DJI Sphere Photo Beginner_s Guide

DJI Sphere Photo Beginner’s Guide: Complete Breakdown!

DJI is one of the best drones taking sphere or 360° photos. However, the sphere photo may cause some issues.

You will see the sphere photo on the DJI application. But on some sites like Facebook, the sphere photo may become a low-quality panorama.

Hence, I will give a proper DJI Sphere photo beginner’s guide.

To save a sphere photo you can use the SkyPixel app. It’s available for both mobile and desktop. Using the same app you can upload the photo via PC. To view the photo you need to click on the thumbnail. Using third-party apps like Google Street View will allow you to share pictures with your phone.

Nevertheless, you need to understand more for a better understanding. But don’t worry. I will provide every single detail that you need to know.

So, let’s get started!

How to View DJI sphere photos?

After taking a sphere photo, you may want to see how it turned out. But, sometimes, the photo on DJI apps shows just as a thumbnail. So, how can you view DJI sphere photos?

To view DJI sphere photos, you need to click on the thumbnail. Once the photo gets to fullscreen, look for a sphere icon on the bottom right. Just tap on that icon and your photo will start stitching. After a minute or less, you can view the sphere photo.

However, the process can vary from drone to drone. Thus, let’s see the process on other devices.

How to View Sphere Photos from DJI Mavic Air and Spark

For DJI Mavic Air and Spark, you need to use the DJI Go 4 application. You need to go to the “My Page” section to see the photo. There you will see the thumbnail of every photo that you captured.

From there just click on the sphere button. The photo will start rendering and afterward, you can see your sphere photo.

How to View Sphere Photos from DJI Mini 2

You need to use the DJI fly or DJI fly 2 for DJI mini 2. The whole process is the same as DJI Go 4. But instead of going to the “My Page” section, you will have an album. From the album, tap on the sphere icon. Afterward, you can see the sphere picture.

DJI Mini 2

How to Save DJI Sphere Photo?

Saving or exporting your DJI sphere photo is pretty straightforward. This can be done in multiple ways. However, the easiest way is using SkyPixel. So, how can you save the DJI sphere photos using the SkyPixel?

To save the DJI sphere photo, you need to upload the photo to the SkyPixel. Then, using a desktop or laptop go to the “My Page” option. There you will see the photo you uploaded. Right-click to view the “little planet”. Once it completes the rendering, you can save the image.

And that’s how you can use the SkyPixel to save a sphere photo taken by DJI. Furthermore, you should know the distance the DJI phantom can cover.

DJI Sphere Photo

How to Share DJI Sphere Photo?

A sphere photo is basically stitched and rendered. You can see wider distances better than in a panorama photo. However, there’s an issue while trying to share the DJI sphere photo.

You have the option of sharing photos using the DJI applications. However, in every case, the photo turns out to be a low-quality panorama.

So, without comprising the quality how to share a DJI sphere photo?

You can share a DJI sphere photo by – 

  • Going to the “My Album” section on SkyPixel.
  • Then, select the photo and tap on share.
  • Your photo’s link will be copied.
  • Now, you can directly share the link now. You can save the privacy of who can view the picture.

That’s how you can share the image. It’s advised to do it on a computer or laptop. The process won’t take more than 5 minutes.

How to upload a DJI sphere photo?

Here’s someone who took a beautiful sphere photo. The quality of sphere photos by DJI is just mesmerizing.

So, you want to upload sphere photos like this. However, using the upload option from the DJI fly 2 apps isn’t helpful. Because Facebook and other sites render it as a panorama.

But, on any site how to upload a DJI sphere photo?

Using a PC, you can directly upload the saved DJI sphere photo. With a phone, you need to process the photo first. Google Street View can do it. After exporting the sphere photo, you can upload the photo on any site. On Facebook, if you see a globe sign while uploading, it’ll be a sphere photo.

Apart from this, you may see that DJI fly apps are unavailable on the PlayStore. If that’s the case you need to use the DJI site to download the applications.

With this, the guide for DJI sphere photo ends. Now, you can easily view, share and upload your sphere photo! 

Do follow the tips and tricks of the DJI drone. This will enhance your photography experience.


Is License Mandatory for Using a DJI Drone?

No, a license isn’t mandatory for using a DJI drone. However, operational authorization is required. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been authorized to register every DJI Mavic Drone. Hence, registration after purchase is necessary. Yet for the DJI mini-series, that isn’t necessary.

Can You Use DJI Drone without a Phone?

Yes, you can use a DJI drone with a phone. Almost all DJI drones are equipped with remote control. You will even get a smart screen with it. That way you can control the speed, camera resolution, and capture images, and videos. However, you can pair up your phone for transferring images and videos.

Is It Possible to Fly DJI Drone without an Internet Connection?

Yes, you can fly a DJI drone without an internet connection. But, you need to preload the map on your DJI software before launching the drone. Otherwise, the drone may lose signal. Your drone can fatally crash on land because of this. So, having an internet connection is well advised.

End Note

That’s everything on the DJI sphere photo beginner’s guide. Hope this article will come in handy.

Here’s some advice, fully charge your DJI drone before launching. That way you can capture as many images and videos as you like. Also, check the charge of your remote controller. Otherwise, you can lose signal.

Have a good day!

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