DJI Spark Battery Not Charging

6 Hacks to Resolve DJI Spark Battery Not Charging


We know it hurts when there’s a charging issue in newly bought DJI drones. Like many others, you may be having the same charger problem. Therefore, it’s urgent to know how to deal with such cases.

So, you might ask why the DJI spark battery not charging?

Well, several reasons are working behind this burning issue. Among them,

broken charger pins, crooked USB chargers, short circuits are common. To get it resolved, you can follow many ways. It includes repairing the charger pin, maintaining proper electricity flow, and many more. 

This is the summary of all the DJI spark battery troubles. It mustn’t have satisfied your query. Worry not. We have a bunch of solutions just for you.

Why wait?

Are You Sure That DJI Spark’s Battery Is Not Charging?

Sometimes we get confused without knowing the actual situation. There can be possibilities that it might have happened to you. So it’s better to know your condition before surfing for solutions. 

Plugin your USB cable into the battery. Hold the battery button until it flashes. If the indicators keep blinking continuously, it means your battery is damaged. 

Solid red light will also mean the same. It’ll take much longer to charge than before.

Often the indicators blink twice or thrice and then stop permanently. How many times you try they won’t light up again.

You can also face issues with the charger. So you might want to know the way of charging Lipo without a charger. But it won’t give any permanent solution that you’re actually looking for.

If your situation is the same as mentioned, then your battery is crooked for sure.

But worry not! We’ve explained all possible reasons and respective solutions for you.

Why Is Spark’s Battery Not Charging? 

In this step, we’ll discuss the reasons for the common charging issue. And provide the necessary solutions to solve your issue effectively-

Case 1: Backdated Drone Firmware

If you’re using the DJI GO 4 app, an “inconsistent firmware” notification can draw your attention. In most cases, it might be the reason for the bad charging issue-


You have to update your battery firmware instantly. But the problem is that you can’t update the battery firmware alone. You have to update the aircraft firmware while the battery is in the drone. 

After completing the update, the notification will disappear. And, the battery should work perfectly. 

Case 2: Battery Temperature Is Too Hot

Sometimes we can get the weird heating effect. And a couple of reasons work behind this effect. 

Leaving it under direct sunlight, and leaving in warm places. Or just getting off a flight may include a few. 


Whatever the way, if it gets too hot, it won’t charge. They maintain a specific temperature between 5 – 40° C while charging. 

If it’s too hot to touch, leave it at room temperature for 30 – 60 minutes. Then plug in the charger and it should work like before. 

Case 3: Electricity Overflow

Being an intelligent flight battery, it can detect ampere overflow. So when it encounters such situations, it instantly stops charging to mitigate damages. 


To tackle this situation, take off the battery from the charger. Wait about 30 seconds, and place it again. If still there’s no effect, then your outlet might be faulty. 

Case 4: Short-Circuit Problem

Sometimes it smells like burning materials. It might be a possibility of short-circuiting. Any damaged wire can cause the charger to stop working. 


You should inspect every nook and corner of a wire to understand the situation. It’s dangerous to audit the wires in the bare hand. So make sure to take necessary precautions before working with wires. 

If any part is damaged, you should replace it as soon as possible. 

Case 5: DJI Battery in Hibernation Mood

DJI spark is a Lithium-Polymer(LiPo) battery. And, it’s bad to discharge in 0% for LiPo batteries. So, to keep them safe, DJI spark introduces the hibernation mood. It restricts the charging or discharge of the battery and diminishes its validity. 

However, make sure your battery isn’t dead. Because charging a dead lipo battery is a tedious task to execute.


To break the hibernate mood first ensure that you’ve solid red light in the first battery indicator. 

Wait for 5 minutes to go out the red light and then plug the battery into the charger. Let it plugged for an hour and it should break the hibernation mood by then. 

Case 6: Bad Battery Health

Being an electronic product, it has some certain validity. So you should often check the battery health if it’s good or not. And you can easily check it using the DJI Go 4 app. Bad battery health causes lots of problems including Starting issues in Traxxas EZ and DJI Spark charging issues. 


However, these batteries have a lifetime of 2-3 years or 3-500 cycles. So, if you’ve already crossed the deadline you should replace it with a new one. 

For your ease, we have listed some best lipo batteries to buy. Do check the list here

Product 1
Product 2

We hope you can find the prizewinning battery for your spark. But be careful about battery discharge rate. Because, most of the manufacturers trick the customers for marketing purposes.

That’s all we’ve for you. It’s expected that you’ll identify relevant issues and solve them.


Question: How to check the battery level on the DJI spark?

Answer: You can check it by pressing the power button on the battery. The battery indicators will decide how much charge it leaves. At the same time, you can use the DJI Go 4 app to check battery status. 

Question: Can you overcharge the DJI spark battery?

Answer: No. These batteries are smart enough to detect overcharging issues. So, when it encounters such situations it instantly stops charging. That’s why it’s called an intelligent flight battery. 

Question: What does the red light mean on the DJI charger hub?

Answer: It means no battery is detected. When you connect your battery to the charging hub it might show this red light. Then it’ll mean your charging port or battery is damaged.


Congratulations! By now, you might have known why the DJI spark battery not charging. We’ve tried to mention every possible solution you need to know. Hope it works according to your needs. 

Enjoy a grand time with your gadgets. Good luck!

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