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The Ultimate DJI Quick Shot Troubleshooting Guide!

Quick shots aren’t cool unless it’s working. I know you can relate! You might feel like DJI is not putting much effort into making their product.

But you know what? Sometimes it’s just silly mistakes of ours that lead to drone problems. And all of them are solvable!

So, are you ready for a quick DJI quick shot troubleshooting?

Most DJI quick shot problems arise for reasons like having wrong SD card format or the drone is in sports mode. Sometimes the GPS signal can be weak or you might have an older firmware version. So, by solving these issues you can get the quick shot record or save data again.   

So, you must be waiting to learn the solution right? No worries. I got your back!

In the following segments, I will share the step-by-step methods with you. Continue reading to learn more!  

Reasons Why Your DJI Quick Shot is Not Working 

DJI spark quick shot not working is one of the most common menaces for the owners. Whether it’s the DJI Spark or Mavic Mini series, problems keep occurring with their quick shots.

DJI spark quick shot not working

So, don’t blame yourself for buying wrong. And don’t get upset if your DJI Spark quick shot is not working. Or, whichever DJI drone you have. 

Well, DJI quick shot troubleshooting isn’t that hard. I have the solution for every possible quick shot problem here. 

But first, you should know why these problems arise. Take a look at the list below to understand the problem you’re facing:

  • You didn’t install an SD card or got the wrong formatted one.
  • You kept the sports mode on.
  • The GPS signal is weak for your quadcopter.
  • Bugs after recent update. This has been reported many times in forums however and DJI Authorities are taking a look at this issue.

I think you got the idea of what’s troubling your drone’s quick shots. It’s time we talk about the solutions.

Let’s dive straight into them!

DJI Quickshot Not Working- 2 Frequent Problems And Their Solutions

Well, when you say your Dji mini 2 quick shot is not working, this doesn’t refer to a particular problem. The same goes for Dji mavic air quick shots not working. 

I’m talking about the same hassle you go through when Mavic Air 2 Active track doesn’t work.

But it’s better when you narrow down the problem first. For example, your drone quick shot isn’t saving the photos or videos you captured. 

That’s why I created two segments below. I’ll describe each problem with solutions. 

You don’t have to read all of the segments unless you want to. Only skimming through the issue you’re having should give you enough idea. 

DJI Quickshot Not Saving: 

So, first of all, we’ll start with a common problem. Mostly, you’ll see Dji mini 2 quick shots not saving the captured photos or videos. But it happens in other DJI models too. 

Now, to solve this issue, some people reinstall the DJI Go App. But it is not an effective method for everybody. The main issue remains with inserting the SD card correctly.

The problem with SD cards is actually dependent on formatting. If your drone doesn’t recognize the SD card, you’ve probably not inserted it in exFAT format.


To solve this issue all you need to do is change the format of your SD card.

Now, if you don’t know how to do that, you can follow my guideline below:

  • Like always, first, you have to insert the card into your PC.
  • Next, go to File Explorer.
  • You will see a section called ‘Device and Drives’. Right-click on ‘SD card’.
  • After that, you’ll see an option called ‘Format’. Select it. We’re about to change it to our preferred format.
  • So, in the next step, you have to use the drop-down menu. Go to “File system” and there you’ll find exFAT. Select that option.
Dji mini 2 quick shots not saving
Source: AOMEI Partition Assistant

There you go! Your formatting is done! 

I’ll put a small note here. Don’t get too worried if it takes time to process. Also, you’ll find a few dissimilarities of the same process on Linux and Mac OS.   

Now, let’s move on to another type of quick shot issue – not recording. 

DJI Quickshot Not Recording: 

Usually, when you tap on the ‘GO’ button, the drone automatically takes shots. But sometimes you might see the quick shot isn’t recording. This happens because of some default settings. 


In this case, first of all, you have to check whether the DJI Go 4 app has any problems. Keep a backup and reinstall the app. 

Just like you reset DJI wifi password, another technique is to reset the camera. Set it to factory defaults. I hope this will get you going. 

But even after doing all that you might have recording problems because of an outdated firmware version. So, update it immediately and see if your problem is resolved. 

Now, if you don’t know how to update the firmware of DJI, here’s a quick way to do it:

  • First, you have to power on the RC and connect it to your computer. You can use a USB cable in this case. For USB cables I recommend using Etguuds USB cables because they are very durable and give you maximum power output.
  • Next, log into the DJI Assistant 2 app and select the remote controller of your drone.
  • There you’ll see an option to update the firmware. Hit the ‘Upgrade’ option if you have an older version. Or, you can simply refresh it.
how to update the firmware of DJI
  • After that, you’ll see the firmware is downloaded. It’ll transmit and update the remote controller respectively.
  • As soon as you see a message ‘Update Complete”, this means the firmware has been updated completely.
Update Complete
Source: Spark Help
  • You don’t have to do anything else. After the update, you’ll see the controller restarting on its own.   

This is how you can update the firmware. It’ll help you resolve the recording issue of quick shots. 

Well, you won’t need to apply all types of solutions right now. Only solving the particular problem should get you going.

But I want to suggest a life hack here. Bookmark this article, or take screenshots of the methods I described above. This will save time the next time you have a problem with DJI quick shot troubleshooting.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What to do when DJI quickshot is not showing?

When the DJI quick shot is not showing, check the FHD icon. It is above the record button. Turning it on will give the drone access to quick shots. However, you must ensure that the SD card is inserted properly. Or else, it won’t work. Also, you must have a strong GPS to enable quick shot showing.

What does the Fn button do on DJI?

The Fn button allows customization options for drone users. You can change the LED light settings and recenter the gimbal. With each press, this button helps you to customize the direction of your drone. You can angle the drone from -20° to 89° and even at a bird’s eye view (90° straight down). 

What happens when DJI mini loses signal?

When DJI mini loses signal, it hovers for a few seconds. It’ll eventually stop at some point and try to restore the signal. But if it fails, the drone will automatically preset RTH altitude. This function will help the drone to head back to its RTH home point. So, you’ve nothing to worry about.

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