drone monitor. Open DJI GO app. There you’ll receive a message saying, ‘Firmware Upgrade Required”. Click on that and the upgrade will start. It will take less time. This is how easily the Phantom controller can be updated. Make Sure the controller is fully charged.

Is DJI Phantom 3 Still Supported?

No, DJI has officially discontinued its Phantom 3 series. You won’t get any official support or update for this series. But, if you’re using the standard from the P3 series, then there’s no issue. Standard has not been discontinued yet. Except that all other P3 series models are out of the market.

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