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DJI Unlocking License Disconnected [2 Simple Solutions]

Flying a drone is more of a passion than just a hobby. You invest a good amount in drones and RC planes. But when you get messages like license disconnected or access denied, feeling miserable is normal.

So, what’s the solution if DJI unlocking license disconnected?

To get the DJI unlocking license connected, first identify the problem. If the issue is caused by using the wrong serial number then get the serial number right. However, it could be the flying area. In that case, try to avoid restricted areas. This way you can unlock the DJI license.

I’ve included everything you need to know to understand and solve the problem.

So, let’s keep reading!

2 Frequently Faced Problems behind DJI Unlocking License Disconnected and their Solution

It feels frustrating when you get a flight canceled message. It happens when Drones like, DJI aircraft face unlocking license issues.

The reason for the problem varies. It could be the drone model or the server that is operating the function. One wrong input in the system can deny access.

We’ve figured out two common problems. Most of the users complain about these two problems when their DJI won’t unlock.

Let’s find out the problems with solutions.

Problem 1: Finding Proper Flight Serial Number

DJI is undoubtedly one of the best RC device companies. But, its website is not user-friendly at all. Mostly it looks outdated with confusing interfaces.

This sloppy website creates confusion around the flight serial number. Most of its users think the serial number starts with a letter. When this isn’t the case.

A flight serial number needed for DJI unlocking license starts with a numerical digit. When users input anything but a digit, their license gets disconnected.

There is another issue regarding the serial number. It’s not clear whether to input the serial number of the flight controller or aircraft. 

Some may even think of giving their remote controller serial number.

Apart from that, you might face problems like the DJI account not logging in. Sometimes, DJI’s server gets unresponsive because you may have given the wrong passcode. That’s why this problem occurs. But it again elevates the unlocking issue.

To unlock DJI, it’s very important to provide all the correct information. Otherwise, it will act up and your flight will get canceled.

If you’re thinking of a solution for this, we’ve got your back. Stick around!


The solution for giving out the correct serial number is easy. First, be mindful of putting all numerical digits. Also, the first digit has to be zero (0).

You’ll need the flight controller’s serial number, not the one on your hand. For this, you’ve to follow a few steps.

  • Install DJI unlocking application, which is GO4. 
  • Connect it to both controller and drone. 
  • Now go to the general settings.
  • Scroll down to click on the About option. There you’ll get the serial number.
Finding Proper Flight Serial Number

If this thing confuses you, check on the vital statistics. You’ll find two distinct numbers on both vital statistics and on the device.

Always select the one that’s on the vital statistics. Also, make sure all other licenses on the DJI website are turned off except unlock license.

If this was your problem, you got the solution.  Now for those who haven’t found their problem yet, go to the next part. 

Problem 2: Flying in Restricted Zone

DJI gives you an unlocking URL when you request for unlocking on their website. The URL might not work because of your flying location.

There are some specific locations that don’t give permission for RC devices to fly. That’s why you face the problem.

Normally we go to the support option of DJI’s website. There click on the DJI fly safe menu to unlock zones. From there the website directs us to a new URL. 

The URL won’t work if you’re in the wrong zone. Also sometimes your DJI app may crash. Which then causes disconnection.

This problem doesn’t have to do with many technicalities. So, it’s easy to solve.


The solution is to find which areas are restricted. Avoid those areas. And if you’re already in an approved area, try the old URL.

DJI now provides new, improved unlocking URLs. In some cases, it didn’t work. But if you manage the old URL provided by them, you can unlock your drone.

Other than that DJI fly safe unlock option on the website can help. Follow this easy process mentioned here.

There you need to input the model number of the drone. They’ll help you with their map and other information related to safe flying.

DJI fly safe unlock
Source: DJI Forum

This is all we could offer you. Hope you’ve understood the solutions and identified your problem. From now on you don’t need to face such technical issues with your DJI drone. That’s the hope.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Geofencing DJI?

DJI geofencing navigates the drone. It uses GPS or other navigational systems to map the drone’s way. DJI drones are not welcomed in every area. Geofencing helps detect those restricted areas. IT could be airports, prisons, or nuclear plants. Geofencing ensures a safe drone experience.

Can the FAA Track Your Drone?

Yes, the FAA (federal aviation administration) can track your drone. The newly made drones with high-tech features are easily detectable. It’s because they use Remote ID. Anyone including the FAA can find your drone’s location when your drone’s remote ID is enabled. 

How Long Does DJI Unlock Request Take?

It takes around 30 minutes for DJI to accept the unlock request. Before that, you need to fill all the boxes with the necessary information. All information must be correct and authentic. Otherwise, DJI won’t accept. You’ll get an error page. Also, bad server or network issues may add up to time.

How Do I Unregister My DJI Drone?

To unregister your DJI drone, go to your FAA account. If your drone matches the registration criteria, it’ll be there. Log in there and select sUAS inventory. This will give you a list of all registered drones by your account. Now click on the cancel next to the DJI drone you want to unregister.

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