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How to Fix DJI Self Unlock Not Working: A 7-Step Solution

So, recently you’ve been noticing the self unlocking feature on DJI is behaving quite erratically. And you can not get the self unlocking feature to work. 

So how to solve this issue of DJI self unlock not working?

To fix the self unlock feature of your DJI, apply for a new unlock authorization. Next, connect the controller to phone’s hotspot. Launch the DJI Go 4 app and download the authorization. Now, it’ll just need a few clicks here and there, as instructed later in the article. And you’ll get the job done!

Still not sure? Don’t worry! Because, here we have included the ideal solution! Plus, gave solutions to some additional problems you might face when self unlocking!

Keep reading to find out!

12-Step Guide to Fix DJI self Unlock Not Working

Can’t get the self unlocking to work? Tried everything from rebooting to reinstalling your device, but still nothing?

No need to fuss. We got your back! Here is what you need to do to fix this issue!

However, before you start, let us notify you about something. 

This might look like a process from hell at first glance. But we promise, if executed correctly, it works!

So make sure that you are following all the steps carefully!

Step 1: Grab All Your Devices 

First of all, you need to grab your mobile phone, laptop, Mavic 2 Pro, and Smart Controller. Take them to the area that needs to be unlocked. 

Next, you have to launch a mobile hotspot on your phone. Then, connect up your laptop to that hotspot.

Step 2: Get a New Unlock Authorization

Go to the DJI’s website. Now apply for a fresh unlock authorization. Ensure that you have received the correct serial number of the Smart Controller handy. 

Step 3: Make Use of That Smart Controller

Turn on the smart controller. Next, connect the controller to your phone’s hotspot. Wait for approximately 4 to 5 min for it to complete the connection. 

However, you may encounter issues with Dji spark battery that requires resolving. Not fixing the problem will result in DJI spark battery not charging. 

So be aware of that. Because it might create further issues on the way. On the day of the job, you might see this problem arising and you can’t afford a quick solution. So, it’s better that you stay aware of this.

However, it’s the charging issues with the dji phantom controllers mostly.

Step 4: Launch Your DJI Go4 App

Now it’s time you got to utilize your Mavic 2 pro. Grab the device And you need to turn it on. 

After that, you need to launch your DJI Go 4 app. You are supposed to get a message saying “Can’t take off.” Wait until you receive that message.

Step 5: Approach to Unlock the License List 

After receiving the list, click on the “…” menu. You are supposed to find it in the upper right corner. Then you need to scroll down to Unlocking License List.

Unlocking License List

Step 6: Download the Authorization 

Click the “Refresh” option at the bottom of your screen. Thus you can download the authorization. You might require to do this 3 or 4 times before it starts working.

Though all these instructions tell that there is supposed to be a button on the authorization. For the purpose of downloading it to aircraft. But there is not really one.

However, close that Unlocking License List down. Then return back to the main screen which still tells you can’t take off.

Download the Authorization

But try taking off anyway. Ignore that warning. 

Step 7: Complete the Process

You will see a message popping up saying ‘you need the authorization to fly in this restricted zone’. Click on “Yes” and then “OK” or “Agree”. Continue like this through a batch of various message boxes.

And you will be unlocked!

Make sure that the drone is properly backed up with adequate power. Or else, you will face somewhat similar problem to propeller batwing drone flight issue.

How to Fix No Pins to Unlock Fly Safe Zone

This is another issue that people encounter when they try to self unlock.

This happens when you open the DJI Fly Safe to self unlock a certain authorization zone. You may notice there are no pins displayed. And it is showing just the colored zones instead.


Well, the list of unlocks is surely inside the DJI GO 4 app. Here is how to find it and solve the issue.

  • 1. First of all, Try to reboot and also uninstall and then install the DJI GO 4.0 app. Then you need to launch the app.
  • 2. You will see a “Me” button at the bottom right corner. Hit that button. Then click on the “More” option. 
  • 3. After that, you are supposed to click the “GEO Zone Unlocking Applications”. Any authorized self-unlocks you have acquired from the website are supposed to be listed there. 
  • 4. After all that is done, an option to ‘import’ to the aircraft should appear. Select that option. 
  • 5. Once you have done that you might receive a pop-up window. It should have a checkbox to check that is almost invisible. After checking, you need to press OK.
DJI GO 4 app

And you should be ready to go!


How Do I Unlock My DJI no Fly Zone?

To unlock your DJI no fly zone, first of all, launch DJI Pilot App. You’ll see the drone name at the bottom left. It will be designating a connection. Click on the menu that should be at the top right of your DJI Pilot App. Next, click NFZ Unlocking Applications or Geo Zone Unlocking. And you are good to go!

How Do I Increase the Range on My DJI FPV?

DJI has created an unlock feature for DJI FPV drone so it’ll go more than 300 meters. That is for Europe, New Zealand, or Indonesia. It’s pretty normal with 25 mW power. So, you need to choose to use the 2.4 bands. It is going to switch to 100 mW. Thus you can increase the range by a few hundred more meters.

Can I Fly a DJI Drone without an Account?

No, you can’t fly a DJI drone without an account. To use DJI Fly application, you have to log in to the DJI Account. But only one time before the activation. Once you’ve activated the aircraft, there is no need for you to log in again. So it should auto-login after you launch or open the app.

Wrapping Up

Hope we cleared your confusion of DJI self unlock not working?

From now on, use this method whenever the self unlocking feature troubling you. It sure takes some time as well as effort to get it done. However it’s worth it!

That’s all for now. Have an amazing day!

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